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Hey everyone!
Just wanted to say HI to the YuVuTu family! I hope you all have been well, and THANK YOU to all the recent vids! Work has been crazy, and I really need to spend more time on here!! There have been some awesome new vids posted! THANK YOU again everyone!! Keep postin, and I will keep strokin!!!
Have any of you ever just wanted to walk up to a stranger and ask if they would like to just have sex? No strings, no FWB, nothing like that, but heck, maybe dont even know her name, just walk up and ask! There are a few girls that I "know" that I would LOVE to do that too....just curious if any of you all have?
Excerpt from story "What could have been!"
This was a story that a ex girl friend, who I still talk to wished things could have worked out! I had to edit ALOT so if some of it doesnt make sense, I aplogize!!! His hair is dirty blonde, the front a little on the long side. His eyes are so blue you could fall into them. His body is still wet from the shower, I can see a drop of water slowly making it's way down his chest to the top of his boxers. Quickly, I look back up to see him watching me. Oh lord, what is he thinking, I say to myself. He has this look on his face that I don't remember seeing before, and to be honest, it's a little scary. We are both touchy, feely people, always touching each other while we talk. Mostly me smacking him when he says something stupid or dumb, lol! But see, I do know what might have been. It it twenty years later.. Kissing his way from my lips to my neck, down to my breasts and on to my bellybutton he goes. My mind is blank but from the sensations he is causing me to feel. Pulling my head up, I look down to see him with a look of rapture on his face as he looks at me in the most intimate of places. Very slowly he lowers his head, looking up at me as he does, and slowly sticks his tongue out and into my wetness. A shock of lightning straight from my pussy up to my head causes me to slam my head back onto the bed. Growling now, he becomes more aggressive and licks from clit to my little brown hole. Reaching up he grabs my hands and convinces me to hold my legs by the back of my knees, up and out of the way. Using his fingers he pulls the lips of my pussy back to show him the treasure he so seeks. I am leaking juice and it slides down to my brown hole, making the sheets damp with my desires. His tongue spears out and plays with my clit. Holy Mother Mary of God! My hips buck up and into his face as he burrys deep into my pussy. Sucking and nipping, stabbing and slurping, he is bringing me closer and closer to heaven! Two fingers are pushing deeper into my hole and I tense up, the actions bringing me so close. "That's it baby, come for me!", he growls "come for me hard!!" The pain is short and is washed away by the feelings of absolute escasty! A few more furious strokes and my body goes ridged with feelings that I have never felt before. Groaning loudly he moans "I'm coming baby, I'm coming!". I can feel his hard cock pulsing deep inside, one last stroke and he is shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside my pulsing pussy. Screaming out his name, I join him, as my pussy milks all that he can give me. "Amazing, I know", he smirks
What a week
WOW, what a week! I hope you all have been a lot less busy than I have been!! Its been crazy here!! I work 2 full time jobs, and go to ***** full time....on top of that, we had to work 12 hr shifts...that SUCKS!!!! LOL I want to publicly thank all of you who post vids and pix!! THank you all very much! I enjoy all of them and please keep postin!! Makes my day so much better!!
Happy Easter to all yuvutu family!!

Just wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable Easter weekend!! Hope yall have fun with eachother, family and friends!!!!

Open relationships
So some friends of mine were talking the other day, The question came up, what do you think of open relationships? I personally see no problem with it if it is a true open relationship. Meaning that both individuals involved are "allowed" to go do their own thing, and have fun doing it. I dont mean swining, that is a completely different conversation, but I guess what I am gettin at is, I do not see a problem with a couple having a bf/gf (depending on which gender you are), ok, well heck, even if you have a bf or gf of the same sex, I guess it doesnt really matter....LOL. What are some thoughts on open relationships? I LOVE having it, it keeps the spice in the relationship, thats for sure!!
em6224 said:
Thank you for the comment on one of my videos! ...........xoxo Em
fucking4fun said:
Thanks for the nice comments. Jill (0)
em6224 said:
Thank you for the nice compliment on my recent video! xoxo Em
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