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not fucking my ex any more! no need for his weiner. since we split i've had fatter slimmer shorter longer cut and uncut and all better!

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Away for awhile but I'm back!

I got into a bit of trouble with my old man cause I was caught giving oral to a man in the unisex bathroom at a department store here. I was wanting this guy's cock really bad (he had a great bulge in his pants) and I forgot to latch the door before we got started. I was on my knees sucking his dick and a woman walked in on us. She made such a fuss about it and called store security. Long story short, I had to call my old man to come get me after the department store manager decided not to press charges. I had to let him fuck me first. It was good but his dick was pretty big and he fucked me too hard. I enjoyed it when he came inside me but my hubbie was not pleased. He spanked my pussy so hard I could barely stand to be fucked for over a week! My clit and pussy was so sore. Looking forward to getting enough money to renew my membership here. I'm pretty much broke as hubby took my allowance away for 6 months. :(


i want a fat cock and i'm getting one today. my old man's dick is great and the men he brings home for are nice guys but they're all kinda small and i don't get off like i need to a lot of times. i met a new guy at work, he's latino and works in the stock room, kinda handsome and i know he's interested. i flashed him a glimpse of my pussy yesterday afternoon. he noticed and pretended not to but he couldn't take his eyes off me. i smiled and opened my legs to give him a good look. i was wet and touched myself and asked if he needed any help putting up back stock. our boss was in the room but wasn't paying any attention to us and thanked me for offering to help ramon out. my legs were spread like a whore's on saturday night, my fuck hole was open and dripping and i could not help but but notice ramon's erection under his overalls. we went to the stock room and i closed the door behind us.when i turned around ramon had a big grin on his face and i pulled up my skirt and asked him in broken spanish if he'd do something for me. he nodded and i asked to see his pene. he unbuttoned the front of his overalls and said si miss julie. his dick popped out and i gasped. it's perfect. just what i'm wanting! cut and a tad longer than what i've become accustomed to but very fat. i started rubbing myself and he moved towards me. his dick is black with a bright pink red head. sperm was dripping as he pushed it between my legs. i didn't want to fuck him in the stockroom and pulled away in a nice way. i took his hard fatty in my hand and started masturbate using his dick rubbing it on the outside of my hole. he was surprised and he started feeling me up. as he pinched my nipples harder and harder he started to push his dick between my legs, not trying to get in my fuck hole but giving me so much pleasure. his dick felt soooooo good! i started to squirt and told him to cum and felt his balls for the first time. my god they were huge! i came like a bitch in heat when i felt him explode all over my puss. i haven't had that much cum ofrom one man in a very long time and i loved it! anyway we're meeting for lunch today, my old man doesn't know, and i fully intend to let ramon have his way with me. i'll fuck him in the restroom if i have to! i'll tell my old man when i get home. he'll get hard and want to clean up.


watching a young man take jeff's cock in his mouth. jerry spent the evening in our bed. i felt him touching me when he thought i was *****. i opened for him, pretending to still be *****, and enjoyed his attention while he jacked his dick (more a clit)... jeff was awake watching him. i could smell his want for the boy.  i remember clearly the excitement i felt the first time i woke from a deep sleep only to discover the "wet dream" i was having was very real. my fbrother was lieing next to me, the sheets below his waist, i could see him rubbing his dick and watching my mother finger herself. i sighed and felt her hands on my thighs, opening my legs... "you're a good girl julie" as he rubbed his dick in my slit.


i dislike it when someone asks me if i will do something with them and i agree and then they don't follow through... my yuvutu "date" with pitolati and his girl friend never happened. i could not have been more direct in my "yes" to him. i wanted his cock and i wanted to go with his girl while he watched, not gonna happen now... i am over that kind of attitude. so please be advised that if you make a move on me you'd best be serious cause if i decide to take you up on your ask i expect you to do me. i like to fuck. shame on pitolati for standing me up! i want some cock really bad now,

wanting it really bad today... i

a yuvutu guy, pitolati, and i have been messaging for  a little over a year... latino, cute penis. penis! love it! uncut and average, he's been hitting on me wanting to hook up... well, friday i get a private message from pitolati asking me if i would party with him and his gf. he told me it would be her first time with a woman and that she wanted to go with me... best of all he wrote me that he lives in charlotte nc now! it took me five minutes to reply to him, including the four minutes it took me to get off. i was fingering full speed looking at pitolati's soaped cock when my date from last night walked in on me. he took took his cock and fucked my mouth hard. i gagged on his sperm and he fucked my throat deeper. i took it all, big cut ***** cock. i love it. i'll be hanging at home this afternoon hoping hear back from pitolati... i'm wet and wanting more action.

crazy how life is!

 i've been going cock crazy since i broke up with my bf, i can't seem to get enough fucking. i spread my legs for a mexi i don't know this morning on the way to work... stopped for gas at the sma's convenience mart and i needed to pee really bad, the ladies was occupied, the men's door was  open so i went in to thinking WTF i have to pee... this guy was standing in front of the sink next to the toilet, he saw me walk in in the mirror, i thought he was washing his hands at first glance. it took only a second for me to realize this dude was beating off and was not going to stop. i pulled up my skirt and sat on the toilet, made sure to give him a good view... he turned and put his dick in my face... i opened my mouth and started sucking (it tasted like dirty pussy) and he started pumping one-handed and i felt his other hand go between my legs. i pissed on his hand and could taste his sperm in my mouth... he was starting to unload, i was excited and wanted to fuck. he came a big load in my mouth, i stood up and took his dick in my hand, stuffed it in my wet open pussy and kissed the dude. he wanted to french and i spit his cum in his mouth, i could feel him cumming inside me and i pulled away from him. his sperm was dripping from my hole and his mouth. he got on knees and ate my puss and i came in an instant.

pk2d2 said:
simply spectacular !!!! you are amazing kissxxxkiss.....My cock no
longer fits in my pants ....mmmmm thanks Missyeg
mainardgcrebs said:
Check out the blog i just posted, i would like feed back, it all true
by the way but i would like to find videos that start from the very
beginning and watch how it develops into the sexual part, the
conversation would be very interesting
lovenpeace said:
Hello Julie Beautiful pictures on xhamster....a side of you not seen
before. Make that several sides....! You are stunning and I hope you
are happy.... XOX from Florida
lunaticwith7plus said:
I know you love fat uncut cocks and I'm sure I have EXACTLY what
you need. You probably couldn't get your sexy little fingers all
the way around it, but that's ok. Could I share it with you and
your brother if I ever travel to your area? I masturbate watching
your vids and looking at your delicious pussy photos. If you look at
my vid "cum shot 3", I was actually watching YOUR vid called
"yutubing" at the time! Also, I would be so turned on if
you could share some of your family sex stories with me. When I
was 18 I had this super pretty little 17 y/o brunette gf, she had
small dark hairs around her nipples and a huge clit, and she was
fucking her twin brother, so I would have 3-ways with them, it was so
fucking hot! (Not sure who screamed louder, twin-Bro when he took my
fat cock in his ass, or twin-Sis when she took it in her tight little
***** pussy!) You are such a sexy young woman, perfect pussy, and
perfect for me, and I'm no creep, I know how to take care of you,
I really do.
uncut7 said:
Beautiful lady here who know what she likes and wants. Great profile
and vids.
just_julian said:
Kiss u dear. Thx for coment
islandbella2 said:
thank you
wookie_man said:
Miss chatting with you, hope everything is good in your world,
6inchdog said:
I would like you to finger fuck your self to my video
cougar82 said:
Thanks for ask my friendship gorgeous... You are simply breathtaking! 
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