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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: November 1982
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: Free and single
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: No
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Country of Residence: Sweden
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Im kind of strange have newer had a girlfriend, never had real sex with a girl (except with prostitutes). I have had sex 30 times with 18 different girls. I have not even kissed a girl, would like to have a girlfriend but is shy and afraid that the girl

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2017-02-18 Handjob from rude prostitute 3

She looked at my hard penis ans smiled, then said: The money first.
I Gave her the money, and she put it in her pocket.

She went to me and pulled down my pants.
She did not pull down her own pants.
My penis jumped out, I thought she would suck, i think i let her suck without condom...

But she went to the side of me and put her arm around my waist.
We where standing next to each other she on the right side of me, she was bent down 
And she had her left arm around my waist.

She took my hard penis in her right and started to masturbate it.
I I felt that it was close for me...

I said: I think we fuck right away, it is close for me...
She said nothing, continue to masturbate.

I said: stop i will cum...i tried to move away
But she held hard around my wast and continue to masturbate.

I would cum now even if she stopped so i just let her do it...
After a second i started to tremble and moaned i started to spray on ground.

I think just 2 sprays went out then she raise up and wiped her hand on my pants and started to walk away pretty fast.
Remember see her sexy ass walking away and my penis spraying on the ground.
When she was gone i toke my own hand and masturbated the last orgasm out.

I stood fore a while with my penis pointing out and twisting from time to time. I think for about 30 seconds...about the time i use to be inside the girl after cum.

Then i went home...later that night i fucked my doll again

2017-02-18 Handjob from rude prostitute 2

 She sad: Yes what did you say!

I said: I found this number on a cash machine and wounder if it is possible to meet?
It was quiet a while then she said: yes but i'm short of time, what do you want to do?
I said: I'm pretty inexperienced and i probably cum pretty fast.
She said: OK, i think that will work, how fast is fast?
I Said: I think about 30 seconds.
She said: OK and tittered low
I Said: Just want to do it from behind in doggystyle.
She said: If you want to fuck it cost 3000Kr about ($330)
I did not care, was to horny.
I said: Yes that i OK  (but is was pretty expencive)
She said: Ok i can not go to you, you must cum close to where i am (but we can not be here).
I Said: Where are you?
She said: In centrum ...(And she explained a lot more)
She said: Maybe we can be in the parking garage?
I said: Yes that is OK
She said: Can you be there in 10 minutes?
I said: Yes i can
She said: OK see you, i will wait in the entrance.

I quickly dressed and washed my penis. It smelled and had cum on it...
I had problem putting on the penis was hard again.
I took the car there and parked a bit away and walk the last bit.

When i get close i see a woman in the dark, she has long dark hair and pretty sexy curvy body.
Her face was nice but you can see that she probably doing DO NOT APPROVE or drinking a lot.
Her pants was tight and sexy around her ass.

We sad hi and she walked in to the garage, i followed behind locking at her ass...i was rock hard in my pants.
I had soft pants and no underwear so my penis stood straight out.


2017-02-18 Handjob from rude prostitute 1

 It was Saturday evening  21:00 and i started to fuck one of my old blowup dolls. It was the one that stands doggystyle.

I fucked it on the sofa and cum inside it, dreaming it was a girl.

Then i started to write the new Diary page on my webpage. And i become horny again.
And it was over 4 months since i fucked a girl.
I started to search for a girl on the web but could not get hold of any :-{
Then i remember that years ago i was taking out money in a cash machine there was a phone number written beside it. I took a picture of it.

I tried to phone that number but there was no answer.
I try several times more but no answer.

The clock had become 22:00 and i had not found any so i masturbated to some prostitute pictures and ejaculated on the floor.
Then i just sat naked and dreamed.

At 22:15 the phone rang.
My hart jumped, i a girl :-)
I answered: Hello
A woman said: What did you want! she sounded a little drunk and you can her a party in the background.
I sad: Hello, i found this number on...then she stop me and sad: wait a minute.
You can hear that she walk to another room.

2000-11-11 Redhead at the boat

I was in a hotel (a boat), I had arrived a few hours before.
Had a printout with lot of girls and finally I found one that could come.
She arrived by taxi and I went out and met her.
She was a redhead (about 35) and a little plump, seemed a bit high on something.
We went into my cabin and she began to undress.
First time I saw a girl naked for real, my cock was rock hard.
You may touch me, she said, with trembling hand I stroke one of her breasts.
Then i tried to put on the condom.
I was a little clumsy, she asked if it was the first time. I said I did it once before.
I lied and told my family was religious so therefore I have not had a girlfriend.
I said I wanted two condoms on so I could last longer.
It was not so common, she said, most people usually ask if I do without.
She threaded on both condoms and knelt on the bed.
When I laid my hands on her bare hips i almost cum at once.
I was very excited, was only the second time that I would get slide my dick in a girl.
Could make out a bit more this time, the first time was in an elevator and it was pretty dark and I ejaculated at once.
Now, she arch pretty much so when the cock slid in so I could see it ...
First the glans, then the whole cock and then feel her warm buttocks against me.
I fucked her pretty slowly so I could go on for about 20 seconds and 8 thrusts.
Then i ejaculated, she laughed a little and said: Oops.
We dressed up and than she went.

2000-05-26 Lady at Malmskillnadsgatan, my first time

I was about 18 and virgin and want to have sex so I took the bus to Stockholm
Went to a street called Malmskillnadsgatan. I wandered around for a while...
I must have seen confused because a lady came up and asked if I wanted anything.
She was about 50-55 and not that god looking but a OK body.
I ask if she had any place to go. We can go into an elevator a short distance from here, she said.
We stopped the lift i the middle and she got her money.
I was hard already when we went to the elevator when I was thinking what I'm about to do.
I start at suck a little, she said.
When she started to fondle my pants, she said, you are already hard and she smiled.
She pulled down my pants started to put on a condom (I remember that my legs was trembling).
You shivering is it your first time? she said.
Just take it calmly, she said and smiled.
I told her that she could not suck me i am to close to cum, i want to fuck you.
Should only take a little lube she said.
She had a skirt and no panties as she bent forward.
What arousing feeling it was to for the first time put my hands around a womans hips.
I could not see and did not find her pussy so she help me point my cock right (felt that I was coming).
I think I said something like: Nah, im going to cum.
How nice it was when I felt the glans slid in (Wanted to be inside before I ejaculated).
My legs were shaking, was almost going to give way.
When my dick was all inside i ejaculated, damn what a relief it was.
That feeling of having something warm run my dick when I ejaculated, knowing that now my cock is inside her pussy and i cum (had a condom but it was still nice).
What was it like, she asked.
Short but nice i said.
Then we went in opposite directions...

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Hi, add Maria93 to your friends on the site:
phoebep80206 said:
Hi, add Maria93 to your friends on the site:
metal33 said:
hey na magst du mollige damen ? melde dich bitte bei ( )
mein nik ist anna habe bilder da hoffe hast noch lust auf mich lg
paralelo said:
ecchied said:
I love your stories.
-slurps- said:
You have to work for a second load. The first one quickly (for your
pleasure), the second one long, long, long (for her pleasure).
That's what I did to solve the problem of premature ejaculation.
By the way: woomen love this solution...
em6224 said:
Thanks for making me a
friend! ...................................xoxo Em
paulaustralia said:
you can do a tribute to me Amanda
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niina said:
härlig kuk!
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