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2011-05-01. General. Sidekicks

Rather than do the usual "what hero would you be", I'm going to run with "what sidekick would you be", because let's face it, choosing a hero is a piece of cake. To eliminate all the "Duh, Robin, I might get to drive the batmobile" answers your choices are as follows:

Patroclus: Sidekick to the greatest hero of them all, Achilles. Con: Did absolutely nothing whatsoever of note and not even Homer could make his end of the friendship stand up to scrutiny. A choice entirely bound in reflected glory.

Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon: You get some good lines and shoot a few people. Con: Your partner really is that crazy and if you were dragging out that "2 days to retirement" bit any futher you'd be Larry King. You're also stuck in the 80's which is a fucking horrible desolate wasteland of a place.

The narrator, Fight Club: You do a whole load of monumental stuff. Con: You're not even the biggest draw inside your own head and your fans are going to castrate you.

Ron Weasley: You get to shag Hermione. Con: Your entire life exists in the shadow of another man and nothing you ever do will be good enough. Hermione's a bit of a ladyboy when she gets her hair cut after you all finish *****.

James May: You get employed to potter about being nice about things you're interested in. Con: You're no Clarkson or Hammond and nobody's quite sure what you're doing there.

Harpo or Zeppo: You'll make a fortune. Con: Groucho could easily replace you with cardboard cutouts.

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2011-04-14. General. Contemplation

 Gasping, I fall and we lie against each other. My body aches at the power of my orgasm, its release far too long in the making. I rest my head on the inside of your thigh, watching the little tremors of pleasure make themselves felt along your body, and feeling you tremble and relax under my cheek. We lie there, quiet and motionless for a time, listening to each other breathe.

"So... have a good day?" you ask, a little waver in your exhausted voice. "Not bad. It's been a little bit tiring, though" I grin as I lift my head a little and look into your eyes. I pick myself up and swing slowly around, your eyes following me, arms opening to greet me and we kiss slowly and carefully, the taste of cum on our lips, gently running our tongues together. I slide my left arm under your neck so you can turn towards me, each of us searching the other's face, before we return to kissing, smiling together while we do it. You murmer a little and a satisfied, almost smug smile smirks along your face as you snuggle up against me, burying your face in my neck. My fingertips run down along your back, stroking long careful traces and following the curves of your body. I can feel you smiling in the hollow of my neck, knowing how much I love to touch you like that.
I chuckle a little and run my hand along your leg, hooking it over me and sliding mine between your damp thighs. You shake your hair out and we kiss again, your shoulder falling away from me and letting your soft full breast fall free. I peek down and watch the goosebumps rise on your skin where the cooler air meets the warmth of your body, having been pressed against me in a gentle but intense hug. You look down with me, and we watch as your nipple gets hard again. "Cold already, are we?" I murmer before I kiss you again. "I might be" you say, peering down with a cheeky grin at my soft cock, "how about you?" I lean down and wrap my lips around your nipple, sucking hard, and your fingers clench in my hair. "Not really" I say, as you feel me swell against your belly and your hips push your pussy against my thigh before you can think. You moan and pull yourself into me as my tongue starts to make a circle on your breast, firm and wet against the darkened ring of your nipples.

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2011-01-27. General. Moving on.. upwards.. and downwards...

Your body lies shaking as your long awaited orgasm courses through you, from your toes up to your head, tingling your nipples and your clit as it goes. You want to stop but the heavy weight of my hand keeps your fingers deep inside you, making your body feed on little waves of pleasure. You open your eyes and see the wet tip of my cock in front of you, and me smiling down as I stroke it from my balls right up, curving my fingers over the uncut top.

"Hi there. Nice view." I say with a grin. You can only nod in reply, still gathering yourself together, and you feel my hand liftng from you, my fingers now tracing lightly up your body, following the line of your arm as it rests on top of you. Sighing, you reach up with your soaking wet hand and wrap it around my cock, watching my smile grow as I stop my stroking and cup my balls. Eyes fixed on my cock, you run your hand up over the top, spreading your wetness all over me and pressing your thumb underneath and smiling to yourself as you hear me gasp a little at your touch. My dick swells and bounces up a little under your touch, straining and showing my need to get touched is as bad as yours.

My eyes glow as your hand glides over me, and the feeling of your wetness on me is getting me riled up. You laugh a little and slide your other hand into your pussy, noticing my eyes darting from the hand on my cock to the hand in you, and spread yet more wetness over my cock, wrapping both hands around me. Locking your fingers together you make a little hole for me and I can't help but start to fuck it, hips moving roughly and I lean over to the bed instinctively - you pull my cock down with your hands and I bend over you, resting on my fists, fucking your slippery palms and moaning. Now I'm in your power and you move your body under me, sliding down the bed so your pussy is under my face... and your tongue is on my cock again.

Pulling my dick into your mouth, you lean your head back, letting me fuck your mouth because you can tell I can't just let you suck it. You pull your left hand off me and wrap your arm around my hips, grabbing my ass and stroking my shaft and balls with your right hand as I fuck your mouth and grunt, looming over you, tall and tight. "Fucking hell" I moan as you suck me harder, working my cock tight in your hand, pulling me into you and feeling me stretch your mouth open as I start to fuck your throat. We're losing ourselves in it now, no careful touching, just hard needs and wants, as I pull your legs up and dive face first into your pussy, sucking on you and tasting that hot wetness, your thighs pressed against my head and shoulders, I wrap my hands over your ass cheeks and bury two fingers from each hand into your soaking cunt and lick you, sucking you, our hips grinding agaist each other as we fuck each other's mouths and gasp and moan and scream out as we cum hard, my cock pumping right down your throat as your legs clamp around me and gush all over my face...

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2011-01-10. General. The first time, slowly

A warm afternoon and you're lying on your bed, naked after a long steaming shower. Your skin is smooth and soft, dried slowly by walking around the house and the towels lie abandoned on the floor. As you lean back and let your mind wander, your hands run over your breasts, stroking them with your fingertips, your body reacting more quickly than you imagined, nipples hardening, you cup your hands behind your breasts and lift them, squeezing them together and pulling gently at your nipples. You feel your thighs press together by themselves, anticipation building as you feel the ache in your body leaving your breasts, and coming back in through your hands. As you let a low moan out, your back arches and you squeeze a little tighter, your pussy starts to get wetter as you work on your breasts, holding them tight together you wrap your left arm around, underneath them and pinch your right nipple between your thumb and finger, as your right hand strokes your thighs, still pressed tightly together as your hips roll a little and the pressure builds up on your hot pussy. Eventually you give in to the pressure and open your legs, dropping your hand on top of your now wet and aching pussy. Instinctively your hand falls into position, parting your lips with your middle finger you run it in a smooth line down the length of your wet slit, pausing over the entrance to your pussy, and curling that one long finger back towards your palm, barely pressing on yourself as your other fingers trace along the mound of your pussy, drawing back up towards your clit. You stop just before you reach it, not quite ready, and run your finger back down, building a rythmn, your mind filled with the sense of your body's touch, all thoughts of fantasy gone from your head, only the feeling of your full hard nipples in your fingers, your hips bucking towards your hand, and the ache of your pussy as it gets wetter and wetter under your finger, then two fingers, stroking and pressing a little harder, pushing into your pussy at the end of your stroke, making your hips move up to meet them, you finally push your fingers into your soaking hot hole, losing control and pumping your fingers into yourself, opening up so deep and wide,  you grab your breast, holding that nipple tight and your eyes fly open as your orgasm starts to build .... to see a hard cock being stroked above your face, thick and ridged along its length, you gasp and your third finger slips into you as you suddenly feel a strong, rough hand resting on top of yours, pushing your fingers even deeper into yourself, and cry out just before that thick tool slides into your mouth, and you explode into orgasm, sucking on my cock as I hold you in place and smile.... just the beginning...

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2010-01-04. General. Mod Changes

Well we've had a few changes of mods recently. Since most of my posts have been chatroom related, there's no reason for this one to be different. Admin seems to be getting a lot of flack over demodding Tru with plenty of comments stating people don't know why, Yuvu going down the tubes etc etc - all I know on the subject is Tru's blog that there were "too many complaints made".

Since I have no idea what the actual reason is, I won't speculate. All I will say is that modding is pretty simple - the rules are few, and clear, all that has to be done is enconvince them. Issue Warning -> Mute -> Repeat warning -> Kick. Anything getting out of hand, or potentially illegal, refer to Admin.

Maybe I'm missing something and it really is a hard job. I've always worked on the basis that digging rocks out of the ground with a pickaxe a mile under the surface is a hard job and anything else is sitting around on your arse.

Mods and Users have come and gone, the chatroom still remains, if you're enjoying it, stay, if you're not, leave. And if you're here to have Tea and Cake please leave us alone with your depressing moaning and whinging and mood-spoiling. Or attention seeking.

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2009-11-28. General. Growing Up and becoming an adult.

I've been witness to several incidents over the past few weeks of what I can only describe as "pathetically underdeveloped emo drama whoring" in chat. Not from trolls either. In some cases from Mods. If you block someone, or ignore someone, or some troll sends you a whisper - block him and get over it. The entire universe doesn't need to read about your hyperventilating reaction to some garbled ill-formatted text in a chatroom. There doesn't need to be an hour long back patting and cuddling session to make you feel better. GROW UP. FOR FUCKS SAKE. It's amazing that some people still have this pathetic ***** need for validation and sympathy, as though they were 14 year old girls swapping made up Oh. My. God. stories about "that bitch whats her face" or "that creepy guy in class" and trying to top each other with their hysterical reactions. If you can't use the ignore or mute button without feeling the need to share with the entire world why you're doing it for half an hour, then I'll start using my ignore button on you.

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2009-02-04. General. Yet again with the porn chat

As a matter of interest, am I the only one that gets











when people admit they're in a porn chatroom when their ***** are wandering about, even though they're not on cam?

I've thought this over and honestly cannot envision a situation where I would consider this normal or reasonable behaviour. If you can't keep your urges under control when your ***** are about, then surely you've got a problem.

Maybe I'm deeply out of touch.

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2009-01-21. General. May I just say

How pleased I am that after all these years, and without recourse to prompting of any kind, I was able to correctly enumerate the number of "well"s in the title of the previous post.

Having taken a moment to verify my score, I can now increase my claim to be a champion quoter over my loathsome rivals.

And no, the third test isn't in here.

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2009-01-20. General. Well well well well well well well well well well well how very nice.

I see we've stirred up an exciting and contentious debate. Oh wait, no we haven't. It seems that following on from my earlier blog and the post, a lot of chatters agree with me. Let me be the first to say, I'm 90% chat and 10% sex - like many of my fine ladies would say I'm 10% dick, not a bad statistic by volume if not length.

But I think what the keen mind wants to see around here is a removal of some of the negative pressure in chat. There's a lot of trollish rudeness in chat sometimes, but for all their faults, the trolls have the advantage of being easily identified and easily fixed - and even trained. The "other" problem is more difficult to solve, and maybe not as obvious to see. Take an example off the top of my head:

There was a time a while ago where Straight English was a big room - there would be 3 or 4 rooms open, all full, without there being a show on. And while I knew and liked a lot of people in the room, I found myself one day looking at the room list and thinking "Eh, I really don't want to be in there". Not just because there weren't any tits out (always a backslider, me), but because the atmosphere had become very very negative and intolerant. There was an exclusionary attitude in the room, where the inadvertant use of a foreign language (or even the hesitant use of stumbling english by a non-English speaker) would be jumped upon with the sort of vigour you'd find at a footballists' rally. Yes, some were ignorant trolls, but some were simply trying to get in the room so to speak. The whole place seemed like a ***** at times - you started to wonder if maybe the negativity wasn't a defensive measure to make yourself feel better by putting someone else down.

Then SE dropped off the map, and everyone was in the Lobby - which was almost instantly a better atmosphere. Different languages, different people, less judgemental attitudes, more sex! Winners all round. I think that's the key to getting back our sexy relaxed chatting atmosphere - we can't just ban and block and mute the trolls - we've got to take the whingers and the moaners and the downers to task too. If a troll can be muted for trolling, then we have to be prepared to mute whingers for complaining too, or downers for dragging the mood.

Women are put under a lot of pressure here with IM's and shit - hopefully admin will get a way around that because from Day 1 this site hasn't needed an IM feature, and now it's tied into chat, it's even worse. Take away the IM feature and a lot of the pressure will decrease, because public "in-room" pressure is harder to sustain. (boom-tish)

I think there's an element of familiar comfort to the chatroom now for a lot of the "showers" of old - Billy and Mel know what I'm talking about here - there's less frisson of excitement in the air that people can play off. In order to get that back, new showers have to be encouraged out of the woodwork, and that takes time, patience and tolerance to get them comfortable.Let people who are new to the place into the room, let them feel free to speak up, ask questions, get help, and get horny. Be tolerant of the new, and of people's mistakes - train people to behave like adults in chat instead of ***** - but remember, if they refuse to listen, we do have the power to boot them - even the oldies sometimes need a kick up the arse.

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2009-01-17. General. Copypasta'd from the polite thread in the complaints forum and added to slightly

How-are-you wrote: normally i don't speak to people right away,i see how they are by looking and how they conduct themselves in the chat rooms,but this woman i clickled on her cam and not even a minute pass,right away blocked! i don't expect to see people naked right away as soon i see them with their cam on,i'm aware of that,but i think if you feel that way that you just want to be watched by your buddies and not everyone else in the chat,don't even turn it on! she should take that as a compliment that someone is looking at her cam and she wasn't even naked,but whatever,idon't demand,i may ask one time and try to do it in a polite way since this women are so touchy,don't want to get them mad and get blocked! if they say no,that's it! i leave it alone,but it's okay,furtunally i have found some nice people in the chat,very few but i had.Thanks for reading and answering!

I do think the site is in serious danger of becoming very very cliquey. I don't think us oldies are rude necessarily but there's a very low level of tolerance for people's mistakes or people being new - I know I'm guilty of it. Janey and anyone else is free to block whoever they want, and I don't know the background so I won't comment on it, but it raises a point I've always wondered about here:

This is a porn site.
Yes there's a little community here, and it's a commercial-grade-porn free zone, but ultimately, It's a porn site.
If you're on cam in chat, male or female, it means people are going to want to see nekkidness. It might mean people the same sex as you are watching. It might mean someone you've never chatted to is watching you. I don't think that's unreasonable, and it shouldn't surprise anyone. If, honestly, people badgering you for a show causes such grief... stop going on cam. There, I said it. Trolls are a pain in the arse. But going on cam in a porn chatroom and refusing to show? To say that's counter-productive is rather an understatement. It's inviting a certain kind of attention, and if that's attention you're not comfortable with, then not going on cam is a pretty good way of avoiding it. I've blocked people for being assholes in chat, or annoying me. But we can't blame pervs on a porn site for expecting to see skin when they see a cam icon. Which is not to say everyone with a cam should be naked and fucking all the time every time.

I know there are people here who come to chat with their friends - that's great and it makes the place a community in the first place. But the balance is being tipped away from the porn and towards the random chatting. That's a mistake. If you want a place to chat with your friends, there are a hundred thousand places to do it. Perving for free with like minded pervs? There aren't too many places to do that. I've met some great people on this site and had a lot of fun, but I'll be 100% honest with you - I came here for the porn. Didn't you? When I'm in the chatroom, I like to chat. But I'd prefer some tits. I'd prefer some fucking. I'd especially like some lesbian strapon action. But the environment in some rooms sometimes is very much against it, as though us pervs are disrupting things. Even the number of shameless men wanking on cam has gone down, because there isn't an audience for it - in fact, I heard a report that a user in the chatroom threatened to block any men wanking on cam. I mean, what? Pervs are now communicating in IM's and whispers to each other because the chatroom isn't conducive to perverted chat. Shame.

My attitude? Bring back porn sites for the porn lovers. If you're not here to perv, then don't make things difficult for people who are.

My 2c.

I predict it will make me enemies. :)

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