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  • insanebytch

  • Occupation: Spreading Happiness!!!
  • Interests: Gentleman not fricken Trolls
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 1958
  • Ethnic Group: Amerindian
  • Relationship Status: Free and single
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in
  • Body Type: Medium


Reading,cuddling,fishing,camping,skinny dipping and spending time with family and friends.I have 10 brothers and am the only girl thanks to them i can fight and run fast LOL. Just want a gentleman!!!

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Where have all the gentleman gone!!!

 Well its that time again where I dissappear from chat for awhile.  Altho i have loved meeting new and old friends and the mods are great it does get annoying when i enter the chat and am hit with PM requests time and time again.  I dont cam in the room so i thought adding videos and pics would do it but it doesnt seem to be enuff.  Altho there are lots of fellas who are polite the ones who are demanding far out weigh the ones who are polite enuff to ask if they can whisper or PM.  The PM's option doesnt need to be removed but i think something needs to be done where maybe only the females can use this option...or some other alternative...Once again its been a slice and thanks for all your chat i have enjoyed it but i will be leaving for awhile again.....

I will at times still post pics and vids but i will no longer be in chat for awhile....

Later my wonderful friends!!!!


Everyone deserves love

 Well I did have a few blogs here but I deleted them didnt think they were interesting anymore.

Anyway I do cruise different sites and tonite on one of the sites i was watching a young gent on his webcam.  He was gay and had ordered a pizza and when the pizza guy came apparently he was very cute. He closed the door and told the people in his chatroom that he was kicking himself in the ass for not getting his numbers.  So the chatroom told him to call back and ask him to deliver something else and ask for him to deliver it.  It took him awhile but he finally agreed after about half an hour.  So he made the call and he asked for the same delivery guy.  After he made the call he was asking the chatroom what he should wear, or should he be half dressed, did his hair look good.  So we all assured him that he was fine but maybe he should clean up his living room before this guy got there.  So he cleaned up and then he started pacing and then sat down and asked well how do i ask him for his number?  Do you think he would be insulted if he asked for his number etc....Well about 90% of the room came up with....I really think your cute and a great person all together, Can i get your number?.....

Now I am straight and alot of us in his chatroom were too both men and women.....But I think that all 1200 of us in his chatroom were cheering for him.  We weren't disgusted because we were watching a young man getting all flustered and nervous to get up the courage to ask another man for his phone number.

This scenario that was playing out brought us back to the first time we saw someone who we really wanted to get to know better and we could identify with that.  Whether we are straight, gay or bi we have all had that feeling.  It's a wonderful feeling just because you have found someone that you can tell your deepest secrets to. Someone to hold you while you sleep or just be there with you. Someone who accepts you with who you are and understands that everyone comes along with some baggage. Someone who treats you like they would like to be treated. Someone who is loyal and treats you with respect.  

Everyone deserves to have that wonderful feeling just once in their lives.  I am 57 and thought I had that feeling for 6 times but apparently my values of a relationship wasn't as important to him/  He decided that the grass was greener on the other side and decided that abusing me was the only way to get that point across.  I never fight for a mans penis cuz its not worrh it if you dont want me then just go out that door. (Besides being bytch slapped hurts!!! LOL) I never go out with a married man because I know that feeling that the wife has when this is going on and I dont want her to have those feelings because of me.  All I want in this time of my life is someone who will open the door for me, bring me flowers, cook for me once in awhile.  I dont care how big you think your penis is because its not the penis but the man behind that penis that counts.

I am sad to say that the pizza delivery man was straight and this young man didnt get his number.  We also felt the hurt that was in his eyes because we have all felt that rejection at least once in our lives for me it was 6 times.  We did all we could to cheer him up and we all stayed until he was able to laugh and not feel that rejection so much.  And all those 1200 people not once did we say anything negative about him being gay we were hoping for him things would work out.  This young man did something I rarely see 10 people do, he made us forget all about any racism we had about other people. He brought 1200 people together and we felt hope once again.  I thank him for that.

quobad said:
Too old woman...
northernenglandcouple said:
Hi again, we added TWO NEW SEXY VideoS (from last weekend) ...thank
you for your Kind words about our photos and videos... It encourages
us to continue to make more!!! We do appreciate you making time to
tell us what you think about the videos,,You give us motivation
....Kisses Carol
huey2 said:
enjoyed all your vids and pics sweetie don't ever stop what your
ostpommer said:
Very nice and sexy...
insanebytch said:
TYVM For all your wonderful comments
caribbeanman3 said:
Nice vids baby wish you were in NY
caribbeanman3 said:
Nice vids baby wish you were in NY
albertino465 said:
Sei una donna fantastica! mi piaci tantissimo!
simbalani said:
Hi - Really fantastic!!! Which part of Canada are you from. If
from Montreal then hit me up directly at ; we
can have some mutual masturbation
gazzer123 said:
You sure drive me insane girl , Gonna catch you someday lady xxxx
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