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HAS ANYONE ELSE spotted someone that they know in real life?

I'm guessing that it is "every voyeur's fantasy" to be casually surfing a porn site, and then see someone that they know (especially if that person lives nearby!).

Well, this actually happened to me.  I have a screenshot of the preview from one of my favorite videos.  The moment that I saw it, I knew that the magnificent ass in that photo belonged to my next-door neighbor!  (And, after watching several of her videos, I've confirmed my initial observation.)

The problem is that I don't know how to turn my fantasy into a reality of getting my hands on that ass and my dick into her pussy.  Although I have a high sex drive, I've never been much of a "player", and I'm even less of one now.  She would be a major exception to the rule.

I want to hear from especially women.  If you lived next-door to a man, and you knew that the man had the hots for you, what would turn you on enough to get past the guilt (both parties are married, etc.) and hop into bed together?

And men, please share any tips from a "success story" of this nature.

SURVEY -- Ladies, do you enjoy watching a man jack off?

Ladies, please feel free to be very detailed in your answers.  (i.e.:  why do you like it?  etc.)  Thank you.

SURVEY -- Ladies, do you call it "cock", "dick", or something else?

I prefer that the answer come from only American women, as this is a question about using American slang.

Ladies, please feel free to be detailed in your answers.  Thank you.

WHY do people do THIS??

Why do people ruin an otherwise-good porn video by...

1.  leaving the TV blasting loudly in the background?  (Nobody comes to this site to hear commercials!)

2.  trying to "enhance" the sex by playing music (especially disco ... blekh!)?  (Nobody comes here for the music, either.)

3.  putting the camera up SO close that only a scientist could appreciate the view of that pussy?

4.  muting the wonderful, natural moaning sounds that the woman is making?

5.  zooming the focus rapidly in and out, so as to give the viewer a headache?  (Sex does NOT need any "special effects".  It's already great by design.)

6.  leaving the camera aimed in one part of the room, and then going to fuck in a different part of the room?

7.  making a porn video, but staying hidden under a blanket the entrie time?

Couples, if you don't know how to film yourselves fucking, then you need a cameraman.  Send me a message.  ;)

LADIES -- please take a LESSON from this video

The young woman in the video linked below -- besides being shapely -- knows how to TALK about sex during sex.

Instead of playing that stupid "coy" game, she says exactly what she wants and how.  And... how!!  ;)

Whenever a woman has used her encouraging words on me, she has gotten her pussy well-satisfied.

Ladies, here is the lesson.  If you used to be "coy", now try being "bold".  I think that you'll like the results.

(And, if you try being bold, and your man tells you to "be quiet", then send me a message....)  ;)

Here's the link to the video.  http://www.yuvutu.com/video/1690759/my-big-bouncing-boobs-will-make-your-cock-hard/

Ladies, please share your thoughts.  Thank you.

RELUCTANTLY deleting some favorite videos -- caused by

I'm reluctantly deleting some of my favorite videos.

I've been on this site for more than eight years.  It was touted as a "free" site.  And, for the most part, it still is.  BUT....

When videos reach a certain level of popularity, then they become "available to subscribers only".  So, I can no longer see them.

Some of my favorite couples seem to have dropped off of the site.  But, even before they dropped off, I could no longer watch their videos.

It's not only that they are really enjoyable videos, from a sexual viewpoint, but also the couples just seemed like nice, FUN people.  They seemed to truly enjoy each other's company, and they obviously enjoyed each other's bodies.  And, sexually, they think a lot like I do.

It's more than that, though.  They also looked very "normal" -- people that you might meet in line at the grocery store, or at a company picnic, or perhaps even at church.  (Really.)  Genuinely nice people, who also genuinely like to fuck.  (No contradiction there, if you think about it.  Sex is meant to uplift and help each other, and not for domination and humiliation.  I'll refrain from "preaching" any more about that aspect, though, and get back to my main point of this post.)

I miss those people, with some of whom I had many private-message exchanges.  I feel that we had become friends in some ways.  And, so, I feel guilty deleting their videos.  (I hope that at least some of them are reading this.)

There is another reason that I feel guilty about deleting their videos.  In a way, by posting videos of regular people -- not "porn stars", not models, not slathered in make-up, not doing anything weird, just loving each other and fucking and sucking -- I was kind of MAKING A STATEMENT.  The ladies were curvy -- not fat, and certainly not huge, but not thin.  I'd guess that they averages a size 12, which is the statistical average in America.  (Movies, TV, and "fashion" want you to think that size 2 is normal, but it is not.)  So, in a quiet way, I was standing up for curvy women, and rejecting the Barbie mentality.  Below my favorite videos, you will see many complimentary comments.

The couples that I will miss the most are tigertail123 and duckman1098.

All of that said, I must replace the non-available videos with ones that are available.  I don't like the bait-and-switch that free videos become "no longer free".  And, I realize that anyone that is a paid subscriber could still see those videos.  But, I can't see them.  So, some new ones will be posted here.  (One, in particular, resembles my next-door neighbor.  It's not her, but she looks quite similar.)

I'd be interested to know my visitors' thoughts on this post, or any others.

(By the way, the system cut the title short.  This deletion was caused by the company's "love of money".)


UPDATE:  Right after posting this, I tried to delete some videos.  I was not able.  I don't know if it's a system glitch, or yet another way to "herd" me (and other people) into spending money.  I might not mind spending a little money, if not for the fact that the ads and some other aspects of this site promote certain things that I do not like.  (But, they promote less of it than other sites.)  So, enjoy the videos.  Some of them have been on my "favorites" list for several years.  And, apparently, they'll remain there -- even if I can't see them.

Aren't there ANY women left that do NOT like to do ANAL???

One of the things that I like about this site is seeing "real" women and couples -- and not the skinny blonde "boobs on a stick" phony women that most guys seem to like.


Even my favorite couples are starting to get into anal sex, which I find disgusting.

Are there any women left that like to get a dick ONLY in their pussy and mouth??

If so, please contact me and send me a video.

Thank you.


three little words

Most of us men grew up learning that there are "three little words" that women want to hear.

But, ladies, did you know that there are "three little words" that men want to hear, too?

The difference is that the three little words are:  "fuck my pussy!"

I just love it when a woman wants to talk about sex -- especially during sex.

A lot of men want a woman to "shut up", but I want to listen to a woman tell me what's on her mind -- well, at least when it comes to sex.  ;)

(Actually, several ladies have told me that I'm a "good listener" during the other 23 hours of the day, as well.  In fact, my wife actually told the wife next door that she would be happy to "loan" me to her, because Mrs. Neighbor said that her husband doesn't listen to her.  Little does my wife know that I want her to loan me to Mrs. Neighbor for another reason, too...!)

Ladies, don't be shy.  "Let go" with your guy.  Don't make him guess.  (We don't take hints, remember?)  Tell him exactly what's on your fucking mind.  You'll be glad that you did, and so will he.  (And, if he's not, then come see me!)

Thigh fucking

I enjoy every square inch of a woman's body.  (But, I do stay away from that "one round inch"....)  Some men claim to be an "ass man" or a "tit man", etc.  I like it all.  But, if there is an area that I'm especially attracted to, you could say that I'm a "thigh guy".

To me, a woman's full thighs are like drapes around a doorway to a special room, or a fancy frame around a beautiful picture, or a special plate for a yummy dessert.  In our modern society, with its focus on how people look on TV, there is a push for women to be thin, and to be especially worried that "my thighs are too fat".  As a result, women starve themselves until they are flat-chested, pencil-legged, and resemble 12-year-old boys.  What a shame, because the curves of a woman's thighs are one of the first features that a man can identify from a distance.  ("Roger that.  Target acquired and locked....")

My first wife had full thighs.  They were great.  And, one of the things that we discovered along the way was that -- if she was "too tired", or if she had her period, or just for fun -- I could enjoy fucking her between her thighs.  For the man, it feels almost the same as pussy fucking.  Women can enjoy it, too, even if only for the benefit of "giving pleasure".  (This means more to a woman than it does to a man, although men should realize that there is great joy and fun in giving pleasure to the woman.  I personally prefer that the woman have the first orgasm ... or three, or more.)

So, for those times when you want to try something different, or when the man is simply "aching to get off" and the woman is not, here is what you should do.  First, apply your favorite lube to both your dick and to the inside of her upper thighs.  (You don't need a lot.  But, keep that bottle handy, just in case.)  The woman should lay face-down on the bed, and keep her legs slightly open.  The man climbs on behind her, and then puts his legs on the outside of the woman's legs.  He slides his hard dick right up next to her pussy.  Then, she closes her legs so that her thighs clamp around his dick.  Then, just enjoy fucking.  (If things are angled properly, then some women can get a clitoral rub -- and, thus, have an orgasm -- from a good thigh-fucking.)

If you have a towel down on the bed first, and if you get the angle right (practice, practice, practice), then the man can shoot his cum onto to the towel without getting any on or in her pussy.  (Simplified birth control)  For women that don't like to make a mess, this is very convenient.  For those that enjoy it, the man can also pull out and shoot onto the backs of her thighs, onto her ass, or onto her back.  (I'm in my mid-fifties now.  But, when I was young, I would sometimes aim for her ass but shoot all the way up into her hair!)

I'm amazed at how many couples have been together for many years ,and have never even thought of thigh fucking.  (Believe it or not, there are even variations!  Just ask)  It's a great way for a couple to fuck, even if her pussy is sore.  It's way better than anal sex (which I don't like) and without the health risks.  So far, one couple has written to thank me for suggesting it.  (And, if you are a couple that have thought about inviting another man into your bedroom, but feel guilty about it, then this is a way to let him enjoy her without "real" fucking.  If you are my next-door neighbor, please give this part special thought.  Mmmmmmmm.)  So, please write me about your thigh-fucking adventures.

My favorite videos

You'll notice that several women appear more than once, even though I only have ten "favorite" videos.  I've been surfing Internet porn for a long time.  I'm picky about my women.  So, I want to explain my choices.

Ladies, if you are visiting my site, and you have these same qualities, then feel free to PM me with details.

MilfMJ:  She has been a favorite of mine for years.  She has a lot of desirable qualities.  She is "country-girl pretty".  No makeup required.  She might not be model material, but she is still very pleasant to look at -- from any angle.  (And, she does not have the arrogant personality that model-material women have.)  She is shapely, has a nice ass, and she has great moves.  She is enthusiastic.  And, best of all, she loves to talk about fucking while she is fucking!  That is a huge turn-on for me.  (Ladies, it is for most men.  Believe me, we discuss this among ourselves.  But, a lot of men don't know how to ask for it.  And, a lot of women are ashamed to do it -- because they think it's "bad".  Well, it's not.  In fact, it's very good.)  If more women were as enthusiastic as MilfMJ, and learned to talk about it, then there would be fewer frustrated husbands.  That, in turn, would result in less war, crime, etc.  Also, this couple actually "makes love".  It is obvious that they enjoy each other's company the rest of the day, too.  And, he treats her so nice.  I'm a manly man, with no homo tendencies.  But, Duckman is a good-looking guy.  Usually, I barely notice the men in the video.  But, unlike a lot of men, he has good camera presence.  My thanks to both of them, and the other couples, for sharing their intimate moments.

hotellovers:  Jill is shapely, good-looking, and she loves to fuck and suck.  She is also an excellent talker -- most of the time.  (I don't like some of the things she says.  But, when she stays "on point" and just talks about sex -- without the blasphemous expletives -- she is a sexy talker.  Her voice is a bit gravely, but I ignore that.)  She loves it in any position, and she makes a point of saying that she loves to eat cum.  Her sexual assertiveness is what makes her even more attractive than just the sexy curves and cute face.

The Tigertails:  This is another couple that is just fun to watch.  The love shows in the videos.  But, she obviously has sexual needs, and she is not afraid to act on them.  From their list of videos, it seems that her favorite position is her on top.  That shows a strong level of sexual assertiveness, which I like.  (Women should not be afraid to let it be known that they NEED to fuck.  But, most modern American women think that they must "hold back" until they can get something "in trade" for sex.  Big mistake.)  The look on Mrs. Tigertails face when she gets her husband's dick inside her is beautiful to behold.  And, her face is beautiful anyway.  And, she is both athletic and shapely (a rare combination, in my book).  Her thighs look like "dessert" to me.  (Well, actually, the plate for the dessert....)  And, her pear-shaped ass is beautiful to behold from any angle.  She has great moves, too.  Watch her hands as she massages her husband's dick while he pumps it in her pussy.  And, she is an enthusiastic cock-sucker.  Mmmmmmmm.  She is amazing.  Her husband is good-looking and fairly muscular.  They seem to be nice people -- the type that one could enjoy a good conversation with in a long checkout line at the store.  (Of course, it would be a "check-out" line, because I'd be checking her out....)

seeswill:  Mrs. Seeswill is another one that is just natually pretty -- all over.  She is also sexually enthusiastic, and she has great moves to prove it.  She a little bit bigger than "my" other women, but there is nothing wrong with that.  She is quite shapely.  She is also very confident of her appearance.  She loves to show off, and I love to watch her.  (But, that tattoo on her back detracts from her beauty.  It's small, and so I ignore it, but I still don't like it.)  She moans a lot, too.  That is very sexy.  (But, I wish that she would not use God's name in that way.)  She does not use "toys" much, and I like that.  When she does use a toy, it is at least sometimes "natural" -- such as a cucumber.  (I hate vibrators.  I think that women can become addicted to them, to the point that they no longer enjoy a real dick.)  I like to masturbate "with" her -- as I do with all of "my" ladies.


OK, your turn to comment.

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