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Shes a different girl when shes not half drunk, but when shes had a few drinks a stranger could come up behind her who shes never even seen, bend her over, lift up her dress, pull her knickers to the side and cum in her, then she sits on my face

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her first look at BBC
One night after a few glasses of wine while playing on the laptop i asked my girl if she would ever do swinging of fuck another man in front of me, i only really said it in a joke but to my supprise she said maybe, after more talking on the subject and more wine i asked in a jokingly way should we get a fella round and see were it goes, i was shocked to hear her say ok then but i am only sucking him there is no way he is touching me im not ready for that. So i went straight on a swingers site and put an add up saying a male wanted for my wife to suck off cum then go, after 10 mins the messages was coming in fast from loads of different fellas, then a guy messaged saying he was in the next hotel from us and could be at our room in 15 mins, we checked his pictures out and he was a black guy, i knew straight away that she would say no then i was absolutley skocked when she said ive never seen a black cock before ok ill suck him off, so after a few more messages and agreed that he will come round she will be sat on the bed he will drop his shorts and she will suck him till he cums then he will go. So this is the pic story of how it went i was gob smacked lol
She sits on the bed as agreed and he walks over to her, with no hesitation she takes his cock out opens her mouth and tastes her first BBC, after a minute or so of her sucking things start to change a little because out of the blue and after being told and agreed no touching he slips her top down, she lets go of his cock and grabs his hand to resist as her small tits pop out, he just starts rubbing his BBC over her nipple, she looks down at his cock on her nipple and with a little moan she relaxes, he notices this and starts to push her back on the bed, i cant believe she is not saying anything to  stop him, she isnt letting him she just isnt stopping him yet. Once he has her laid back on the bed his hand goes straight up her skirt and between her legs, she grabs his wrist to stop him, I cant believe he is doing this after the agreement of no touching her, but she isnt saying anything so i just carry on filming for now. She is oviously not strong enough for him shes gripping his wrist but i notice he has managed to slip his hand inside her knickers, then to my amazement she lets go of his wrist allowing him to her pussy, he realises this an starts deep fingering her, i just carry on filming in shock she is going this far and allowing him to touch her. Then things really heat up when he goes in to kiss her, she has no objection i can see how he is getting her so turned on then all of a sudden he sits up and starts taking her skirt and knickers off, again im amazed to see her go along with this she even takes her own top and bra off for him, this is when things really change, before she has chance to do anything he pushes her legs back over her head and moves in towards her pussy with his cock, for the first time she says no and grabs his wrist to stop him, he says no no i not put inside, she grips his wrist has he starts rubbing his bellend over her clit, she keeps tight hold of his wrist as he rubs up and down over her clit really slow, she is now moaning as his big bellend moves up and down over her clit, now he has her like butter in his hands as shes laid back on the bed naked with her legs spread moaning, he then goes lower with his cock so it pushes over her pussy hole, i can see how he keeps pushing the tip of his massive bellend into her tight hole, shes wet and her moan is getting loader and loader then all of a sudden she shouts fuck me please fuck me push it  in me please fuck me. This was ment to be no touching just suck him off then go so to see her naked begging this black stranger to fuck her was a massive turn on for me, i just carried on filming, the noises she was making as he banged fuck out of her, he made her take his cock in different posisions on the bed, i could hear him wispering to her and she was saying yes, to me it seemed like she would do anyything for him at this point she totally loved his massive  cock and the way he banged her hard all over the bed, i could see he also knew this the way he was throwing her about. Then after ages of fucking her he has her on her back with her legs spread again,  he says do you want me to cum in you and she says back to him with a smile yes, I truely cant believe this, he then thrusts deep into her and with a smile on his face called her a slut, he started banging her deep and hard then he was moaning to climax he grabbed hold of her mouth with both hands opening her lips wide, then with a deep deep push of his cock in to her he spat into her open mouth as his cum was pumping into her pussy, she wrapped her arms around him gripping his naked body to hers as his warm cum filled her ruined pussy, then he pulled out and she was straight down on it, wrapping her mouth round it cleaning it and worshiping it with her tongue. Finishes with her sat on the bed with his cum in her messed up pussy while she is chatting to him as he dresses. pics show it all :)
Me and my Wife fuck her for him

We got a private message last week on this site from another yuvutu couple, well it was off the male half, he asked us if we would fuck his wife for him while he filmed it. He told us she had never been with another women before and shes never fucked any other guy but him. He wassn't sure if she would let me near her but he said he wanted to see my Mrs fuck her. Well we arranged for us to meet them at there hotel and the plan was that both our wifes wear ***** uniforms, my wife was going to be the ***** bully and fuck the little slut. His wife wasn't too keen on me going near her but as you will see on the vid I still got my fingers up her then ended by ramming my cock in her mouth. We walked in and as soon as my wife seen her sat on the bed she pushed her down, pulled her knickers to the side and got her tongue up the slut, I try my best to join in but shes not really interested, my wife orders her on her hands and knees then she puts a strap-on on and starts ramming the slut so hard, his wife starts crying as my mrs bangs fuck out of her but at the same  time as crying she asked for more, her hubby is shouting fuck her as my wife pounds her, we then strip the slut naked and my wife goes back down on her pussy so I put my dick to her mouth to see if she will accept, I rub my bell-end over her lips and bingo the slut opens her mouth and sucks me infront of her husband.

I just want to say thanks sir for borrowing us your mrs, you know who you are, and if you mrs reads this I have a message for her, thanks you little slut I enjoyed fingering you, and I loved rubbing my dick all over your slut face, I know yyou have never been with another man before but do you remember what you did when I put my dick to your lips as my mrs was lickingg you, yes you opened that slut mouth and sucked it like thee little slut you are, again thanks mate for letting us have her and we will ring you like planned net week but next time im fucking the slut aswel like we talked about ;)

On her back for any cock

Last year after being together for 12 years I asked my mrs how we could spice up our sex life, she said with a cheeky giggle "mmm are you thinking of getting me fucked off another man?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I left it a few days then brought it up again, her face lit up again and she said "would it not bother you?" I told her it would turn me on seeing her being fucked and she said "well get a guy round here" that was it I went straight online and found a guy who had a big fat cock and invited him round. I couldn't believe how quick she wanted him inside her, within 5 mins she was on her back her legs  spread wide with him pounding her  like a slut, he shagged fuck out of her till he filled her pussy with cum.

Afterwards when he had left I asked her if she enjoyed herself, she said when shes led on her back with a stranger she has never met before using her like a slut is the best feeling ever, she said knowing a stranger is on top of her and feeling his dick deep inside her makes her cum over and over, since that first night she just wants to be used off different men, I dont mind sharing her but these guys have ruined her tight little pussy, when I fuck her now shes slack and most times theres another mans cum in her slut used pussy, but what can I do? since that first night she gave her pussy to a stranger thats all she wants to do now, That first night when she asked if it would bother me her fucking another man seems years ago, now all she says is get your head down there and clean my pussy out, and believe me if I dont do it proper she lays me on my back and sits on my face while she smokes and watches tv and tells me had good his cock felt and can I taste there sex. She only happy when shes on her back with a different dick up her.

Check the vid out I still cant believe thats my wife!!!

Wife pais dept to dealer (Part 2)

So after fucking her all over our bed she puts his boxer shorts on and they go to the sitting room for a drink, he sits down and shes straight on him she can't leave his cock alone, she sucks him back hard then he fucks her again as shes whispering to me she wants black cum in her, then she leads him back to the bed room, she gets on her hands and knees on the bed and asks him to seed her, as you can see in the vid part 2 he floods her, his cum dripping out of her as they passionately kiss.

A few days later one morning I was in bed when I heard a car horn outside, I got up to look and noticed my wife walking to a car on the front, she went to the drivers side window then quickly got in the back seat, as they drove aaway I noticed it was our dealer and 2 of his mates, she was gone for 3 hours then I noticed his car dropping her off at the corner of our street, as soon as she walked in I quizzed were she had been, she said just shopping thinking I hadnt noticed her getting in his car with them, I grabbed her bag to see what she had in it and I found her torn knickers, she had no choice then but to come clean and tell me everything, she said they took her to one of there flats and as soon as she walked in they all went at her, they yanked her jeans off then ripped her knickers off, and they all went at her, she told me our dealer said to her in the car that his friend had a massive cock and when they ripped her knickers off he was the first one in her, she said shy was sorry to say this but he was the best fuck by far she as ever had, she said his cock was so thick she kept cumming on his dick over and over as they pinned her down.

I then put my hand down her jeans and felt her wet sloppy mushy big cunt, between her legs was still sticky with there cum, then finger after finger slipped up that stretched hole, her pussy hole was massive they had ruined her, as I pushed all my fingers up that slack cum filled hole she looked up at me and smiled and said sorry but they made me :)

Wife paid dept to dealer

We owed a guy money for weed and every time he came for his money he said let me fuck your sexy Mrs and ill squash the dept, well the last time he came demanding money I had no choice but to let him have her, he didnt show her much respect as soon as he got her in his arms he carried her to our bedroom, he stripped off then took my wifes jeans off, he didnt even bother taking her knickers off he just went straight at her eager to get inside her, pulling her knickers to the side and ramming straight up her bare-back, I felt a bit sorry for her at first cos she always said she didnt like him, but then I noticed how she was fucking his cock and kissing him, he made sure he got his moneys worth of her as he banged her for 2 hours and as you will see in the clips she loved it, he never squashed a dept to fuck her, he took her totally off me and owned her, all she wanted was him and his black cock,  

hope you enjoy the vids

3 guys used my wife

Me and my wife went away for a night, we had talked about this and decided to spice up our sex life and find another man online to join us in our room to have sex with my wife as i watched. i went on a swingers site looking for a guy near by who was free to come to our hotel, id chatted to a few guys who some was messers and others just didnt seem right, well i sorted the meet out for in the hotel bar at 9pm, i didnt realise but i had actually gave these details to 3 young guys, my wife was shitting herself knowing she was going to be having sex soon with a young guy she had never met before, we went down to the bar my wife being as nervous as hell, when we got there 3 guys aprouched us and asked if we was the couple from the site, my wife went white and never said a word, but i said yes thats us but there was only ment to one guy, they all seemed friendly and understanding and said they would leave or have a drink and a craic anyway, i said for all to come to our room for a drink at least we could have a drink and laugh, so we all went up, as my wife started getting tipsy from the vodka n cokes i could see them all eying her up in her dress and walking around in her bare feet, we started having a great craic then i said as a joke to my wife why dont you try them all hunny, she started laughing and said "I would"  one lad said to her o would you and walked over to her and went straight in for a kiss, when the other lads seen she reacted by kissing him they quickly started stripping off there clothes, that was it then, the other 2 guys went straight at her they had her dress off and her knickers was getting yanked off within seconds, she had no time to react they laid her straight back on the bed and had a tongue on her pussy and cocks going in her mouth, i couldnt believe what she was letting them do, they was treating her like a little slut fuck toy, they was holding her legs open wide so they could have a good look at her pussy they are gonna use, one of these guys was a black guy and when i told him she has never been with a black guy before he said watch this then and just rammed his bareback black cock straight in her. i already had my phone on record the minute she started kissing one of them, 2 mins latter she was naked on the bed with 3 strangers spreading her legs and all using her. without asking they was ramming there cocks in her mouth, my loving faithfull wife being used like a little slut off 3 strangers was a massive turn on, they did not think twice of asking me or her about bareback sex they just pushed there cocks in her one after each other taking turns, the black guy turned to me aand sked if he could fill her with cum, i didnt even get a chance to answer he just rammed in her till i heard him moaning that he was cumming and just rammed his cum deep up her, then they passed her around while the other 2 guys started giving her more cum inside her, 1 guy started fucking her mouth then held her head while pumping cum in her mouth, when they had finnished they just left her on the bed and got dressed and left, she just laid there with cum still dripping from her cunt and all over the crack of her arse cheeks, i never thought for one second i would ever see my wife naked with 3 strangers, now ive seen them all use her like a whore.

no she wants a gang to do a train on her :)

bb4fun said:
I really Like you latest Trio video!! Some FFM action, with a newby
swinger is SO HOT!! I am waiting to see your next meeting with these
new friends. But I Have to Tell You Again, I am on Pins and Needles
waiting on "She Made Me Suck Lover's Cock- Part 2"
Thanks for all the Hard Ons You have brought Me
northernenglandcouple said:
We are Carol and George  from Northern England near Sheffield.  ..We
are looking for fun..This is my secret life.We are bit of
exhibitionist who like to play in front of selected singles or
couples .WE USE CHAT AS FOREPLAY If you are interested please contact
us. If you want to watch us open our cam....I hope we did not offend
you.I am going to play with George..and suck him dry..CHECK OUT OUR
bb4fun said:
I Really Think All Your videos are 10 stars!! But I have to tell You,
I am Waiting for "She Made Me Suck Lovers Cock-Part
2" Also, as Hot as U 2 R, I wish You would keep all your Videos
posted, I could spend a Day watching Just a True Cuckold and his Slut
wife, ;-). Thanks for sharing, I hope You we can be
"frirnds", BB4Fun
tons65 said:
would love to join in as well , great pics and vids.
frenchy69 said:
What a slut! That's very exciting to watch her enjoying all that
num888 said:
Greetings. Video - this is the best I've seen lately. When
viewing appeared trembling with excitement. This topic is very close
to me. Thank you allowed to see these masterpieces!
steelman941 said:
Thanks for posting , she is hot ,slutty and very stimulating kept me
hard . Hope we will see mor eof her
eightball2 said:
great videos and pics!!
arkete said:
Friendship? :P
usr4u007 said:
Your welcome, you can fuck her any time, anyone can fuck her wen shes
half drunk
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