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 I need to apologize to my many fans. I know that both of you have been anxiously awaiting another spellbinding cinematic masterpiece from me and I continue to keep you waiting. I had every intention of producing a new breath taking and awe inspiring visual treat over the past few days but alas, the fates were not with me.

First off it was too damn hot to spend much time outdoors even wearing as little as I do at times. Second, I was left with a list of household chores to complete and my wife's wishes must come before my own. Third, I wanted to find a new location but my scouting trip turned up nothing that meets my particular requirements.

Im sure this comes as a crushing blow to my massive fan base and I truly do feel terrible about causing such an agony of disappointment to the two of you. Try to be strong and comfort yourself with frequent and repeated viewing of my previous videos.

(The above was written in jest and is not to be taken seriously. Except for the second paragraph; that stuff is true. Sadly, so is the part about having only two fans)

View milestone

My most recent video has now been watched 1500 times! I appreciate all those who took the time to check it out and especially those who gave it a "thumbs up" vote! Please feel free to leave a comment as that will encourage me to keep posting and to try to make improvements in future submissions.

I'm also happy to accept friend requests and personal messages which I always respond to. There's no need to be shy or remain in the shadows on this site. The beauty of yuvutu is that we can both connect and remain anonymous simultaneously.


 i went to a local zoo last week. It was the smallest zoo I've ever been to. It was so small that they only had one animal and that animal was a dog.

Yeah, it was a shih tzu


a young man enters a bar, strides up to the counter and tells the bartender:

"Give me five shots of your strongest liquor!"

The bartender asks:

"What's the occasion, son?"

The young man answers:

"My first blow job!"

The bartender says:

"Congratulations! I'll pour you a sixth on the house!"

The young man says:

"Thanks, but if  five doesn't get the taste out of my mouth I don't think a sixth will be much help."


so I spent a night in the hospital last week...

i was in a bar in a bad part of town. I went to the men's room to take a piss. As I was standing there taking care of business this gigantic guy comes in and steps up to the next urinal. This guy was about 6'6" tall and weighed over 300 lbs. He had a no neck, a chest like a wine cask and arms like tree trunks.

as he was ***** he leaned over and spit in the urinal.

i asked him, "Hey buddy, why does having a dick in your hand make your mouth water so much?"

i don't remember much after that... 


Richard Wellhung is so well endowed that he can't find a girlfriend who can accommodate him. In desperation he goes to a whorehouse and explains his dilemma to the Madame. She chuckles and tells him that she is sure that she has a woman on staff who can succeed where so many others have failed. She tells him to go see "Big Betty" in room #4. Richard finds room #4 and goes in where he finds a rather obese woman lying on a bed in a well lit room. Big Betty beckons him to approach but gasps when he reveals his huge member. Try as she might, Betty can get no more than the very tip inside her.

Frustrated, Richard returns to the Madamme. She raises an eyebrow but tells Richard she has other women who can accept the challenge. She sends him to room #5 to see "Massive Mary". Richard enters room #5 where he finds a truly immense woman in a dimly lit room. The bed springs groan in protest as he climbs onto Massive Mary and tries to enter her. Despite using copious amounts of lube, Mary can only get the head of Richard's unit inside her.

Once again Richard returns to the Madamme feeling dejected. She tells him that she has underestimated him but that there is one woman on staff who has never failed to handle even the most enormous client. She sends him to see "Skinny Susan" in room #6. Richard is skeptical that a woman named Skinny will do what the previous plus size women couldn't. He enters room #6 which is almost totally dark. He climbs onto the bed and presses his Kong size dong against Susan's vaginal orafice. To his amazement, it slips right in. He begins to pump away slowly then faster and harder. As his eyes begin to adjust to the darkness he sees a gelatinous slime oozing from Sue's nose. Richard ejaculates with the intensity of a man experiencing his first successful copulation. Now finished, he dresses and goes to see the Madamme.

"Skinny Susan was able to do the deed! It was great but I think she has a bad cold; her nose was really running."

"Oh don't worry about her" says the Madamme. She then calls for her assistant. "Hey Claire, the corpse in room 6 is full again."

Yet another tasteless joke

Bubba stops in at the local feed and grain store. Cletus asks him what's going on.

"Well" says Bubba "instead of walking home on the road last night, I took the shortcut and followed the train tracks through the woods. As I got 'bout halfway home I found a woman tied to the tracks!"

Cletus asks "No foolin! What did ya do?"

"What do ya think? I untied her and took her to my trailer! One thing led to another and we ended up having sex all night long: me on top, her on top, from the front, from the back, everything! It was the greatest sex I ever had!"

Cletus says "Wow! But tell me; was she pretty?"

Bubba says "I don't rightly know...I never did find her head..." 


I'm not a webmaster so I have no idea how difficult these suggestions would be to implement but here goes:

1. Add comments by non-friends to our timeline. That way members can see if others are commenting on our pics/vids/blogs without having to check each one.

2. With blogs seemingly replacing the forum section, expand the search options in the blog section.

3. Enable one time or periodic contributions for those unable to commit to a monthly payment.

4. Publicly declare Seemylingerie as having the best photos, most exciting videos, most thought provoking blogs, and the funniest jokes on all of yuvutu.

More to come as I think of them... 

Tasteless joke (the best kind)

 A man staggers home after having much too much to drink. He somehow manages to climb the stairs to the master bedroom where his very angry wife is waiting up for him. She is surprised to see that he is carrying a sheep.

"You disgusting drunken slob!" she yells "What in hell do you think you're doing with that animal?"

The man mumbles "This is the pig I have sex with whenever you tell me you're not in the mood."

"You stupid ass!" she yells "That's not a PIG it's a SHEEP"

He yells back at her "I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!"


what's going on with the forum section of yuvutu? There haven't been any new posts for weeks. In fact there haven't been very many new posts in months. Some sections have been inactive for years.

Is it time to retire the forum section? have blogs taken over as the preferred means of communication? Is there a way to revitalize the forums?

The assumed benefit of the forums is that members can submit posts, and view posts by others, based on a specific area of interest. That would seem to be a benefit that members would appreciate taking advantage of.

anyone have any thoughts?

CD's in public?

 I'm wondering if anyone in the yuvutu community crossdresses in public. I see quite a few who do so in private; does anyone venture out when dressed? If so, I would love to hear from you and read about your experiences. Either respond to this blog or send me a message.

New videoa

 I finally got the chance to go shoot and post some new videos. The one where I'm wearing a tutu by the highway was a fun one to make. I made eye contact with a couple of truck drivers and even got a horn beep from one of the car drivers! I love when that happens! I tried to take the tutu off but it got tangled in the heel of my shoes. Since I wasn't in the mood to fall face first onto the pavement I just pulled it back up. I'm still trying to master the 5 inch heels.

For some reason, the video has received some "thumbs down" votes. I wish the people who did that would leave a comment stating the reason. I won't get mad but I would like to know if there is something specific I can do to make my posts more enjoyable for the viewers instead of just enjoyable for me to make.

The second video hasn't been approved for posting as I type this but should be by the time you read it. In this video I am flashing a new pair of panties and fish net thigh highs in a movie theater parking lot. In these situations I feel safer wearing a dress over my lingerie so I have more control over what gets seen by whom. It's not quite as exciting in one sense but feels riskier since I could be contacted directly by anyone; either those taking offense, those seeking confrontation, or those else. Having only one way in or out of the parking lot makes me a little nervous.

Anyway, I hope you like the videos. If you do, leave me comment. If you don't, tell me what I can do to make the next ones better.

Flashing videos

 I went out yesterday to take some videos to post but luck was not with me. The type of videos I like to post requires a unique set of circumstances in order to be successful. America is generally unkind to men who wear women's lingerie in public. The risk of an encounter with law enforcement is always a possibility and even if I don't actually break any laws, the inconvenience and embarrassment would be unwelcome. There is also the risk of confrontation with members of the general public. While I am capable of taking care of myself in most such encounters doing so in 5" heels would present a challenge that I'm not excited about facing.

Of course things would be different if I was passable. I'm not and I have no desire to be. Moving about and trying out locations as a passable cd would be much, much easier. I also prefer to wear only lingerie as opposed to wearing it under a skirt or a dress unless I'm flashing in a parking lot.

Things would also be different if I was satisfied with the mere possibility of being seen. If I was crossdressing at night, or in the woods, or in an abandoned building there would be almost no risk. That's just not my thing; I want to be out there in broad daylight where being seen is a certainty.

Once I step into view in my lingerie I'm rather vulnerable so the locations I use must be selected with care.The ideal location is one in which I am sure to seen by a lot of people but where those people can't easily contact or confront me. The location must also allow me to conceal all or most of my vehicle and must provide an escape route should the need arise. The location can't be too close to home so as to reduce the risk of recognized. This business is harder than it looks!

Anyway, yesterday I went to a couple of locations that I had pre-scouted on the map but neither worked out. I ended up getting only a few seconds of usable video; too short to bother posting. I am frustrated with my lack of results. Please be patient. I will try again late next week.


Know what yuvutu needs? More lesbians! Lesbian videos, pictures, and blogs. Not 2 women and a guy, just two women enjoying each other. So I'm asking our female members: find a friend and make a few lesbian videos, take a bunch of photos, write a few blogs. Guys: talk your women into trying lesbian sex (I've tried with no success, maybe some of you will succeed where I've failed). We've got a bunch of gay and bi guy videos so I think it's time for the women to step up their game! Who's with me?

Warning! This isn't about sex

Here in the USA we have a big stink going on over NFL players refusing to stand for the National Anthem. These players are protesting what they see as a racist and unjust country. While I disagree with their form of protest I defend their right to employ it (even though it is not only ineffective but counter productive).

What strikes me is the vitriol of the fans. These fans have no problem with the fact that most NFL players will suffer permanent brain damage due to repeated concussions as long as those players provide entertainment for a while.

These fans are also perfectly happy to cheer for players who are DO NOT APPROVE abusers, killers, dog fighters, wife beaters, sexual predators, and other assorted felons. If you can cheer for these players while having a conniption over the National Anthem then perhaps your priorities need an adjustment.

That is all. You may now return to sex talk.


my wife did something for me today that was so unexpected, so exciting, and so erotic that I am literally reeling. 

Individuals or community?

 My previous blog made me wonder about a related topic; is yuvutu a group of individual users or is it a community? I'm sure it's a bit of both but at what ratio? As a newbie, it appears to me that outside of the date seekers a rather large percentage are here as individuals seeking their own entertainment and just a small (very small?) percentage are here socially.

A cursory glance at the members list shows page after page of members with no photos, no videos, no blogs, not even an avatar. Further evidence is found in the forums; there isn't much activity in that section and some pages have sat idle for months and even years. I like to blog and I can see that people are viewing them but no one comments even when my blogs seek answers to questions. So can I assume that most members join just to log in and scan the vids and pics? I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with that, as I said, I'm new here and just curious about the dynamics of the site.

Most members who do post submissions seem to start off with a flurry of activity then disappear. Most members don't have extensive "friends" lists. It's rare to see a member who has remained active for any length of time (I'm looking at you, Glory75).

So to those who come here for social interaction; do you see yuvutu as a pornographic Facebook? Somewhere for your alter ego to share the things that they can't anywhere else?

Votes and comments

This is a topic that I have written about before but I feel compelled to bring it up again. I think it's fair to assume that everyone who visits yuvutu to view photos and videos  and to read blogs wants to see quality submissions. A higher number of higher quality submissions results in a more vital web site and more enjoyment for members and guests. The way to achieve this is through the voting and comments process.

Imagine that you are a new member posting your first photos/videos. You're nervous. Perhaps you're not totally comfortable in your appearance. Perhaps your not confident that your post will be appreciated. Perhaps you're unsure if viewers will find your post interesting or enjoyable. You log in and see the number of views but there is no feedback. Even worse, you have received thumbs down votes. Are you likely to submit another post? If you do, will it be better than your first? Doubtful.

Now imagine you've drummed up the courage to expose yourself (literally and figuratively) by posting a submission but this time instead of just seeing the number of views you see viewer feedback. There are some thumbs up votes but also a few thumbs down votes. Aha! But there are also comments! The viewers who liked your post leave a compliment. The viewers who didn't like your post tell you why they didn't like it. Not with cruel negative comments but with helpful hints and suggestions for improvement. Maybe they found the lighting insufficient, maybe there was too much noise coming from the television in the room, maybe they suggest a different camera angle, maybe they give recording and editing tips.

Are you now discouraged from submitting again? Are you likely to continue making submissions with the same flaws? Or are you encouraged to try again? Not just to try again but to try to improve your submissions? I'd guess the latter. Everyone appreciates positive reinforcement. Everyone wants to have their submissions be well received. When our efforts fall short we want to know what went wrong and what we can do to succeed next time.

So cast your votes! Leave your comments! Make suggestions! The result will be more high quality submissions, a more vital web site, and more enjoyment for all of us.

Fantasies realized

 My wife (a beautiful woman and the love of my life) has always been a pretty good sport about the fact that my sex drive and fantasy life outpaces hers. She has always made an effort to accept my kinks and to accommodate my requests as long as they weren't too far outside of her comfort zone. She knows that I crossdress. She isn't thrilled about it and doesn't want to see me dressed but she accepts it.

Periodically over the years I have shared my fantasies with her and have asked her to help me fulfill them. There were some she was willing to do and some she refused to do. Some didn't work out as well as I had hoped. We tried taking turns with some light bondage but neither of us really got into either role. Some fantasies worked out great (for me at least). She once had a professional photographer (female) do a lingerie photo shoot for me and the results were fantastic. She will peg me with a strap-on occasionally because she knows I love it even though she's not really in to it.
A couple of months ago we started talking about my fantasies again. There was something different about it this time. Maybe it wasn't just about sex. Maybe it wasn't just all about me asking for favors. Maybe it was about really trying to understand how sharing personal thoughts, hopes, desires, expectations, limitations, accommodations, trust, and respect impact a couple's sex life.
Anyway, in the past few weeks she has agreed to try things that I never thought she would do. Things that I had given up hope of ever experiencing. Nothing extreme mind you but things that had been denied in the past. Each of the things we did exceeded my expectations. Not only were the acts themselves better than I had imagined, the fact that my wife, this smart, talented, successful, beautiful woman, was willing to stretch her boundaries in order to make me happy has been exciting, amazing, and humbling. All these decades we've spent happily together and it just keeps getting better!
Questions for married crossdressers

Does your wife know you crossdress?

Does she approve of it?

Does she like to see you dressed?

Do the two of you have sex while you're dressed?

Do you ever dress together?

Do you wear her things or your own?

Has she ever bought you women's clothes, panties, lingerie, etc.?

Have the two of you ever gone out in public together while you were dressed?

Has she ever pegged you while you were dressed?

I look forward to reading your replies, so don't be shy!

Crossdressing exhibitionist

 Here is what I'm about. I am a straight, non-passable guy and I love to dress up in sexy womens lingerie and expose myself. I don't do this late at night or in an abandoned parking lot or deep in a forest somewhere; I do this right out where I'll be seen. Not where I could be seen and not where I might be seen but where I WILL be seen. Because I'm in public places I don't show my genitals and I don't engage in any sexual activity.

There is something so electrifying about stepping out of my car and into the open while wearing lingerie that provides a rush like nothing else. Once out of the safety of the car there is no turning back; its too late. I've already been seen. Naturally, in order to protect myself and my family I disguise myself but the thrill is still very intense. Sometimes I'm able to make eye contact with people in their cars as they pass by. Sometimes they'll wave or toot their horn (I love when that happens!). The reactions I get are varied. Some people seem shocked, some seem amused, and some seem disgusted. I like to think that I've at least broken up the monotony of their day. I imagine them sitting at their dinner table with their spouse or hanging out with a friend and saying, "Hey, guess what I saw today!"

I'm back!

i was gone for a little while but now I'm back. I've missed my yuvutu friends and hope to reconnect. I will be posting videos of myself crossdressing in lingerie in very public, daylight locations very soon.

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