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2013-01-14 06:56:19 Anonymous I like you...
Glad you shared your little 'discovery'. Cool your beginning to lactate. Something about you that makes me want to know you better. Hope you send me a note... alwayswansum@hotmail.com ~John
2013-01-14 06:52:18 Anonymous Sensual Woman
It's always the shy ones you need to watch out for!
2013-01-14 06:48:23 studentoflife slurpy rimjob
wow,this is great video except for the picture clarity i wish there were more mature women do things this wicked to their men its so erotic its not funny,keep up the great work Slutwoman.
2013-01-14 06:47:00 Anonymous Sooooooooooooo sensitive
O MY... what a lovely moment to share. Something about you (as little as I've seen) that clicks with me. Could not help but notice your awesome breasts. So glad you decided to share your pleasure with this site and that I stumbled upon you. Would luv to connect. ~John alwayswansum@hotmail.com
2013-01-14 06:43:53 Anonymous So sexy!
Man, she is so fucking hot. The way she moves her body when she is sucking him, you can see she wants to fuck!
2013-01-14 06:39:13 wistons Ok
Bello buco del culo per il mio cazzo
2013-01-14 06:39:12 wistons Ok
Bello buco del culo per il mio cazzo
2013-01-14 06:38:35 wistons Bello buco del culo per il mio cazzo
2013-01-14 06:16:11 sandman19 This lady is great, when will we see more of her?
2013-01-14 06:10:45 sexytimecouple Nice ass!!!
2013-01-14 05:59:10 vegasmale30 Thanks!
Yeah i'll be posting more so stay tuned!
2013-01-14 05:56:08 humthis wow
great vids - we should share pics and vids sometime - great cock lover you have there- just like mine
2013-01-14 05:30:52 Anonymous Magnifique!!! Encore svp
2013-01-14 05:03:50 gearshifter Superb
Super sucking
2013-01-14 04:57:06 Anonymous Awesome...
You are gorgeous! Of all the breasts a woman could be blessed with, you have been the most. A bit puffy, and such awesome nipples. Not sure where you are from, but it would be great to hear from you. Perhaps we can discover some erotic indulgences together, long distance or whatever. Totally discrete of course... TOTALLY. ~John alwayswansum@hotmail.com
2013-01-14 04:54:03 ukjduk sharing?
Do u like to share ur misses? Wud love to taste her!! ;)
2013-01-14 04:50:10 alessandra-ts gooood
very goood!
2013-01-14 04:48:47 Anonymous Hum!!!! Libby est gourmande, la suite svp
2013-01-14 04:46:02 selenius WOW
Nice Vid man for sure,real hot! Personally I aint sure if I could ever share my girl like that.I would be paranoid she would like the other dude more, especially in the case where the other dude has a larger rod. (thats if your description is true, I am tempted to make up scenarios)Keep the vids coming though. maybe some DP in the future haha?
2013-01-14 04:39:55 jokersmile Wow
So very hot
2013-01-14 04:36:40 Anonymous Tu es magnifique!!!
2013-01-14 04:27:12 Anonymous Magnifique!!!!
2013-01-14 03:48:35 nelson100 dein name ist die mision
hot nora zum orgasmus lecken und dann ficken bis der saft tief in deiner geilen Muschi ist
2013-01-14 03:41:14 bandierasalvatore FANTASTIC
2013-01-14 03:38:34 nelson100 Oh ja Baby
an dir fummeln muss geil sein
2013-01-14 03:38:20 Anonymous Awesome...
Nora do you speak English. I'd luv to hear from you. There is something special about you that appeals to me in an extraordinary way. It would be awesome to hear from you. alwayswansum@hotmail.com ~John If you ever got to Canada, I'd show you around, AND show you off! Luv your expressions and universal language of sighs and soft purrings... Hope to hear from you. ~J
2013-01-14 03:26:12 derwoody Hot is right!!!
Nora is not only hot but gorgeous! Very sexy video!!!
2013-01-14 03:04:34 ciak99 Amazing Tits
Superb ....more pleases
2013-01-14 02:47:33 hotzephyer So Hot
Incredibly sexy video. Cumming so so long, so much... Wish I'd been there to share some.
2013-01-14 02:46:02 hornydeviluk mmm
sexy lady love her tits and shaved pussy
2013-01-14 02:11:56 dverdwn That is truly one very delicious looking pussy.
2013-01-14 02:10:53 norseman123 Anal
Very nice vid you two!!! x
2013-01-14 02:03:09 footfreek mmm very hot!!
2013-01-14 01:44:50 aguitasx aguitasx
hoy vi tus tus fotos y tienes un hermoso culo felicidades a tu galan que envidia .saludos
2013-01-14 01:05:41 flirtyone Yes!
You lucky man, not only does she have a great mouth, but also the most fabulous breasts I've ever seen!
2013-01-14 00:44:11 glory75 Pour les commentaires qui vont suivre: Sachez que c'est moi et cokine lors de son casting pour devenir modo. lol .. je plaisante hein .. une belle vido cok .. dommage que ce soit pas moi bien sr tsstss .. Merci pour le son .. T'entendre gmir est juste trop cool (pas comme l'autre RazMoquette) .. Bisous ma gentille cochonne hehe xxxx
2013-01-14 00:41:37 horny50 A WELL FUCKED WOMAN
2013-01-14 00:17:39 ixelles Salut
C'est vrai que t'es une truie. Mais trs bandante. A+
2013-01-14 00:09:37 marvello Very sexy
That turned me on.
2013-01-14 00:07:36 k_h30 That is a very fine anal vid
next time fuck her more hard - also I would like to see - just a little - shit on your cock. Then it is REALLY anal :-)
2013-01-13 23:48:00 kinkycountryfucker mmmmmm ! would love to ride that sweet cock !
2013-01-13 23:37:14 i12 sounds like my wife!
2013-01-13 23:25:38 cum4jay Very lovely Creampie!
2013-01-13 23:11:54 marvello Nice vid...
... but try holding the camera steady.
2013-01-13 22:29:02 pobodyisnerfect very hot
look forward for more
2013-01-13 22:26:09 marvello Very pleasant indeed
I would like to try that.
2013-01-13 22:20:32 ribaltavapor mmmmmmmm
visti i vosti filmati uno meglio dell'altro che spettacolo la pulizia le riprese sembra di toccar con mano .... vedere quel cazzo che entra e i sui gemiti mi han fatto andar via di testa bellissima la tua compagna goduriosa e si vede che gli piace il sesso
2013-01-13 21:43:26 marvello Wow
OMG, that was wonderful.
2013-01-13 21:30:42 Anonymous nonono
poca herramienta, la puta ni se entera que le entra por el orto
2013-01-13 21:24:46 bandierasalvatore E' NATA COL CAZZO IN BOCCA

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