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2014-02-18. General. Swingers.. the real story...

See, Swingers are just the next door neighbors or that type....

When you are married for many years, you look for different things to spice up life. It's our nature as humans - Do I want just a single type of dinner for all my life? no.. no one can say they do. . Yea,, my hubby (Ship) will look at one of our daughter's friend's asses and will sigh.. I know of one that he's already cumming in regularly and I would fuck with my clit; she gets me even that horny.  - simple example.. she'll stay for the weekend. She will go to our fridge, squat in a bikini bottom and her lips will just spread out.. I can't fault my man for wanting to soak her..

Swingers, see sex as just that.. a plain flat out simple gawd damn good orgasm. We love who we go home to.. I like a good quickie fuck,. I'm 45. I like a 25yr old fucking my pussy.  I like his sperm in me and feeling it an hr later at work leaking out. I will literally sit in my cubicle with a set of ben Wa balls in me??  roll my hips and I'm soaking my thong from cumming in front of customers even... No one knows..

Ship, he goes to town.  you can hear his balls slapping hard from two rooms away.. LOL - he fucks you! He don't use a half inch of almost 8,, he uses the full length and you get ball slapped too..  We had one friend pass out from him balling her so hard. She laid there legs spread, cum dripping out and she said " Damnit, those balls are amazing" (in an exhausted voice)

As swingers, that's what it's about. We ALL want something different.. Whether it's ben wa balls, a big fucking dildo, or just to get off with a friend you've been thinking about. I mean that from both sides. Women and men. Us girls are harder to find out what we want though.. and usually.. it's your best friend, or a great fuck in the bathroom of a club..

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2014-02-12. General. Fucked...

About a montha ago, I was in the kitchen just milling around getting things done. A friend of ours

stops by whom is really cute! great fucking body on him and have quietly fantasizied about him fucking me for awhile now. He's 33, strong chest and has a nice head (big ridge) on him because he has been over several nights before and I;ve seen him walk from one room to the other with no clothes. So I know I'm going to fuck him sooner or later.

Anyway, he comes over to the sink and I feel his cock brush against my ass.. I push back and he held it there for a sec, I wanted his cock in me, he wanted his in my p[ussy because I could feel him thick. I knew there was something he wanted and it was my pussy- I wasn't going to deny him! so I was ready to fuck him totally!! I didn't care if hubby interrupted..... I was going to fuck this guy, take a pussy ful and not care

He fucking pulled my fuzzy pants down to my knees - and slammed his cock in. I don't like that usually but I was horny and wanted taken..... I just put my hands on the sink and let him push every cetimeter of his cock into me. He pounded the hell out of my pussy.. I actually came within seconds.. and then squirted all over his cock when he came.

That was the best "quickie" I have ever had..  He just fucking pulsed up, balls tightened, and came. I felt his sperm touch my cervix. My legs were shaking from the orgasm..

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2013-05-02. General. Waitress and a Storm trooper

This is the story with Ship in his storm trooper armor last Halloween, and a pizza shop waitress. It's a lil boring at first but you'll laugh once you understand the scenario. It's hot as hell, but also funny.

We frequent a local deli when we just want pizza or steaks for dinner; no dshes or cooking ladies! So we're out walking on Halloween til 9pm. I Don't know how ship does it with that outfit because I can barely move in it let alone what he does.  He goes to great lengths to have fun with the public, small and big.  Wearing it for lengths of time, he designed it so he can use the bathroom when needed. In other words, easy to access without having two people to take the damn suit off.  He modified the cod (crotch) plate to lift up, split the suit and sewn velcro. Anyway..

We stop into the place for a slice and a coke.  He's standing because it takes removing armor for him to sit. The one waitress, is maybe 27 and a whole 5' tall,,  long hair, busty (real), tight shirt, lycra shorts.. kinda like a hooters outfit.  She takes a liking to Ship and gets photos (phone) and asks for a ride home because she was off at 9, I've taken her home before and didn't think anything of it.. BUT, I didn't know she was REALLY getting off at 9:15.. LOL

So we all leave the place and Ship shimmies his ass into the back seat of our Chrokee. She gets in the back with him because I had some armor supplies in a bag in the front passenger seat for emergency repairs, some lil groceries, etc..

So we are yapping and on our way to her place. We were coming to a light when a ***** cuts me off and slams on his brakes. I yell out "ASSHOLE!!" and out of the back, I hear a lil "oh gawd!" and she says "No hun, it's in the right one!!"

I adjust the mirror (the dashboard lights had just enough ambient light to show what was going on) and there she is, the shorts dangling around one ankle (nice lil tanned ass with lines) and balls deep. I mean balls deep because any farther, and his scrotum would have split. She was facing ship, tits out (tank underneath of them). One hand was over the ST helmet and one on his shoulder. Next thing I know, the Jeep is shaking and she's panting like a horse... I pull the rear view mirror down more to get a better look and I swear, she had to be a hula dancer; those hips were moving! Head was over his helmet, hands were on the backseat's headrests gripped tight. I turned the radio down and immediately heard her tight ass cheeks slamming into his thigh armor.  

See, there's several things I thought were hilarious here. The helmet, she wouldn't let him take off and you can't hear a thing he's saying unless the vox/changer amp is turned on. The speaker is behind his chest plate so it sounds like the troopers in the movies. Secondly, He can barely sit in that suit, let alone fuck and she's tearing him up! there was nothing he could do but grab her ribs and keep her upright or lay her back away from him. LOL - I'm all wet and driving with one hand on the wheel and one in my pants. I was probably doing 10mph-then 40 - then 20 because i'm bucking away, two fingers palm deep wiggling them as fast as I can.. I orgasm (because I hear her let out a "shit!! shit!! shit!! fuck that's warm!"). I pull my fingers out, I stick them in my mouth and hear: Ship's helmet mic chirp -"The darkforce was strong with this one"  - chirp.. LMAO...

I have no clue how he got that lil ass amp button turned on. But she got what she was after in a hurry because obviously, she milked him for every drop and was looking for more.. I look back, she's lifting off of him and cum is all over his black suit. She rolled back onto the seat and you could see her lips butterflyed. She had a lil black opening where he was just in her. I wanted to go steal his cock and fuck her myself even. I glance his way, and there it is, stiff as a rock still standing proud that it just weathered a storm.. (pun intended..LOL) cum is all over it and his balls. That's the only flesh you saw of him. A white armored costume, barely see anything else but like this glowing rock hard dick and a pair of balls.. LOL

After we dropped her off, Ship says "Cripes, warn me next time you hit the brakes, we thought you did it on purpose!!" - lol - from what he said, When I hit the brakes, it threw her balance off and she took it to the hilt in a split second.  He said he felt her lips wrap around his head just before the impact! lol

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2013-03-28. Straight. Hidden tv show fuck

I'm a huge fan of the Walking dead tv series. So we tend to have a ritual so to speak. We kick back on the couch and love seat under our own blankets, no clothes, turn the lights out completely and just watch the show.

Last Sunday a knock comes at the door, about 15 minutes before the show came on and it was our vanilla friends. They come in and the woman parks on the couch next to my hubby and the guy lays next to me. She had a cute lil black dress on and he had jeans.
Our couches are situated  about 5ft apart in an L shape so depending on how you lay or sit, you really can't see the other unless you really look over at it. Anyway..

About half way thru the show, I feel the guy pressed against me and he was half hard. I was having a lil fun by lightly brushing my ass against him on purpose because he has this huge cock. I've been wanting to fuck him for awhile but knew they weren't into the full swap thing. I was being a tease so I threw the rest of the blanket over the both of us, and quietly kept reaching back and running my hand down his shaft the best I could. I un buttoned his jeans at one point, unzipped them slowly so no one could hear. Ipulled his cock out and up so I could touch and play a lil.  I wiggled myself little by little so I could push my pussy against him. AS the time went by, I wiggled enough to get his head between my lips and finally into me. I didn't want his wife to see me milking him so I had to just use my muscles (squeezing motions) and slight hip rolling  to milk him as best I could.  I wanted to moan and ride it so bad but I couldn't.  I glanced over and notice the guy's wifes hand under hubby's blanket and she was looking at him so I pulled tight and pushed back a lil more. Obviously, she was occupied with his cock because the blanket was moving up and down and wasn't paying any attention to what we were doing.

This went on for about 5 minutes and all of a sudden the guys cock tensed up, I knew he was going to cum. I looked over again to make sure no one was noticing because I was cumming too. That quick. part of the bottom frill of her dress was sticking out from under the blanket hi up her body. She had laid down and had my husbands cock deep in her also..  She had her face slightly turned into the cushion, hips were bucking, eyes closed, mouth open, and short breathing like she was cumming too. Not a one of us had noticed the other fucking each other... I pushed back as hard as I could and the guy just unloaded. one of the slowest and erotic fucks I've ever had!  I figured no cleanup and save the couch right? WRONG! LOL.. because I felt flooded and when he pulled out, it all ran down the side of my thigh and ass.

After the show, we all kind of just sat up and yapped trying not to let anyone know what happened. They want to come back for the Walking Dead finale this Sunday. After they left, I was like "I'm fucking soaked" and hubby says "Yeah, me too,, she squirted all over the couch" LOL

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2012-03-21. General. Daughter's friend

We're not into fantasies and BS so this is a true story and was probably one of the hottest times we've ever had being in the style, or out.

Some time ago, our daughter's girlfriend comes over on her 21st Birthday . She had just had a big fight with her boyfriend and always called (cpl yrs) our place, her second home.  Very cute smile, she's approx 5'5", 135lbs, long brunette hair. Anyway, word had it that we were swingers (small towns aren't easy to keep secrets in) and she started asking questions.

Well, we had a few beers with her just yapping away and trying to console her. The questions though, got more open and with her shy personality, we were explaining in the best way we could without making her uncomfortable.

About 11 o'clock, she started getting giddy and we told her she wasn't allowed to drive home. She replies "Good, cause I don't want to go home!" She bends over our kitchen table and proceeds to wiggle her jeans and thong down to her ankles. Just as she gets them completely down, she turns to me and says "Feel how wet I am from this?" I immediately go over, I looked down at her thong had the center had that damp look. So I slide my hand/palm up so my fingers could feel her and it just slid right thru. It was like I lubed my hand.  At this point, I'm soaked as well because I knew she was horny and knew what she wanted. I was horned up too! lol - I leaned under and started licking her. Ship (hubby)  is standing there watching this happen. I had a skirt on so all I did, was take one hand and pull my thong aside so that if she wanted, she could feel me as well. Both of us traded positions a cpl times and then out of no where, She yanks her leg out of her jeans, bends over the table again and spreads her legs as wide as she can and asks me if Ship can finish her off..

Hubby, has a nice real 7" cock and doesn't play games, he likes to fuck and fuck hard so I knew what was coming. He pushes in to the hilt (you know, where your ass gets bulged up even) and starts nailing the hell out of her from behind. I mean he had his hands on her shoulders yanking her back onto him. Her head was bobbing, hair flying, and she's half screaming, she was actually looking and reaching for me with an outstretched arm but only her fingers were - - I really thought the neighbors were going to hear her. Just as I notice his balls tighten up, she reaches around and grabs his ass to keep him from pulling out. She must have felt his shaft stiffen up, as we all what happens just before a guy explodes.

He lets loose in her and as he's still pumping away on her, cum is dripping on our floor. I'm rubbing myself into an orgasm because I'm only 2ft away from all this. She arches her back and in a heavy grunt/yell, collapses back on the table exhausted with her thighs still shaking (quivering?) from her orgasm. Hubby starts to pull out and she grabs him again to keep his cock in her. She pops up, turns around, convincefully grabs his cock and pushes back down on it. One hand grabs his neck, her head rolls up next to his and starts grinding away on him again.  Didn't take long for him start pumping away on her and she wasn't  I couldn't take it anymore and went in and started licking her. Was a great night, because I went face to face with her kissing and grinding. hubby drives me into her and finishes off in me, his balls were slapping her clit so both of us were getting off.  When he came, her hand was on my clit. She immediately slipped her hand around him and then took what cum she could get on her fingers and shoved them back inside her.

By the time we were all done, there was cum all over the floor below us, which was hot because the both of us dripping and the three of us, were against the table. Dinner is always a reminder - hehehe

After that night, she came over to our place almost every weekend for a year and still comes by from time to time for a "fix" as she calls it.. Some times, I like to just watch the two of them fucking and just rub myself. I guess I get off more thinking about how it all happened. We never expcted it. Always was that shy girl and she became an animal in an instant.. LOL

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2014-03-14 by alfil12
Hello you are very beautiful you have beautiful tits I like you, would like to have your friendship if want you love, Kiss s love, I give you my post, I hope you, you are very nice, alfil12.
2014-02-18 by battitoress
Grazie per il commento.....baci!!!
2014-02-16 by marbob
You guys are the best! Love all your fun! Kisses, Mar
2014-01-26 by barebackpdx
Thank you for the add. I have been following you guys for a while. Love the videos, especially love watching and hearing men at peak pleasure ejaculating inside the female component.
demonseed 2013-12-29 by demonseed
I hope we all get to see more real soon! Thanks.
hardjim616 2013-11-17 by hardjim616
Hi, I am from Pottsville, PA. If you ever want to hang out or go offroading. Hit me up.
2013-08-18 by dedhedaz
Great sexxxy couple! VERY HOT! Thanks,
2013-07-31 by lovermax2005
wwwoooooooowwwwwwww i wanna be ur friend too!!!!!!!!!
2013-07-06 by bangboat
Awesome video collection, love to see a truly open couple who makes real videos
em6224 2013-06-04 by em6224
Thanks for making me a friend! .........................................xoxo Em
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Thanks for adding me a friend .. love your videos! xxx

2013-04-12 23:56:27 GMT

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Fucked to exhaustion.. I couldn't take no more Fucked to exhaustion.. I couldn't take no more
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busted! lol - fucking two guys from bar busted! lol - fucking two guys from bar
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Friend pops me while I'm drunk Friend pops me while I'm drunk
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Another friend pounding away Another friend pounding away
If I could be married to two guys? it would be hubby and "J",he pounded the hell out of me - lol.. Been with him 5 times and he can fuck! Every time he's squirted me good and deep. Just listen to the audio...

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Friend blows off in me Friend blows off in me
Kinda been on a mission to fuck all of our friends recently and at the last second, you can hear him unload in me. great night!

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