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Biography: Would be interested in trading real homemade videos. Especially interested in interracial couples or guys who share their white girlfriends with black men, but all private amateur stuff is fine. Contact me bobbyday1973(at)yahoo(dot)com if interested.
Interests: White girlfriends with black interracial
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Ethnic Group: White
Relationship Status:
Sexuality: Straight
Smoke: No
Body Type:
Sexual Assets:
Education: Masters or Doctorate
Nationality: United States
Country of Residence: United States
State or Region:
City or Town:
Date joined: 2009-08-25
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Available for Dating: No
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2013-05-06 by josphen My name is Josephine, I am a young beautiful girl with full of love,caring and romantic. I was impress when i saw your profile at yuvutu and i love it, i think we can click together. I will like you to reply me through this my email address konesjosephine11 at y a h o o dot c o m and i will show you my picture then you will know more about me. please contact me direct to my address so that i will have enough space to attach my picture and send it to you from there you will know more about me. Age,distance and language does not matter but love matters in life. Waiting for your reply to my email address soon konesjosephine11 at y a h o o dot c o m
caribbeanman3 2011-11-18 by caribbeanman3
Yow if you need a wing man between Boston - DC hit me up man
2011-10-02 by dagnamitus
Great and hot videos!
gaston1763 2011-09-04 by gaston1763
hermosa perra,la parto al medio
2011-07-07 by nivek191
you videos rock!
titilolololo 2011-07-06 by titilolololo
good we love my wife make creampie
2011-07-05 by paralelo
gaston1763 2011-07-05 by gaston1763
bien ahi con el grone!!!
2011-06-17 by sexpoint
***************************************************************************************** Hi. Mein Name ist Christina und ich bin Erotikamateur aus Leidenschaft. Ich bin stndig auf der suche nach hemmungslosen geilen Sex. Ich suche fr Videoaufnahmen den geilsten Schwanz. Der geilste Schwanz wird natrlich honoriert. Also schreib mir schnell auf! Finde mich unter Erotiklady! was dich erwartet? schau dir doch einfach mal meine Videos an! Anschliessend knnen wir uns ber M.s.n kennen lernen und einfach verabreden! Lg Christina *******************************************************************************************
2011-05-06 by that_guy
Awesome videos, especially the one with Lori, I really like her body.
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Rainy Day Hook-Up Rainy Day Hook-Up
Tyre works on the lawn crew at the park and has admired the married 23 year-old new lifeguard Kayley from afar all summer. He thinks he has no chance at her but when their workday gets cancelled one morning because of rain, she and most of the crew come to his place to hang-out for the day. Everyone else heads home by early afternoon but Kayley stays to wait for her husband to pick her up when he gets off work. Taking a chance, Tyre turns on the charm and soon has her talked into giving him just a blowjob. A few minutes into it he convinces her how good it would feel to let him return the favor and before you know it her skimpy swimsuit bottoms are off and hes licking her good. Shes so hot by the time he tells her to turn over so he can lick her from behind she has no objection at all when he removes his mouth and instead starts fucking her doggy style.

12 min 05 sec

Crystal First Time Shared Crystal First Time Shared
Mike talks his 26 year-old fiance Crystal into having sex with a freind of theirs, TJ. She has never done anything like this before and ther nervousness and amateurness of the situation is obvious. TJ gives her a lot of oral stimulation trying to loosen her up but she remains so nervous and tight he cums in her in less than a minute. Mike is also new at this and even accidentally blocks the camera several times.
Hard Core

09 min 22 sec

Tess With Two BBCs Tess With Two BBCs
26 year-old Biker Chick Tess with two of her boyfriend's black friends while he records

16 min 54 sec

Needed a Ride Needed a Ride
23 year-old Tammy's useless boyfriend would rather hang at his friend's and play video games than get his butt home to give her a ride to work on-time. She has been late a lot recently and can't be late again. So she's convinced to go to the only neighbor in their building who is home and has a car. He's willing to do it, but senses an opportunity. Really needing to be on-time, she's willing to give a guy twice her age what he wants in exchange.

05 min 41 sec

Kelly Entertains Dale Kelly Entertains Dale
25 year-old Kelly's boyfriend called to let her know he was running late but his friend Dale was stopping by and she should entertain him for a little while. The motion-activated webcam she thought she shut-off with the remote captures Kelly getting a quick fill-up barebacking Dale on their couch.
Hard Core

05 min 04 sec

Made Her Sore Made Her Sore
While her husband is out-of-town on business this 25 year-old housewife spends the weekend with a guy she met online. Not being used to a man of his size, after a couple days of being rammed repeatedly she's a little sore as he drills her one last time bareback on her husband's office chair.

03 min 57 sec

Carrie Lent to 3 Carrie Lent to 3
Dan sent his 25 year-old submissive girlfriend Carrie to his buddy Derrick's house as a "thank you" gift for helping move to a new apartment. Carrie is no stranger tto Derrick, but unknown to Dan his buddy feels taken advantage of because it was a lot more work than he was led to believe. So Derrcik decides to return the favor of takng advantage by inviting a couple of his buddies over and sending her home with a couple loads inside her. Recorded on a cheaper phone that has a time limit on video so had to be spliced.

03 min 42 sec

Lyndseay Fakes Lyndseay Fakes
With her boyfriend staying at his dorm to study for exams and her parents out at the club for the day, 21 year-old college senior Lyndsey invites over a secret lover during a trip home to Kentucky. She gets it good on a dining room chair but can't stand to have him in her mouth after he has been inside her. So she pretends to choke during the facial so he doesn't insist on being sucked clean.
Hard Core

04 min 20 sec

Fiance Creampied Fiance Creampied
Guy records his fiance on their bed with a freind who decides not to pull out of her early.

02 min 35 sec

Who's Really Getting a Gift? Who's Really Getting a Gift?
Poor quality video from a cheap webcam and interference from a radio, but the action is hot. For her husband's 30th birthday gift, Tisha brings home one of her coworkers he likes to flirt with. But the coworker has never had a man that big in her before, so she keeps apologizing to Tisha for enjoying it so much. Tisha has to keep reassuring her to not worry about it.

07 min 50 sec
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