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 - me and wife
  •   27K
  •  25/06/09
  •  82%
 - wife
  •   16K
  •  11/01/09
  •  76%
 - wife
  •   7K
  •  10/01/09
  •  73%
 - wife
  •   31K
  •  10/11/08
  •  78%
 - 5 years ago
  •   28K
  •  10/11/08
  •  76%
 - my wife
  •   30K
  •  10/06/08
  •  77%

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gaston1763 said:
Great vids, come say hi on my profile
alfil12 said:
Hello, beautiful you're beautiful tits would like to have some
video of you, you would like to have their friendship if you want
love, you are so sexy send me some letters and some videos and
espezar pictures, I'd love kisses I give you my email, I hope
it is very nice, alfil12.
vladdtoo said:
I would love to see more of your wife's body. She is
beautiful. Can you take some xxx photos of her and post? I love
your videos and you are a very sexy couple!!!
jindra said:
ahoj, maš moc pekny vidka a tvoje zena je moc hezka. Mailni na my si milování taky natacime muzeme si neco
vymenit. tesime se Jindra a Jarmila
hesez said:
Looks like you two are in love. Nice caring vids
ready4ude2002 said:
Yahoo: immergeilersucht ICQ: 408753830
berto69 said:
i seen all your videos and they are very good what i would like to
know does she takes it up her nice looking ass of her thank you both
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