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juanita207: Thursday Afternoon With Cutie, The VERY DELAYED Part 4
 For the continuation of my meet up with Juanita last year...visit Juanita207 at
Cutie and Yuvu???

 I am asked all the time how I came to yuvu. It's been a little over a year since I'd joined and in that year I've come a long way. It was all very innocent on my part at the beginning. I had no idea places like yuvu existed. The only person I had ever cammed, perved or got naughty with was the guy who brought me here.  I guess I can now admit that I was addicted to him and too emotionally attached which was something he couldn't handle. And if I am honest with myself, I don't blame him.  We have known each other over 30 years now as he was my very first fuck. We remained "friends" on and off. Off, because he chose to disappear every now and then...sometimes for years, without even a goodbye. Killing me each time. But I was always thrilled when he returned into my life.  I shouldn't really use the word friends though because friends don't usually treat each other the way he's ultimately hurt me. He thought the chatroom would be a good safe place for him to chat and see me.  Next thing I know he wants me to get on cam in the English room to see the reaction of the other guys. I was petrified because I am shy by nature and quite insecure, so we went into one of the other rooms that was empty and I got on cam. It wasn't empty for long..soon a young guy came into the room and viewed my cam. That was Cutie's first yuvu cam experience and I slowly started camming and chatting more and more. 

Towards the end of that year he started to act distant and cold and right after my birthday he deleted the name I knew him by. No explanation, no goodbye. Just a "be careful". He basically abandoned me in a world in which I had no experience.  Not that I was surprised. He'd disappeared on me numerous times over the years, but the hurt was still the same. I continued to visit the english room and when asked, I would tell my story of how I came to yuvu. At the beginning it was cathartic for me as I was hurting and did not understand what I had done wrong to deserve this treatment. I knew he lurked in the room and discovered his new names a few times but he would just delete them again.  
So I am blogging my abridged story now because a year has passed and I no longer feel the need nor do I want to repeat the answer to the question: how did Cutie come to yuvu and then why does she stay?  Well I already told you how I came here. Now I'll explain why I stay. I stay because I have found that I really enjoy chatting with most of the guys and ladies too.  I enjoy the sexy interactions that I longed to continue with him but was denied. I love how nice and sweet and sexy and dirty Cutie can be. That is me, and I love that I can express myself in the chatroom in ways I can't in my real life. This place has given me a confidence that I did not possess before.  I want to thank each and every one of you here who in their own way has helped me to move past him.  I know he lurks here still. But I no longer care.
Happy New Year! 
Cutie Meets Paul...Again
Paul was back in town, and although he was extremely bogged down with work related meetings, he managed a two hour window to take me out for drinks before his business dinner. I wasn't prepared for the meet because he originally told me he'd have no time, so When he texted me this morning I was thrilled that we were going to see each other again, but mad at myself for not having worn a sexy outfit to work. I thought about it all day, but knew that this time around would be nothing more than two friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time getting together for conversation. If you recall from a prior blog, Paul was the recipient...or should I say, I was the recipient...of Paul's cum in my mouth after a breakfast blow job in a NYC restaurant bathroom.

I was expecting to hear from Paul around 5pm after work, but since I hadn't, I decided to walk over to the conference center he was at, which was only a 2 block walk from my office. I thought I'd surprise him so I waited in the lobby for a little while. I was getting impatient indoors so I stepped outside and while texting a friend, I saw two very nicely dressed gentlemen heading my way. I knew instantly one of them was Paul. He looked at me and I Cutie smiled at him knowing he could not acknowledge my presence. I wondered what he was thinking but he managed to keep a straight face. I was thinking how yummy great he looked. I watched them pass me by and watched as they said goodbye to each other. Then Paul walked in the opposite direction as his business associate. I followed close behind and waited for him to look my way again. When the coast was clear, we headed towards the restaurant/bar I picked out.

I'm so comfortable around Paul despite our 26 year age difference. I couldn't help but feel like a real cougar sitting with him and wondering what others would be thinking if they looked over at us. Conversation was easy as we talked about everything both personal and naughty. We thought about going back to his hotel, but it was far out of my way and there just wasn't enough time to do what I'd want to do with him. I told him I didn't want our first fuck to be rushed and he agreed, although I'm sure he was up for a quicky lol Time was up and we walked to the subway together. We passed an open stairwell heading down and he looked at me and said he'd be open to make out down there. I said OK Me too, and we both backtracked our way to the stairs. We stood there and shared a very very very nice kiss. We stole some more kisses on the street, and then the subway platform, and then a sweet kiss goodbye. He went off to his business dinner and I went back home to Tank...and of course, told him EVERYTHING. Now I can't wait for Paul to return so we can live out some mutual fantasies.

I guess my story will continue then.......

Cutie and Paul - Together Again

Paul and I met on yuvu several years ago. He was in his 20s and me in my 50s. Even with the age difference, we became fast friends. He's a super great guy, fun and easy to talk with. At that time, he lived in NYC and we had the time to chat more often. But he moved to another time zone a couple years ago, and we didn't get to chat as often. But he'd always let me know he was thinking of me and when he'd be back in town. 

The first time Paul and I met, we chatted over bagels and coffee before work. The second time, it was breakfast and a blow job before work (see my blog "A cougar finds her prey"). The third time, we only had time for drinks (see my blog "Cutie meets Paul again"). We knew if we had the opportunity to meet up again, there would be more...much much more. 
Well that time had now come. It was his last night in town, and although I really wanted to meet up with Paul again, my son and daughter-in-law had just had their first ***** the night before. I was exhausted from a very hectic couple of days. Tank said I should meet him anyways because we didn't know if the opportunity would come again. So I did. Destination - his hotel room after work. 

I left my office long before he was done for the day so he called the hotel to give me a key to his room. He used my real first name but gave them a phony last name. I had a strong feeling that they would ask for identification (which they did) so I quickly told them it was my maiden name. It worked! I take the elevator up to the 15th floor. So, here I am, alone in his room. What would I do while waiting for him to arrive? I sent him a text that went like this - "Would you like me dressed or naked in your bed?" He replied "why don't I get asked this question more often!? How about partially?" I let out a laugh. And then, I texted Juanita! She was like "run a bath, be in the tub." Great suggestion, but there was only a shower. Maybe that shower would come in handy later on? But in the meantime, what was I going to do with myself while waiting on Paul to arrive?
I was wearing a tight, colorful striped dress. I removed my panties, pulled out my phone, took a selfie on his bed and texted it to him. I figured he would look at it in the taxi on his way to the hotel and get even more excited about seeing me again.

Finally, I heard the key in the door and he walked in. He was very well dressed in slacks and a starched white shirt...very business-like. He looked great! I walked toward him and we both went in for a hug and kiss. I admit I can't remember every detail, but one thing led to another and there was more kissing....on my lips, neck, and shoulders. I liked the feel of his lips on my skin, even with his short beard. A warm feeling came over me. I wasn't feeling that shyness I usually feel when I meet a guy. I had no problem looking into his eyes and enjoyed the look on his face when he looked at and touched me. We moved towards the king sized bed and I started to unbutton his shirt. Then I opened his belt and removed it from his slacks. I left it on the bed and jokingly said, "maybe we can find a use for it later." Next thing I know, we are both naked on the bed. 


Cutie and Juanita

 Please visit Juanita207's blog posts about our cam date:

Cutie and Juanita - Part 1

Nita and I have been online friends for many years. I can't remember exactly how we came to be such good friends, but to have an online girlfriend (not in the sexual way) is something I cherish because I can't share my online persona with any of my "real life" friends. Nita and I met briefly last year. She is smart, funny, cool and sexy...traits I always admired, and still do. Recently Nita let me know that she was coming back my way and we planned to meet up to spend some time doing what we both have the best fun doing together - CAMMING.

Both of us were excited and made sure to announce to the Chatroom that Cutie and Nita would be on cam together. Guys in the Chatroom were asking us what we were going to do together. Most of the banter was in jest, but as the day approached, I started thinking about what I would do, what we would do...if anything. Nita and I hadn't even discussed between ourselves what would actually occur on cam. I did have a fantasy brewing in my head, which I verbalized to one of my yuvu friends the night before the big day. It went something like this...I thought about us playing on cam like we do all the time at home, only this time, doing it in the same space, knowing the guys would LOVE to see us two together on cam. Taking the camming thing one step further by teasing, touching ourselves and playing in the actual presence of someone (other than Tank) had been a fantasy of mine since my Cum Covered Cutie blog (a must read if you haven't already done so). But this was totally different for me. This was with a woman! And on cam! 

(to be continued)

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