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We both enjoy watching and sharing. And we both love to comment your videos and pics. Mrs. D enjoys both men and women. Mr. D is straight with the exception of T girls. We love your comments, so please feel free to share them. Your comments are a turn on

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The thing I love most about pornography is that it is such a basic need. We watch porn to see things we would like to do, or to remember things we have done. Sex is such a powerful event in our lives. It gives confidence or destroys egos. It is my opinion that the more sexually repressed an individual is, the more sex becomes an issue rather than a reality.

So many of us look at porn as a dirty disgusting thing, that “normal people” do not do. What a lie this is to our souls and our own self expression. We all want to be desired as we all feel we have something to offer. What better offering of ones self is there than to provide pleasure to another. Unfortunately this kind of expression is shrouded is religious guilt and self denial. This only leads to a secret obsession with something that should be embraced.

The vulnerability of being sexually open is immense it can destroy lives and relationships, so we all seek to find release in something that we long for, that we dream and yearn for, but may never realize due to our own limitations and the denial of others.

To be here, and to see and feel what we want is an immortal urge being satisfied through a glorious means of expression. Those that choose to share their sexuality with others are offering more than just a show. They are offering a release to those that yearn to be desired and fulfilled. In that respect, porn is the ultimate religion. We may never achieve total satisfaction yet it makes us feel, at least for that moment, human.

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exstrapolator said:
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exstrapolator said:
Thanks for the comments on our video. Also like your 2011-05-08 blog
post on Sexuality. I agree that we need to be less inhibited but
let's also be careful not to turn porn into another
'religion' as the other religions did not do us much good.
caveman31750 said:
Blog post 5-8-2011: AMEN! My thoughts on that are so close to yours.
If only more ppl could see things in that light. Sex is a driving
convince in our lives that should be given into more often. I aggree
with the religion of Porn. Thanks for the words of wisdom and the
wonderful videos.
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