Choose my pussy, tits or ass

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All the recent comments have been so lovely so for a bit of fun... What do you want to play with - Pussy,Tits or Ass?
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Posted by: 99money on 2017-11-11 00:56:37
All of them and would love to tickle your tonsils with my cock!!!!!
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-11 04:07:00
But if you had to choose...
Posted by: gazzer123 on 2017-11-11 11:57:29
What a hot couple mmm
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-11 12:22:01
Thanks Gazzer x
Posted by: pj2211 on 2017-11-11 14:29:54
your arse it looks so inviting x
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-11 16:48:02
Ready and waiting!
Posted by: sportingwalt on 2017-11-11 22:03:51
Its a toss up or off which ever between tits or ass
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-12 00:03:43
I prefer toss off!
Posted by: dangerdenny on 2017-11-12 17:50:14
Your feet
Posted by: freetime1 on 2017-11-12 18:21:57
So it would be a pleasure to play with all 3 them thanks :) x
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-12 23:25:47
My man likes playing with my feet too
Posted by: stifupperlip on 2017-11-13 09:30:58
I would take your ass my dear first time - after that your mouth - and at least i will lick your smooth pussy
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-13 10:13:14
Only one choice so ass it is!
Posted by: stifupperlip on 2017-11-13 13:06:09
yes Mam
Posted by: horny666 on 2017-11-13 14:42:16
very nice x
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-13 20:37:31
Very kind x
Posted by: baldy1960 on 2017-11-14 06:12:24
Your ass it would be it's so lovely
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-14 06:31:30
Ass seems to be a popular choice
Posted by: kasoo on 2017-11-14 13:50:50
Spoilt for choice, so I would choose all of of you as you are so sexy
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-14 15:10:32
What a cheat (and a sweet talker) x
Posted by: screwbys on 2017-11-15 20:43:37
Definitely that beautiful pussy of yours. Always looks so fuckable. XX
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-16 23:04:22
A vote for my pussy!
Posted by: ringobingo on 2017-11-17 08:46:06
I'll take the pussy too please, and I will take it hard and fast.
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-17 09:58:31
Another vote for my pussy!
Posted by: black971 on 2017-11-18 07:15:29
I go for the pussy
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-18 07:36:30
It's yours!
Posted by: sear on 2017-11-18 18:57:01
Sin duda tu coño es muy apetitoso, pero toda tu despiertas ese deseo de poseerte en totalidad.
Posted by: yorkman69 on 2017-11-22 23:25:15
Wow id settle for both please x
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-11-23 07:00:06
Mmmmm x
Posted by: jankovack on 2017-12-07 15:48:59
i cant choose.... love to cum on them all...
Posted by: 99money on 2017-12-07 17:09:23
I'd choose your tits!!!!!
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-12-07 19:21:11
I need to do a count up!
Posted by: lord2xx on 2017-12-14 00:11:03
Je prèfère la chatte..ou figa..!
Posted by: hotleeds on 2017-12-18 21:21:41
Only one thing to do go balls deep in every sexy hole on your body till we're both sore that sexy sore when you know that your both well fucked xxx
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-12-18 22:41:44
Posted by: oldhippie2 on 2017-12-29 16:18:43
That would be a hard choice. Such a pretty pink pussy, it must be tight and juicy. But to feel your mouth wrapped around my cock sucking the cum out would be heaven. That pretty ass with the rosebud so tight could make a man cum very quick. But then again who wouldn't want to fuck those beautiful tits, feel the cum shoot out between then and then rub it all over and lick them clean. If I had to choose then your beautiful pussy, pump a load in you and then spread your legs wide and watch it drain.
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2017-12-29 22:43:03
Wow! I feel very horny right now x
Posted by: st777 on 2018-01-03 16:12:42
Impossible to only choose one, I maybe greedy but I would want them all.
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2018-01-03 20:59:43
You are a greedy boy!
Posted by: marc65 on 2018-09-09 11:05:50
I would definitely go for your pussy. The mere sight of it drives me wild. I would unload deep inside of you and I might just hard to go for round two.
Posted by: ukcouple2017 on 2018-09-09 22:51:59
Sounds amazing. I'd take all you've got.
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