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  • Interests: cuckold, creampie, shared wife, inside cum, dogging, submission, interracial, breeding, insemination
  • Gender: Male
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  • Ethnic Group: White
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  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: Yes
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  • Body Type: Medium



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 - fuck it himself
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 - stranger fuck my wife pt1
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 - stranger fuck my wife pt4
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 - stranger fuck my wife pt4
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 - stranger fuck my wife pt3
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 - fuck my wife 2
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  •  18/07/16
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  •  15/08/15
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Stranger fuck my wife

I corresponded with several men who want to fuck my wife.  One of them was ready to come to visit us. The meeting time was short, and everything was done without preparation. A couple of items for video shooting, were not comfortable. Located on the more comfortable on the bed. Stranger with some difficulty stuck his thick dick in pussy of my wife. Fuck it is time not long, but fast and deep. A few minutes later the stranger, the way he stuck his thick dick and froze. His balls began to shoot cum deep into my wife's pussy.


We are a couple 40+. All communication, I mean. My wife is, so to speak, does not know about my fantasies. I would like to see how it would be to fuck one or more strangers. I think it's possible my wife drunk to unconsciousness.
top desires: from strangers dick thick and 20+, to fuck my wife without a condom and cum deep inside her pussy.

Recently, I was exciting to contemplate some instances toast strangers cocks. Even the desire to fondle, suck and feel the taste of their semen.

tonbcn said:
Thks for ypur comment about my dick....i'll fuck your hairy pussy
wife, cum into her pussy and then you can lick my creampie...
mainardgcrebs said:
Check out the blog i just posted, i would like feed back, it all true
by the way but i would like to find videos that start from the very
beginning and watch how it develops into the sexual part, the
conversation would be very interesting
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