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Bucket list of 5 sexy things to do

This is my bucket list of sexy things I want to do and if I have done them 

At number one, Cum on her tit's and lick it off ( Done it, yes )

At number two, Sex outdoors ( Have fucked her twice but she cum on my cock but yet to spunk in her )

At number three Cum in her pussy then get her to sit on my face ( Still waiting )

At number four Bump into other people fucking on a nudist beach ( Spent plenty of time on them but not seen any yet )

At number five Get her to fuck a young guy while I look on then fuck her afterwards ( Absolutly no chance boo )

Whats your bucket list, comments please are welcome, they might give me some more ideas, xxx

Another garden fuck

 Well I cant believe it its been very hot in the UK lately and a few nights ago we went outside about 11 to cool down,  we had both had a drink I got my milf laid on the table on a towel and before I new what I was doing I was sucking Sals tits then totally out of character she got of the table knelt down on front of me pulled out my hard cock and stated sucking it(I was tottaly shocked),  anyway  she didnt suck for long then she said fuck me hard then doggy, I did'nt need asking twice, she stood at the side of the table and let me in from behind,  hum lovely milfs pussy I pounded and fucked her pussy and the dirty blond bitch cum on my cock once then about a minute later jummped up and left me there again, gutted not cum in her after the second time at sex outdoor, I am determined there is going to be a third time and that time she going to be spunked xxx

Feedback needed

 Come on guys we need more feedback and comments on our blogs and pics for encouragement. Milf Sally. XXX

Outdoor sex

 Well after many years of trying to have sex with the wife outdoors I have finally done it, this is what happend.

We where in the loft listening to the rain when she siad she dare go into the garden naked (It was a warm night though), I bet her she would not but she did, anyway I followed and we tried to position a picknik bench were it could'nt be seen by other house's but It was a bit cold so after positioning she got on the bench and I entered her from behind doggy well I was still cold but after some pussy pounding I was warmimg up I took hold of her longblonde hair and started the pull it towards me when that must have made the dirty bitch cum on my cock.  I was very shocked, after a short while she said her knees hurt and we need to go inside (Game over I feel like a spider thats just been eaten by the female after sex), anyway hopefully I am joing to try to convince her we will take a short walk to some nearby woods and try agian. I think as we get older shes gets better, any ideas or comments are more than welcome check out our pics not bad for a milf. 

Sharing the wife

I have posted this before and I am still thinking about it, I now know it is one of the top male fantasy's to share their wife with another guy so it is normal, in my other post about cum on tits and licking it I finally have done that so will any luck one day I might pursuade her to take another guy at the same time as me and we can both give her the attention all women

For some time now I have fantasised about getting my wife a fuck buddy, since we are in are fifties , are we to late for this ,  I fantasize about getting her a 20 year old , she seems ok with the idea but I don’t think she will go through with it , I can’t help the fact that the thought of sharing my wife with another younger guy gets me very excited ( I am not gay bytheway) I often think that I have an overwhelming urge to help out  this younger guy and be with them both as they fuck and the thought of following him in her pussy after he has cum in her is exquisite After which I will deposit my load in there as well. Please help , is this normal behaviour.

Cum on wife's tit's then lick it off

 Well finally done it and found the secret to do it, I have loved the thought of cumming on her tits then licking it of but as yet never been able to, after I shoot a load on them the desire subsides and I no longer want to do it.  But a few days ago by accident this is what happend, I was doing my normal oiling of her bum then turned to her pussy making sure I was working the oil well in and around her lovely tight milf's pussy then moving up to her cute tits, all fully oild up I went back to her pussy and started work on her little clit and not long before she was cuming loudly, after I took my moment and entered her lubed pussy which was devine I can assure you, I was talking to her all the time saying I was going to spunk on those nice tit's, sally was very happy with the idea and encouraged me, anyway getting to the secret, I felt the time arrive so i made her close her legs while I was still inside riding away but she took her time to close them I didnt get out soon enough my urgh to cum had started to go away but I managed to move up to her tits and had to wank a little but slowly and to my supprise I dropped about half my normal load on them but without the feeling that I had orgasmed anyway as soon as I seen the mess on one breast I asked her to hold her tits together and I got down and started to lick it off and swallow it, tasted ok a bit salty but I had forgoten about the baby oil on them and that I can assure is not a very nice taste, so I tried to kiss her after but she kept moving away and jiggling, sexy little bitch she is, anyway thanks for reading and this a very true account. xxx

fionafs4u said:
well i think you are both great, you look sexy in that outfit. Hubby
needs to shave his pubes off though, it`s a great looking cock and you
will enjoy the experience!
cathy696 said:
When you next go on vacation you could find a young guy to have fun
with very easily. She will be more willing to play whilst away from
home too. No one to carry tales or even arrive back at your door
unexpectedly. Offer her something to encourage her. Maybe you could
suggest sucking the young guy whilst she watches, or licking her out
after he has cum inside her. I enjoy watching my husband doing these
thinge a lot.
jonuk34 said:
You should do this if you both really want it as a guy who has been in
the same situtation as you i can tell you it is simply amazing to do it and enjoy it ............its awesome
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