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We typically write these together. But as she is in another state, its left to me . We met here, in the chat room some 6 years ago. With the exclusion of the one time I had to spend a year away from her working. This has been the longest period we have had apart. Ive never been one of those touchy feely kind of people. It just aint me. But, she lights up m world. She us the reason I Breathe in and out everyday I don't have to say who she is, she knows. I thank God everyday for you Chere.
Has eyes that melt me, makes my body react with her smile, has long, dark hair that covers my chest when she rides me, gives me reason to get out of bed every morning, has a body most women would kill for, made me love and adore her.
The Cowboy and the Gypsy
they met, and he kissed her as he said he would.
closed down a patio,
made time in a parking lot,
on a balcony,
on a couch.

he drinks beer, she wine.
his bourbon comes chilled. she prefers neat.
with the exception of her apartment, which can become messy.
his space is consistently in order.
and that, taken with all she knows about him, makes her smile.

bonnie, darius, stevie are the soundtrack,
with a bit of motorboatin' and tornados thrown in.
looking forward to taking a dip in the october moonlight...
The Move

Shortly after the pie, I was contacted by the boss.

"We"re moving you to the Gulfcoast for a new project." I had worked in the area shortly following Katrina, and made good friends there, so this was a good move for me. The plus to this was it wasactually a shorter drive for the two of us, when we chose to see each other.

The first couple weeks were not fun, but made it thru.  I found an apartment really close to the job, rented furniture, got cable, and invited her to come for the weekend. She had never spent any time in the region, and so when she arrived we decided to take a drive. The water was only a block from the apartment, with a 4 lane highway running east and west. We drove for an hour or so and decided to stop for a cocktail. We made our way back to a place I knew of nearby, went inside and immediately to the back bar. This place was and is amazing. They have the greatest queso dip I have ever had. The bartender did however look at me strange when I requested jalepenos on the side. We had a couple drinks and decided to return to the apartment. This is way before the five minute rule, which will be explained in a later version.

I suggested a walk, we changed clothes and headed down to the beach. We walked the edge of surf till dusk, then back home. I aksed her if she would like a dip in the pool, she had forgotten her suit. I said no worries, you can borrow a t shirt. She agreed and we were off to the hot tub. It was a very large shirt, and it went to her kness. We were the only people there for like 30 seconds. She was sitting on my lap, with nothing on but that t shirt, and 2 ***** come blasting into the tub with us.

So I'm there with 2 ***** and now, a grandmother and mother, (of the 2 *****) and my t shirt only wearing chere. Thank God for bubbles!! I'd have a hard time explaining a hardon to a 6 year old. We finished our drinks, excused ourselves, and headed inside. Her infatuation with her cowboy"s sofa began................................

Bent not Broken

Let me say, Thanks to the many friends that have sent messages regarding my recent hiatus.

After temper cools, its easy to reflect. I am afflicted, I fear with a warriors temperment. I let the recent events get the better of my temper and for that my friends I apologize. Chat, and the friends I have made there are important to me. I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Part 4 The Pie

She had been to my place a few times now. A dear friend had recently passed away, and I was looking forward to a Saturday together to ease the pain of my loss. Upon her arrival she informed me she was going to bake a pie, my favorite, apple. I excused myself to go to the corner market to get chicken to cook for dinner. She took  her seat on the balcony where I had already lit the new grill to burn it off. I left her in good hands with Darius.

Called her from the store to ask what salad dressing she preferred, "They have french, thousand island, ranch..." She asked if they had any balsamic vinegrette, "Damn I;m spending time with a city girl." I'll try anything once, so I gathered my groceries and purchased a bottle of Chardonnay to surprise her. Not being a wine drinker I don't remember the brand but it had a kangaroo on the bottle, and it made her happy.

When I arrived at the house, she had put the pie fixings together and had it in the oven. The kitchen smelled fantastic. It was still early. I put the chicken into some marinade and went to take a shower. She was reading a Kinsey Milhone novel she liked.

Having fired the grill earlier it wasn't a problem getting it going again. A favorite local radio station was playing and I went back inside to get a beer and asked if she wanted a glass of wine. While the food was cooking we talked, laughed and enjoyed each other. When dinner was ready we moved back inside as the evening had grown cool.We ate at the bar between the kitchen and diningroom.

I would really like to fast forward to the bedroom here but. The Pie. That sumbitch was just about the most amazing thing I had ever tasted. She had even brought vanilla icecream.

The bedroom. She had told me earlier this wasn't the best time of the month. We held each other close till sleep took us. At some point in the night I looked over and she was sleeping on her back which she rarely does. I needed to feel her, taste her nipples. So, gently I lifted the fabric that seperated them from my lips. Suprisingly, she didn't awaken right away. Although this wasn't our first time, I had never wanted her more than I did at this moment at 5am  I had to be on site in an hour or so but that din't matter. At this point she opened her eyes.......

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thank you for the add...appreciate you blogs and taste in sex....;)
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Hope things are well.  
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how do i send you a gift? :(
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Thank you for the
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