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  • Interests: Here to have fun and explore my curiosities
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  • Date of Birth: August
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Height: 176 cm 5 ft 11 in
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Cant wait till your inside of me

 good night lover
cant wait to see you tomorrow
 I miss you so much ......
can not wait to be in your arms with your lips on mine, kissing me, your hands touching me
hearing your breath quicken.
cant wait till you are inside of me.


Feel the passions rise

 To feel the passions rise within

Knowing that pleasured center, that exquisite moment
Knowing the feeling of loss of mind, of thought
Of everything but that blessed sensation
Losing myself in you, with you, beneath you
....just one
The place where nothing else exists

Quelling the desire, the thoughts, the fire
Knowing the fire is there ignition ready
Does slumber briefly, but glows like a bed of coals beneath night ash
And knowing....knowing...that I cant
I could....but I cant
That its forbidden if I am to follow the path...the way

And having to choose....again
And again....and again
The 'not knowing' would make it so much easier

I miss your touch....I miss touching you
That touch that is forbidden

I chose.....
But  its never become easy

You are addiction


You wake before me part 1

 Part 1

You wake before me, put your head on my shoulder and arm around me. Your hand rubs my chest and stomach, I awaken.

Your hand and fingers move farther south, I am already aroused and know what you are up to, I turn my head and kiss your forehead, your cheek, your ear, your neck. My hand finds your soft breast, cradles it, and teases your nipple and areola as it becomes aroused.

You tighten your fingers around me, and release, gently stroking my length, play with my head. My hand caresses your taught tummy; I circle your navel and move my attention to your thigh.

Your take my balls in your hands and gently squeeze, I sigh and breathe deeply. You play lightly with them both. My hand slides between your thighs.

Your legs spread instinctively, you arch your back. I ever so lightly brush against your neatly trimmed hair and trace the triangle between your legs. My fingers feel the softness of your outer lips, rolling them gently between them. Your pelvic muscles contract & release your breathing quickens.

I roll onto my side, with only my erection between us I push up against you, your hand runs down my stomach to embrace it.
My fingers gently circle your clit. It is firm and aroused, the circles get smaller and closer you lift your hips towards my touch. You start to rise from your pillow and try to push my chest back to the bed, trying to move your face to my lap, but I push you back. “Not so fast”.

I lift your leg to expose your beautiful pussy and slide my head under; you spread your legs even more. I kiss your lips and gently lick your slit from bottom to top, pausing and lightly licking your sweet spot over and over again. I take your lips between mine first one and the other and lightly suck on them, then slowly but gently probe your wet vagina with my tongue, first shallow again and again then deeper. Your hand runs down your tummy and your fingers find your mound, you rub yourself as only you know how, as my fingers trace your aroused lips.

My finger spreads your lips and gently strokes you up and down. I probe just gently into your wetness, you push towards my hand. Again and again I probe, but just barely inside you, again you lift your hips towards me, and I pull back. You shake, and roll your head on your pillow, there is a need I can see, your breaths are short, and hastened, you yell out "damn it, do it" and grasp my hand with yours thrusting my finger deep inside you. "Fuck me with your finger like it's your cock, you bastard" leaves your lips. Your pelvis rises and falls, as my mouth covers your clit.

I suck and lick and lick and play with you between my lips, my finger inside you. I pull out and wait and tease you, your hand grabs mine again, "don’t stop, don't stop, please don't stop".

I listen to you and roll you over onto your belly, turn myself around and slide my head between your legs and yours over my manhood. You’re trembling as I rub my nose up and down your slit taking in the wonderful aroma of sweet wetness of your pussy, you collapse with your head in my lap, my firmness up against your cheek. Your breathing deepens. You lick my hard cock with long slow strokes, then lift your face and take me into your soft mouth, I sigh as my mind drifts in and out.  

You wake before me part 2

 Part 2

I lick and suck and finger your pussy, you rock back and forth on your knees, your vagina tightens on my finger, I get more excited, you take me into your throat, and then pull all the way off.

You shake your head "I can't take this anymore", and suddenly you move forward, pulling away from mouth, you straddle me, position yourself over my erection, guiding it with your hand - you touch your lips with it and pause, you stroke your pussy lips with my head playfully, you push so slightly back as I slip just inside you, you’re trembling now.

As you smoothly and slowly lower your soft, wet, tight, Pussy over my throbbing penis, I grasp your breasts, and fondle your nipples, stiff, from your excitement. I feel a flushness in my forehead, my toes curl, my pelvis tightens, I breathe in deeply as your hips rise and stop just short of my slipping out. “Please, please, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, now I beg.”

"Now I'm going to get back at you" you reply - in that raspy, sexy voice that I love to hear, just as you drop back on my dick, and you don't stop. I love the feeling, the overwhelming emotion, as you grasp me with your cunt muscles, the pace becomes quicker, it becomes a blur, moaning and squealing, breathing and fucking me like you like to be fucked.

I roll my head from side to side, trying to hold back the inevitable, and suddenly you slow down - slow long strokes up and down, so deep, I feel I am in another space, your voice just utters "ah, ah, ahh, ahhh.., over and over and over - your body stiffens, your pussy tightens around my cock, your voice no longer, just a long deep breath and you just shake.

I can't hold back; my mind overwhelmed by emotion, colors, warmth, a rush and as I come deep inside you, thrusting, and thrusting - you gasp and tremble and squirt all over me and all I hear is oh, oh, oh, ohhhh……

Are hearts are racing as we both open our eyes, I shake my head to check reality, you collapse, limp, still, moaning. We roll over onto our sides, with me still inside you, I kiss the back of your neck and gently play with your breasts, you flinch and shiver - I hold you close and hug you. I pull the white top sheet over us, still embraced; nothing is said, as our hearts still race.

You awaken a short while later, were still embraced,
Your hand runs across my chest, and down my stomach, I awaken
We look at each other and smile.........


 So I met up with him and we had lunch when we finish we were walking out the door and his hand brushed across my lower back. I came right then and there, and I moaned (yes, a soft but audible moan) out loud.

Wow have I been deprived. I didn't realize how much till that moment.

My knees went weak..... I knew I had to have him.

I went back to his place and dropped him on the bed and took off his clothes I pushed him down and put my lips on the tip of  his cock, licking the whole length of  his cock. I parted my lips and took him in my warm wet mouth, sucking on his cock  He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back just as he was coming. I had his cum all over my face.

Hot huh?

The whole time I was wishing it was your cock in my mouth and your cum dripping down my face mmmmmmmmmm.

My Sexy Lover & Delicious Part 1

 My Sexy Lover & Delicious Part 1


An email between lovers:

I have this very pretty hill outside the glass doors where I sit.

There is nice green grass (freshly mowed) and it’s under the trees in the shade

The breeze is lightly blowing out there I can see the leaves moving. I just know the sun is hot and the air is warm, even a bit humid.

 I can see us out there laying in the grass next to one another talking your hand barely touching me, but I can feel the energy in your finger tips as your just about to touch me and the butterflies go wild, not only are they in my stomach but they are moving across every inch of my body. Making me shutter with Ecstasy and as I moan you move to my lips and............


 I look into your eyes and see your innocence I look deeper and see the passion barely being restrained from exploding. I see that your breath has shortened your lips are slightly parted and I can see the wetness on your lips. I slowly move my fingertips up your body just giving you the slightest touch. While me fingers travel between your breasts I can feel your heart beat accelerating. I continue up with my touch to your neck and firmly grab you puling your lips into mine. Your lips are an amazing feeling that immediately sends a tingling feeling that spreads through my body like wild fire..........


We kiss deeply and passionately feeling every flick of your tongue in my mouth, the softness of your lips, the heat building between us. As we kiss I can feel your cock growing bigger and harder till your pants can no longer hide the hardness inside.

You slip your hands softly around my neck with your fingers holding the back of my head and kiss me so deep and so hard that I can't breath, as you pull me on top of you.

 You hold me so tight (like you never want to let me go). Your hand moves from my neck and runs down my spine, sending shivers down my back to my ass. Your hands grasp me and you pull me to you holding me tighter, pulling me closer. I can feel your hardness pushing against me. Mmmmm I moan softly. My mind is racing, my head is racing, and my heart is racing. I feel I cannot breath, I am going to explode.

 Still holding me on top of you kissing, you move and kiss your way to my ear and ever so softly you whisper "Mmmmm Delicious"…………


You let out a moan that makes my hard cock throb against your clit. I feel you breath on my neck followed by the wetness of your tongue and lips on my neck. I grab your ass with both hands squeezing you so tight against me you can actually feel my heartbeat with your clit through my hard cock.  You sit up and grind yourself onto me, I can feel your warmth and I know you are wet.  I move my hands up from your ass and up your shirt. You take off your shirt before my hands can even get to your breasts.... I grab your tits hard with both hands your head flings back and you scream "Oh God" you reach back and undo your bra...I release your breast for a split second as you throw the bra to the side like I was an annoyance that you didn't care to see ever again. Seeing your naked chest I lung my thighs into you as I am grabbing your tits. This moves you forward a little and your breasts smother my face. I start to lick and suck on your breasts and nipples. Both your hands are grabbing the back of my head pushing me into your chest harder and harder. I continue to lick you, you pull back a little I take a quick deep breath and then I feel your tongue deep in my mouth we kiss pull back I look into your eyes and see the fire and intensity burning at me I find myself wondering where the innocence went. You pull back I feel your hand on my cock and your other hand opening my pants....

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Would love to get my cock in you anytime  hard just thinking of that!
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Wow! Very nice.......
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maniachello said:
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thanks for the kind coments your a nice girl and fun to talk to  its
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alfil12 said:
Hello you are very beautiful you have beautiful tits I wish I had
your friendship if you want love, and some video and photos, I
would like kisses love my post is, you are very pretty, love kisses.
joker20_15 said:
Thanks for making me a friend! kiss kiss!
chief37 said:
Happy Valentine's day Sexy... Hope you had a fun day... 
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