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I love chatting & have tried my hand at writing erotic short stories too. Enjoy exploring my naughty side- especially love women in stockings.

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Anticipation 3

After a fantastic first night of our much anticipated and planned holiday, I woke to find my beautiful lady next to me. Breathing gently and looking so damn sexy. What a night it had been - making love on the beach and all the erotic foreplay that had gone before. She knows how much I love stockings and the site of her in that sexy dress with no bra had made me so hard and horny.

Jeanne looked so sweet  -  I gently stoked her hair and she let out a gentle moan. Turning round she gave me the most beautiful smile and I knew this was going to be one of the best days of my life. I kissed her deep and my hands trace down her neck and begin to fondle her breasts, her nipples hardening to my gentle touch. I followed down with my tongue taking each of her erect nipples in turn and sucking them hard. Jeanne let out a gentle moan and I slid my fingers lower towards her pussy whilst I sucked her. God, she was so wet, I could feel her twitching.  My cock was so hard now, pre-cum dribbling from it, she reached down to stroke it, massaging my balls gently.

She wanted me inside her and slowly raised her body above me, giving me the chance to look at her magnificent breasts. She took my hard cock and slid her wet pussy onto it, gently entering her. Her face looked a picture as she slid up and down the length. I reached up and began fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples, which I knew would be so sensitive. She let out a long horny moan and I felt her pussy contracting round my cock. She had an orgasm just by having her nipples played with. She wanted more and began riding me harder. Deep inside her pussy now our bodies rocking together, her breasts rising and falling. I could feel my cock throbbing and my balls tightening. Jeanne could sense it too and cried out for me to fuck her hard. As she rode me I ran my fingers down and began massaging her clit. Gently at first but then harder as I could sense she was ready to cum again. I was ready to cum too and felt my cock throbbing harder than ever. Her pussy lips were contracting round me and I could hold back no longer. Spunk began oozing from me deep into her lovely pussy. I massaged her clit hard and she came just after me with my cum dribbling down the inside of her thighs, mixing with her own sweet juices. Good job we were in a private villa because we were both so noisy.

Jeanne rolled off me and reached down and rubbed her fingers against her pussy lips. I knew that she could not resist the taste of my cum and her juices and she slipped her fingers one by one into her  mouth.
She told me she needed to cum again, so I reached over to my draw where I had kept my special gift for her. She smiled as she saw me pull out the vibrator and ran her hands over its smooth surface. I flicked it on to gentle and began running over her breasts, teasing her nipples with it. She was gently fingering her crotch and I whispered to ask whether she wanted the vibe inside her. She moaned a yes so I reached down and ran it against her wet pussy lips. I took her hard nipples into my mouth once more whilst I turned the vibe up a notch and let it buzz against her hard clit. She began writhing underneath me and I could tell she was ready to cum again. I flicked the bullet vibe up to max and almost immediately she began bucking and moaning so loud. Her orgasm rippled through her, I could feel her quivering with pleasure.

We lay there afterwards kissing gently and then I gave her the good news. The bullet vibe was waterproof and we had a luxury size bath to play in!

We walked to the balcony and had some breakfast. A glorious morning with the sun shining and waves lapping gently at the shore. We knew it was going to be a fabulous day.
A Great Night Out

I was out at a nighclub on weekend and bumped in to Lisa, someone I knew for a nearby office. We had always flirted a bit although she was married. We had a chat and we promised to have a dance at the end of the night. The slow ones came on and she tapped me on the shoulder and  we moved on to the dancefloor.

She had a sexy tight dress on and we got close I could feel her breasts rubbing against me. She was rubbing her crotch against the bulge in my trousers and we were both getting hot. Her friends were looking on a bit disapprovingly so we eased off, but she whispered to me that her hubby was away on a stag weekend. We couldn't really go off together as Lisa and her friends had booked a taxi, but she told me where she lived. It was only 10 mins walk away, so she told me to come round as she would be dropped of first, so we could carry on our dance.

When the taxi had gone I got walking but did feel a bit nervous as I knocked quietly on the door. She answered it with a glass of wine in her hand and I followed her into the lounge where she had music playing. She said she wanted another slow dance.......what was a man to do? We held tight and I could feel her great body rubbing against me. My cock was so hard and she could feel it rubbing against her. She quietly moaned in my ear and gently ran her fingers down to my erection. I gently eased my hands onto her breasts stroking them the thin material of her black dress. She reached behind her back and unzipped the dress falling to the floor to reveal a lacy black bra and thong. She told me she wanted me to fuck her right there on the floor and unzipped my trousers. I unclasped her bra and caressed her lovely tits taking her hard nipples into my mum and sucking them. She was stroking my cock and pulled down her thong to reveal a beautiful shaved pussy. She dropped to the floor and opened her legs wide......she was so wet that I slid my cock straight into her and began thrusting. She moaned and began pulling on her nipples as I drove into her. We were both so aroused and I came in a few minutes shooting my load into her whilst fingering her clit to bring her to orgasm.

We lay back for a while and then she said she wanted mo to stay and fuck her again. We went up to her spare room and she began fondling my cock back to hardness and licked my balls. Then she ran her tongue up me. I was fingering her wet pussy massaging her clit and we were both so turned on again.  She mounted me and slowly began to ride me. It felt so good as I reached up and caressed her nipples. She began to ride me faster, moaning and sighing....she looked so horny, with her blond hair and her lovely tits bouncing on top of me. I could feel myself cumming again and began thrusting, and spunked into her wet love hole again. 

Before we fell asleep she told me she wanted me to have her in the shower in the morning.......I'll tell that tale in part 2


Stockings Experience

If you've read my profile you will know I love women in stockings.

I remember what really turned me on to them in the first place. This was back in the 80s and I was working at an airport and travelled about 30 mins on the train to get there. One evening on the way back home there was a stewardess sat a few blocks away but facing me. I think she knew I was watching as she crossed and uncrossed her legs giving me glimpses of her sexy stockinged legs. Then just as we pulled into the station at the end of the line, she reached over to pick up her bag and spread her legs wide open (on purpose I'm sure) giving me the most fantastic view of her stocking taps and panties.

I was so hard I struggled to walk up the platform! I was only about 18 at the time but still smile at that memory. If only she knew what she had done to me

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