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  • Gender: Heterosexual Couple
  • Date of Birth: 1967
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In an open relationship
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: High School
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  • State or Region: PA
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Swinger cpl!! 11yrs in the style. Please feel free to contact us. We fuck as a cpl or go out as single people. It's all about making you feel coe fortable. Both trimmed, clean.. but.. we are a bareback only couple due to allergies but we're clean and sa

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It's a cock thing...

Cpls.. (we are US PA swingers.. 14yrs) - bareback safe. - Please contact us  for a true, real,  experience.


I was just walking out of the office when some cute guy came in at the park...,asked for help registering for a competition ~morrow (sat) morning.. I got to talkig and next thing I know, I pulled my pants down and just fucked him. .. Damn he was huge,, My pussy lips were swollen big time.. He took about 40 minutes and I wasn't complaining. He fucked the hell out of my pusy right over te hood of my Jeep. When I finally got home, I walked in the house not saying a word to hubby but as I walked past him? I felt the guy's cum coming out of me... He blew every drop into my pussy and I loved every drop of it.  What I did, was pull one leg out of my pants and said "fuck me  babe" Hubby rammed it home and said "damn, you're fucking wet, you already had some, didn't you?"  I said yes, and he nutted up... My pussy was happy, I'm happy..... There's somthing to a super moon.. lol..

She was cuming...

 I walked in on hubby and my best friend today again. Ship had just nutted in her. Exhausted and an open pussy, she was literally breathing heavy  from fucking. his cum was pure white and rolling down the crack of her ass..  She looked up at me and said "thank you for loaning your hubby out .. " LOL

She's now sep fro the asswipe she was married too and enjoying herself.  She really likes coming over and fucking Ship. I don't mind be cause I love my pussy teased and used, but watching them 2(?) is fun. She bucks, pants, and when he cums in her, she gets off big time. I can rub a hole in the mattress when I watch her orgasm. I think its his balls slapping her pussy that get's me going..His head to his balls. He uses all of it. LOL

I'll get pics as soon as I can!!

Old friend....

Today, a friend came over to do some laundary. I luv her like a sister and she's pretty (short hair, about 5'7") She's Wiccan so she's fun but hot - I luv licking her pussy.. anyway...

She came from Ohio (US) because she separated from her hubby who is a real asshole to be honest and staying with her son.  About 2 years ago I laid next to her while Ship was fucking her and I enjoyed that actually.  As you get older for some reason you enjoy watching some times more than actually doing. She comes over bout 2 times a week and wears a lil sun dress (during the summer) and teases Ship. She says "he's safe and clean, plus he can fuck the shit out of me. I get chills when he kisses my neck." So today, I get home and he's over over top of her, They were going at it for about 2hrs from what I understand and didn't hear me come in ... Her arms were outstreched, palms up, pussy all open from him fucking her.

I was immediately aroused so I reached under his balls and fondled them because it was so erotic knowing what happened and was going to. . All of a suden, they tensed up and he slams it home.. She tightened her grip on his ass, bucked up and groaned as he came in her. I only wish I had taken pics because she hadn't had sex in 4-5 months and he popped her like a cork. 

Her hubby was fun a long time ago., short and stubby cock, but watching them 2 go at it??! I wish polygamy was legal in the US, Because I would love to watch them fuck any day of the week! and have her here all the time.

I'm 47  so I've changed in a way.-  My Pussy gets just as wet doing as it does watching ship go ball deep in my best friend (call me crazy).  I'm going to try to get some pics of them fucking. you should hear his balls smack against her ass...  I although, like getting balled by youngr males so it's a mutual thing. He fucks my BF and I get some cute young guy to cum in me. All good!.. lol

Swingers.. the real story...

See, Swingers are just the next door neighbors or that type....

When you are married for many years, you look for different things to spice up life. It's our nature as humans - Do I want just a single type of dinner for all my life? no.. no one can say they do. . Yea,, my hubby (Ship) will look at one of our daughter's friend's asses and will sigh.. I know of one that he's already cumming in regularly and I would fuck with my clit; she gets me even that horny.  - simple example.. she'll stay for the weekend. She will go to our fridge, squat in a bikini bottom and her lips will just spread out.. I can't fault my man for wanting to soak her..

Swingers, see sex as just that.. a plain flat out simple gawd damn good orgasm. We love who we go home to.. I like a good quickie fuck,. I'm 45. I like a 25yr old fucking my pussy.  I like his sperm in me and feeling it an hr later at work leaking out. I will literally sit in my cubicle with a set of ben Wa balls in me??  roll my hips and I'm soaking my thong from cumming in front of customers even... No one knows..

Ship, he goes to town.  you can hear his balls slapping hard from two rooms away.. LOL - he fucks you! He don't use a half inch of almost 8,, he uses the full length and you get ball slapped too..  We had one friend pass out from him balling her so hard. She laid there legs spread, cum dripping out and she said " Damnit, those balls are amazing" (in an exhausted voice)

As swingers, that's what it's about. We ALL want something different.. Whether it's ben wa balls, a big fucking dildo, or just to get off with a friend you've been thinking about. I mean that from both sides. Women and men. Us girls are harder to find out what we want though.. and usually.. it's your best friend, or a great fuck in the bathroom of a club..


About a montha ago, I was in the kitchen just milling around getting things done. A friend of ours

stops by whom is really cute! great fucking body on him and have quietly fantasizied about him fucking me for awhile now. He's 33, strong chest and has a nice head (big ridge) on him because he has been over several nights before and I;ve seen him walk from one room to the other with no clothes. So I know I'm going to fuck him sooner or later.

Anyway, he comes over to the sink and I feel his cock brush against my ass.. I push back and he held it there for a sec, I wanted his cock in me, he wanted his in my p[ussy because I could feel him thick. I knew there was something he wanted and it was my pussy- I wasn't going to deny him! so I was ready to fuck him totally!! I didn't care if hubby interrupted..... I was going to fuck this guy, take a pussy ful and not care

He fucking pulled my fuzzy pants down to my knees - and slammed his cock in. I don't like that usually but I was horny and wanted taken..... I just put my hands on the sink and let him push every cetimeter of his cock into me. He pounded the hell out of my pussy.. I actually came within seconds.. and then squirted all over his cock when he came.

That was the best "quickie" I have ever had..  He just fucking pulsed up, balls tightened, and came. I felt his sperm touch my cervix. My legs were shaking from the orgasm..

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You guys are the best!  Love all your fun!  Kisses, Mar
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Love the videos, especially love watching and hearing men at peak
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