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  • Occupation: Maintenance Supervisor
  • Interests: I have a deep dark fetish for Asian women
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: June 1958
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In an open relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: No
  • Height: 175 cm 5 ft 9 in
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
  • Nationality: United States
  • Country of Residence: United States
  • State or Region: IN
  • City or Town: fort wayne
  • Date joined: 2007-01-13
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  • Available for Dating: No


I have a deep fetish for Asian woman but I must say, I do enjoy all horny ladies. I do truly get off on hot message exchanges (sexting or cam shows) with open minded & horny MILF's. So if you are so inclinded send me a message.

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Part 2 of a great dream
After adressing the agent having her take our attention for a min of two she left to help others. I quickly turned my eyes back to the dressing room and their you were standing in front of the mirror ready to lift off the dress and to try on another one. Poof it was off and your amazing breasts were exposed again. You bent over with your back to us your ass sticking up in the air. your panties were high cut lacy T-back thong they were rideing up the crack of your ass ever so slightly, to our amazement you reached and pulled at them trying to adjust them. My wife this time found my cock in her hand she was playing with my dick right in the store. Her finger unzipped my pants and reached inside and fondled my balls in her fingers, my cock growing inside my pants wanted to spring out but she would not let it. Teesing me more and more i pulled up her skirt and my fingers found again the most wonderful wet warm pussy lips. she was starting to dripp. (my wife is a squirter and gets very wet and juicy) her pussy loves to dripp lots of creamy wet cummmmmmm before she explodes, and I love to taste it. My fingers were all wet so I lifted them to my lips and sucked them she was jellious of this so she reached my fingers back down to her pussy and brought them to her lips. (white creamy cummm all over my fingers ) she sucked them hard. Her other hand was still in my pants playing with my cock and balls, she could not take it any more and loosed the tip of it out of my pants. she stood their playing with the purple headed monster stroking just the tip in her fingers. I looked back to the dressing room and you were looking right at us with the biggest smile on your face watching us. You lifted the dress ever so slightly and exposed your pussy and you raised your leg onto the bench stool. Reaching between your legs and touching yourself exposing the most pink inside of your pussy i have ever seen from 20 foot away we watched each other stroking and touching ourselfs. My wife dropped to her knees and put the head of my cock in her mouth your mouth dropped wide open then you smiled again. You just stood their with your fingers in your pussy playing with ur clit in one hand and a tit in the other, pulling on ur nipples teesing ur pussy. You reached your finger from your pussy up to your lips sucking on your fingers then back down to ur sweet lips. My wife was going to town on my cock and you watch my eyes roll back into my head and a big smile come to my face, my hips started pumping her face i was cummmmming all over her face and the smile on your face just grew bigger and bigger. You lowered your leg from the bench slipped on the dress. you walked out of the room towards us. You pulled out a tissue and handed it to my wife, but before she could clean up you reached down to her face and picked up a finger full of cummmm and tasted it mmmmmmmm. You turned around walked back into the booth closed the door and we cleand up and went our own way. I never got to say thank you! sweet dreams dear. David
Just a dream

I love public sex...I don't know about you?.....MMMMMM
I was shopping in a clothing store the other day with my wife and she was looking for dresses. as we wondered the isles i noticed the dressing room door agarr slightly on on a booth. i moved forward slowly one step at a time easing my way so that i could peek inside. being ever so dearing with each step. my wife was at my side as i moved. with my last step i saw her standing their in her panties and bra with a dress in hands. you were holding it in front of your self looking in the mirror.   I pulled on my wifes arm and told her to peek with me. slowly she joined me she had my arm in her hands when she saw you. she slapped me and told me not to look but she could not turn her head away. your curves were calling to her
the shape of your breasts with your nipples poking through the skimpy bra you had on.   As we keep looking you suprised us by putting down the dress then I noticed it was a strapless type of clothing.  You reached behind yourself and unhooked your bra and your breasts fall out exposing your sweet perky nipples.   You played with your breasts ever so slightly as you adjusted yourself. you leand over and WOW you tits just sprang out. you reached down and picked up the dress, placed it over your head and pulled it down over your body. I thought i was going to loose my eyes. then my wife grabed my hand and placed it on her ass and she moaned a lil in my ear.  My hand did not stay their long thou, i traced her hips with my finger and found her front theighs and reached down between her legs. her short mid theigh skirt was inviting to my touchand my finger reached below her hem line. I touched her sweet panties and found her to be lil wet and willing for me to press forward with my touch.  My finger found their way into her crotch and i spread her panties from her lips and touched the inner part of her pussy. we noticed a sales agent closing in on us so she pushed my hand away quickly.

Part 1,



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Thanks for your comment ^^
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Thank you, I got a kick out of the phrase-nice nooner- hahaha!
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if your interested just add me in my accounts laureen.owen yah0o msn
or laureen.owen1 skype .. see yah :*
cuckman984 said:
yes she lives for cock takes it in all her holes as I her cuck hubby
look on and film her,she is a total whore for cock always has been!
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Hi Toolman, glad you liked by video. Sorry for late response. I seldom
use this site now. If you like to see more videos of mine, check
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Thanks for your nice comments on our video. Stay tuned, we'll
have more to post! Did you check out our posted pics already?
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thanks for your comment and support as a friend. We will continue our
hot and hard work!
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