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New videos, but no comments?

 Come on now, you guys can do better than this, right? New uploads many thousands of views, but no comments?  Lets see some juicy comments so I can post more! 

So few comments!

 Really wish there was more conversation here! Posting lots of videos, but hardly anyone comments. What happend to YuVuTu? Miss the great users from years gone by.

Three new videos. Enjoy and Comment!

 Three new videos posted. LOVE TO HEAR THE COMMENTS!

It's the reason I post, so more comments = More videos!

Upload issues.

 Having a impossible time tryng to upload more videos!

   Anyone else having issues?

What to do, what to do.

 What to post next? Anal? Compilation? Blowjob? Love to hear what you want to see!

10 comments on the video "The Best birth control" and I'll post a follow-up!

 She hates to taste herself, but sucks cock like a pro! Want to see more? Post some comments on my videos and I'll post a follow-up.

Laura, a MILF from the bar.

 I met Laura almost as soon as I started working at the bar. She would hang out at least 3 nights a week, some times she'd be alone, sometimes with another 30 something girl she worked with at a car dealership. She and her friend were a little out of place after 10pm or so when the locals went home, and the college k**s really started to pour in.

She'd flirt with the k**s sometimes, but most 21 year olds have no use for a 30-35 year old. Not me though. I'd talk with her early in the afternoon when I got to work, and sometimes convince her to stay longer even though I was super busy. Hey, she was a good tipper in a land of cheap skates!

Anyway she figured out that if she was nice to me I'd slip her and her friend a free drink every now and again. This let to some flirting of our own, and then some down right raunchy talk. I thought this was all bull shit communing from a separated, but not divorced mother of 3, but It killed time in the beginning and helped me hone my skills with the younger crowd.

One night Laura showed up alone at about 8pm. She started to talk her usual smack. mostly "If I was a bit younger and you were a bit older" stuff, but as the night went on, it started to sound real. So I called her bluff. I told her she wouldn't know what to do with it if she had it, or some such shit, and she bit...hard. She asked what I was doing after work, and I looked at her and said "you" Eyes dead on her, with no smile to see if she'd call my bluff.

She didn't. I kinda panicked. I didn't really think I wanted to fuck and "old" lady. but fuck it. If it sucked, I'd just blow her off after words.
I got out of work after 1am, well past her bed time, and she had been drinking steadily since 9 or so, so she was pretty bold when we got back to my place.
I tried to make some small talk in the family room, but my roommate was home, and he came out to check things out. After a few minutes of us all talking, I could tell she was fading fast so I asked her if She wanted to spend the night. She told me her ex had the k**s so as long as I could get her back to her car by morning she was cool with it.

Now guys I'd slept with maybe 5 or 6 people before I started working at the bar, so I was no smooth mother fucker in bed, In fact, I was still kind of spooked by the whole fuck someone's mom thing, but After sliding into bed with her, and fondling her tit's for a while, I went ahead and fucked her.

Wow, what a wet pussy! That's the first thing I thought when I put my dick in her. She was fucking SLOPPY! The second thing I noticed was she was a freak. Compared to the girls I'd banged up till this point in my life, she was a moaner. a screamer, and a fucking excellent cock sucker.

I fucked her missionary for a good 20min and pulled out to blow a load on her belly. Then she tells me its ok to leave it in, she's had her tubes tied. I'm thinking "now she tells me!"

We slept for a few hours before I had to drag my ass out of bed to take her to her car so she could get to work. This is when things got cool. When I drop her off at the bar, she reaches over and grabs my cock and starts to fondle it. Now I'm half awake and think she's just playing, but shit man, she's not, and the next thing I know after a few kisses, she goes down on my in the parking lot. I couldn't cum, I was too nervous, but I have remembered that moment for the rest of my life.

So that was the beginning of Me and Laura. For close to the next 2 years I would fuck her a least once a week. and for another year or so after I left the bar, I'd still fuck her once a month or so. It was great. She introduced me to the concept of "booty call"
She had a life, she didn't need or want me in it. She just wanted someone younger to give a fuck about her every now and again and to fuck her silly as often as possible.

She'd call me from her job and come over at lunch just to fuck. That's it 30-40 minutes of fucking, and gone. The shit was great. No pretending to care about her drama, or mine, just come over fuck and suck, and go.

I was worried as I started to fuck other girls that she'd find out, but she either didn't care, or never knew I was boning half of Fairfax,VA.

Anyway. That's Laura. She was a great part of my life for almost 3 years. fucking, lots and lots of sucking, and a little anal.
But like all things this to came to an end. She divorced, and finally found someone to take care of her for real.

But I still think of her and the greatest blow job memory ever!

Uploaded a LOT of new videos. Enjoy!

 Some of the work I've filmed over the last 29 years. A lot of girls, a lot of fun, and a lot of fucking! Please comment when you see them!

 Also let me know if you've seen them before as some of them have been floating around on the net since 2006 or so. 

3000 views on newest video and no comments?!?!?

 I'm here for the comments. If you like my work, COMMENT!

Over 2 Million Views!

 Wen't back the other day to see some of the stats when I was posting on xham. Damn! I had well over 2 million views over there. 

  I'm a fucking pornstar! Take those 2 million, add that again for all the sites that reposted my work, plus all the places I didn't keep up with and I'd be willing to say that at least 5 million sets of eyes watched me plowing one of the many bar girls from back in the day.

  I'm honored that my work has not only been watched that much, but that people apparently liked it enough to come back for more and more as the years went on. 



 I'm a bit discouraged by the lack of comments on video uploads here. I'm an Xham refuge and was hoping to make this place home. Where is the community? 

Kim's virgin ass.

 Well, but the time you read this, a video of Kim's first time doing anal shuold be up. This was one heck of a night. She'd never tried anal bafore this video, and i certainly gave her a night to remember.

  Please take the time to comment if you like it, and I'll post more. 

What next?

What videos would you like to see more of?




New 69 video is up. Will people like it? Will they comment? I hope so!

 First new video in ages. I hope everyone likes it. I hope you'll take the time to post a comment or 10 to let me know what you liked!

Returning here after 12+ years
I started posting way back in 2006 or so here on yuvutu but eventually moved on to another site. Here I am in 2020 back where it started. Enjoy!
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