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I'm a sea serpent by trade. Also I like to see my wife with other men. I like to make videos of her and she doesn't mind if I post them on the internet. They date back over the past 20 years. See also https://hotwifebeany.bdsmlr.com

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Wife Takes Advantage of a Male Stripper

 The night was to be a night of dancing to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We went to a popular dance club in town and danced to songs of the 80’s. Around midnight we drifted out the door to head to another spot. We ended up at a gay bar that had male strippers. The show had already started despite that there were only about 5 patrons in the club. At times we were the only viewers as the other patrons filtered out and in. The first dancer we saw was a white male with dark curly hair and a cut, lean body. He finished his dance and then stopped by us for a “meet and greet”. This is a part of the show where the dancers circulate amongst the patrons and often get more one-dollar bills tucked in their g-strings and groping is a common occurrence. We chatted briefly and complimented him, sliding our fingers into his briefs to plant a bill. Then the next dancer was starting and our friend drifted off as our attention moved to the dance floor where a very hot black man was dancing. As he began to disrobe I turned and watched my wife’s eyes riveted to the scene. He had a very muscular body, but still slender, and his cat-like body revealed his fine muscle tone. My wife was transfixed by his dance and when he approached our barstools afterward he went right to her and she had her hands all over him. After a few minutes he said he would be back and left to greet any other people who were there (maybe three). I stepped over to the serving area of the bar to get a couple of drinks and after a few minutes I turned to see the hot black guy was back and my wife was half off her bar stool all smashed up against him. He was nuzzling her neck with his sexy lips and her hands were hidden in between them below his waist. I came back over after watching from nearby for a few moments. He barely moved away from her and put his arm around me. I told him I would love to see his cock inside her mouth. He said that would be great and that he would be back in a few moments and we could meet him outside. As we finished our drinks my wife told me how hard he was when she was playing with his cock. I was watching the door and saw him slip out, so we turned and followed. He met us outside and asked where we were parked, and as we turned the corner we pointed to our little compact car parked on the quiet but well-lit downtown street. My wife and the black stripper hopped in the back. I sat in the front passenger seat and watched as she yanked down his athletic shorts and began sucking his hard cock with her fist working his shaft. After watching a few moments I thought that perhaps I should get out of the car to be a better lookout in case someone would come up the sidewalk. I got out of the car and scanned the lonely street. I didn’t see anything but some traffic at the next intersection. I looked back in the car and my wife was taking a leg out of her pants. The hot black stripper was immediately on top of her and thrusting his cock into her wet red-haired pussy. The little car was rocking like mad for a few minutes. He finished inside her and jumped out of the car saying that he hoped he would see us again. I slid over to the driver’s seat and drove away with my wife still in the back seat putting her pants back on. As we pulled away I noticed we were parked across from the newest hotel in downtown, with guest rooms facing the street. When we got back home it was very late and we went straight to bed. When we awoke in the morning we made love and I remarked afterward how slippery she still was after getting fucked by that other guy last night. She was genuinely surprised and said, “I fucked some other guy last night?” I guess she had a little too much to drink. I filled her in on the details and sequence of events the best I could remember. Then she began recalling everything. She remarked that it was a miracle we didn’t end up in jail. I agreed with her, silently berating myself for not remembering that my cell phone has a video recorder.

Beany and Cecilserpent Visit the Male Review Part II

 Now it is her turn to tell the story in details that only she knows. On our way home she surprised me with a few details of the third time she went to the bathroom. But now, the evening from Beany’s perspective…

Seeing the guys in the ladies room wasn’t the first time I’d seen guys in ladies rooms at gay bars. Usually, it’s the drag queens that often host the shows though. There weren’t any of them at the place we went to that night. We had seen Don arriving earlier with a small suitcase, and I saw it sitting near the door on the floor when I went in to go pee. I was a bit surprised though that less than a minute after he’d walked in and introduced himself that the other two popped in the door as well. As Cecil said, I am a bit shy, but not too much. I smiled and shook hands all around, and after commenting that this was indeed the most private place in the bar, said, “Well, I’ll see you guys soon.”

Yes, it was a lot better than Cecil’s trip to the broom closet.

But the second trip was much more interesting.

I didn’t see Don when I first walked in, and kind of had to pee again (caffeine in the drinks), so went into one of the stalls. Soon, I heard a voice asking where I was. After I was done, and had washed my hands, Don directed me to the large handicapped stall. We went to the back corner, and I got down to my knees. He pulled down his black cotton boxer briefs, and his mostly hard cock sprung out in front of my face. I grasped it loosely with one hand, and looked up at him and smiled. Then I licked my lips, and licked the side of the head of his cock slowly. After swirling my tongue to get it wet, I wrapped my lips around the tip and sucked it in. My other hand came up to cup his balls and feel them while the other stroked his shaft. Slowly, I began sucking more and more of him into my mouth as he rapidly got harder and harder. He stroked my hair as I blew him, and fondled one of my breasts, commenting on how he liked them. It didn’t seem long to me before he asked if he could cum in my mouth, and then not long after I mumbled my assent around him that I began to feel his cock spasm as he pumped out his load. I let it run out onto my chest, coating my lips heavily. We exited the stall, and he got dressed for his next dance, while I went to join Cecil.

Coming back to the table, I went up to Cecil with Don’s cum still on my lips and kissed him deeply, making sure that he was tasting the treat I’d gathered for him…

Now again from Cecil... Beany was giving me an unusually deep kiss. I knew something was up because such hetero passion is not usually appropriate in a gay bar. I detected a taste that was somewhat different than the Bacardi and Red Bulls we had been drinking. I asked her if that was cum and she smiled and nodded yes. Then Beany told me some had dripped on her chest when she let it run over her lips. She said I could lick it off later. I asked, ”Your chest?” Beany said, “I took my shirt off and had one of my breasts out of my bra.” (The next day telltale cum spray was found on one cup of her sheer bra.) The third stripper, Evan, was now making the rounds in the crowd and soon stopped by our table. He stopped by Beany first, and she told me later that she’d told him that we are both bi. After groping her for a bit, he came over to me and groped me all over and rubbing himself on me, getting slightly crazy like he was going to pull my legs in the air. We all laughed and I told him that Beany had been working as a fluffer for Don. He slipped over to her side of the table and gave her another feel up while she checked out his cut musculature and nice bulge.
It would soon be time to leave and I went back to the restroom again, passing the women’s restroom and imagining the action that had been taking place. When I returned to our table, Beany said she needed to go to the restroom, also. Johnny was taking his turn to dance again, and I didn’t notice that Don had finished circulating about, and he probably was keeping an eye out for Beany.

Now again from Beany…

I wasn’t really expecting to see Don in the restroom this time, but there he was. I used the facilities again, and Don was waiting by the sink. After I washed my hands, he handed me a towel to dry off, and took me down to the big handicap stall again. He wanted to see my pussy, so I slid my jeans and panties down. Don guided me to bend over so he could see from behind, and then he slipped a finger inside for a moment. There were a couple of other women who had arrived over the course of the evening, and I think he was just a little nervous about someone else coming into the bathroom. He commented on how nice he found my pretty privates, and I pulled my jeans up and left while he dressed for his next set.

When Don came out of the bathroom, he pressed a piece of paper with his phone number on it into my hand, and said, “Use it.” Hmmm…… yes….. I think we will.

Beany and Cecilserpent Visit the Male Review Part I

We enjoy going to the local gay bars to watch the male review dancers from time to time. These guys are always young and buff. We went to one last night and it turned into a hotwife adventure. It is our experience that a lot (if not all) of the male dancers are bisexual. They may be there that night to dance for mostly gay men, but at some bars featuring a male dancer night, there is also a sprinkling of females or a small bachelorette group. After they dance and strip to their sheer underwear, they circulate through the patrons and flirt with both sexes, collecting tips as they move from group to group. Or should I say grope to grope. It is common at some venues that you can reach into the dancer’s skin-tight briefs and check out his package. Or he may pull out his waistband to give you a peek. As a bi man myself, I enjoy this aspect of the show and as a husband of a hotwife, I enjoy watching Beany checking out the dude’s bod up close, and seeing her get groped by him.

We got there a little early and found a table near the stage. I needed to take a leak and missed the main men’s restroom, ending up in the handicap bathroom that also was being used as a storage closet. I came back to the table smiling and told her the story of the little bathroom crammed full of folding chairs, boxes, brooms, etc. She said she was going to go find the women’s restroom. At that time there were about 20-25 male patrons at the bar. She was the only female. When she came back to our table, she was also smiling broadly. I expected her to tell me of a similar cluttered bathroom that the gay bar provided for women. However, she had found the main restrooms (which were quite swanky) and after peeing and while washing her hands, the three male dancers had entered the women’s room to use as a dressing room. They all exchanged greetings and introduced themselves to her. I must say her restroom story was a lot better than mine. And the next two times she went to the restroom last night, she had another story to share about Don, one of the dancers.
Don did his first dance, revealing his fat cock straining against his tight briefs towards the end. He began circulating through the crowd, which was starting to fill the small bar. After hearing about Beany meeting the dancers in the restroom, I suggested to her that it would be hot if she cuckolded me with one of them while she was using the women’s restroom. We bantered about the idea and joked about it, entertaining ourselves. Soon the third dancer was getting up to do his dance. By this time Don had swung by our table, stopping by me first, rubbing up against me like a cat. I mentioned that I had heard he had met Beany in the restroom already. He was all smiles about it. I asked him if he could use her back there as a fluffer and he said that it sounded great. He went around to Beany’s side of the table while I told her that he would like her as a fluffer. Don was encouraging her to go back there when he would be there. He told her he “would love to slide his cock down her throat” as he pulled away his waistband, revealing to her his turgid meat. After Don left our table I started telling Beany how hot that would be. I just thought that this was an opportunity for an adventure that we couldn’t let slip by. As we watched Don finish his walk-through of the crowd and disappear back towards the women’s restroom, Beany was being a little shy and I had to tell her to go and “Do it” about five times. She slipped off the barstool and said, “What are the limits?” I said, “There are no limits.” Then she disappeared to the restroom for what seemed a very long visit. Meanwhile, the second dancer, Johnny, had come by our table. I told him how I had heard that he had met Beany in the restroom, that she had offered to be a fluffer. He was amused, and I told him that she had gone to the restroom again and I thought she might be with Don. He said that would be great timing because he was next up to dance. As Johnny continued to work the crowd, Beany returned to the table and immediately gave me a deep kiss. It tasted like cum. That was hot!

Ian, Our First Male Stripper Adventure Part II

   A few months after Beany and I had our encounter with Ian, we went to a local dance club that had male strippers in the upstairs lounge one night a week at 11:00PM. We couldn’t have planned it better as we were not aware before our arrival that they would be there that night. We danced to the club music for awhile, then ventured upstairs to the lounge to see who was there. We watched a couple of dancers, one a sexy Latino, and the next a slender and muscular black man. And then lo and behold! To our enthusiastic applause out came Ian. He picked us out of the crowd right away. We are a pretty memorable couple, especially Beany with her curly strawberry blonde hair. He locked eyes with her several times with a sexy smile on his face. After his dance he circulated amongst the small crowd of about 35 people to chat and collect dollar bills in his stripper underwear. Soon he approached our seats and asked how we had been, etc. Then he surprised us by asking if we were busy later, and would we be interested in doing something. He said he had one more dance during the second set after midnight and asked if we could stay and wait for him. Our eyes lit up like diamonds and we both agreed it sounded like a plan.
   We enjoyed the second set of the four individual dancers, slowing down on the drinks in anticipation of a late night. Ian danced next to last, posing to the music and performing some of his iconic moves including the plank pose with thrusting. His muscular legs and torso were a pleasure to watch and his work was well-choreographed. I looked over at Beany a few times, catching her transfixed on his tight square buttocks or the lower torso “V” descending into his boy shorts which barely concealed the outline of his fine manhood. After his dance he cruised the crowd for several minutes and then disappeared, popping up after a few minutes dressed in street clothes and holding a small duffle bag. He said, “Are you ready to go?” and we responded immediately, “Yes”. As we left the club, the fresh night air invigorated us. I suggested we get a room at a local budget hotel about two miles away. Ian said his car had a lot of boxes in it and asked if could we take our car. We told him we had walked to the club from our home in the neighborhood and we could go there to get our car. At the time, we had teenagers living in our home with us and it was not an option to entertain Ian there. Soon we were on our way. I was hoping Beany would jump in the back seat with him and perhaps there would be some making out on the way. But, alas, apparently she wasn’t ready to be ravished yet, so we exchanged small talk instead and got to know each other a little better, which in the long run made us more comfortable as a group and led to the hot time we were about to experience.
   We got checked in and entered our room and turned down the lights. We stood in a small circle near the bed as Ian and I started groping and kissing Beany. He unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand into her lacy, white bra, and she in turn rubbed the front of his pants, his hard cock evident as he pressed his lips on hers. I stepped back to enjoy the scene and loosened my pants to touch my own growing member. Suddenly things started happening so fast it was almost a blur. I remember Beany’s clothes were off and she stood there with a cock in each hand as Ian and I peeled off the rest of our own clothes. We pulled back the covers on the bed and we all fell in a heap with both Beany and I oriented towards Ian’s cock. She took him into her mouth and I remember its pointy glans, as I too let it slip between my lips - to experience on my own what Beany had just felt. It reminded me of a perfectly proportioned arrow shape but thicker like a shovel handle. We then both become focused on Beany and giving her pleasure while pleasing ourselves. I entered her first, slowing grinding as she focused her attention on deep throating Ian. As he lay beside her on his side, she pushed off my cock, moved up, and straddled him cowgirl style and bareback, which was unusual for her. But to me - I was in ecstasy and only wished that I had our video equipment. As much as I hated to miss a minute of her getting fucked by this near stranger with a killer body, I really had to go to the bathroom. While emptying my bladder, I imagined what might be happening in the next room in my absence. It was so hot to stick my head back in the dim room and see him in his stripper show plank position, fucking her so hard as she held her legs straight out in the air. Who needs video when something like that is burned into your brain!

Ian, Our First Male Stripper Adventure Part I

We had seen Ian around at a couple of gay bars on strip nights. It had become a new pastime of ours to visit the clubs when there would be guys with well-defined muscles and big bulges dancing. Cecil, being bisexually inclined, and Beany also an enthusiast of the male form, never interacted with them other than slipping a dollar bill in their tight little underwear as they circulated through the crowd after their dances. Often one’s hand would brush their cocks “inadvertently” or one would get a glimpse of their goods when they held out their waistband. It was fun sharing our attraction to them.
So it was not unusual that we chose to stop by a male strip club on New Years Eve. This was a slightly seedy joint located in our arts district neighborhood that didn’t sell alcohol, but featured male dancers for the ubiquitous bachelorette parties and occasional gay male patrons. We observed that Ian, a dancer whom we had seen before, was going to be dancing that night for the small mixed crowd. Soon he was on stage.
Ian had a very sexy stage presence and proceeded to display his moves. He had some subtle mojo that night and stood out from the others there. One of his classic moves that I remember was him stretching out on the floor in a plank position, and then making slight pelvic thrusts as if he was sliding his cock into someone. That is when I first thought about Beany being under him with her shapely legs in the air.
The club had about three private booths along the side wall towards the back. A private dance lasted about the length of a strip song …3-4 minutes tops. I decided it would be fun if we got in a booth with Ian so I ventured up to the front desk and paid for the private dance with him. He soon found his way over to us and led us into a booth with a smile on his face. The booth was a closet about the size of a toilet stall, but instead of a toilet there was a low shelf about a foot off the floor at one end. Ian hopped up on the shelf and began gyrating to the loud club music. He said we could touch him wherever we wanted. I stood behind Beany as she faced him. She bent over in front of him and started to rub his bulge through his small tight underwear. Within a minute, she was pulling his long white cock out and playing with it. It was a nice 7 inches, cut, slightly narrow, with a pointy glans the same size as the shaft. A nice contrast to my own cock’s blunt glans, mine being shorter in length but a bit thicker. I reached around her and unbuttoned her jeans, slipping them down around her hips, while she let him slip into her mouth and savored the strangeness and feel of a new cock. My fingers reached down the back of her panties as she bent over and felt her wetness. Needless to say my cock was rock hard. I unbuttoned my own jeans, pulled it out and drove it into Beany’s pussy with a slow thrust. She was going crazy on Ian’s cock with her hand and mouth - I mean really going at it and my cock was getting more and more slippery as she moaned and came. He couldn’t hold back any more and exploded in her mouth just as I was cumming in her pussy doggie style. It was a fantastic moment. We all pulled our clothing back on then and emerged from the booth, somehow after more than one strip song length of time. I guess we got two strip song’s worth because of Beany’s work. But that wasn’t the end of Ian’s story.  Here is a picture of him.


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