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Women's shoes for men
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I wear a size 13 US shoe and thought I'd never be able to find affordable women's shoes in my size. I've had excellent luck with They carry sizes up to 16 US and have a good selection. Their prices start in the low $30's and shipping is free. Of course for less than $40 the shoes aren't real leather (they do carry leather at a higher price point) but then again, I'm not wearing them all day every day.
I don't work for them and receive no compensation of any kind for mentioning them. I just thought that if I can steer someone having difficulty finding shoes to a good source then everyone will be happy.
By the way, when buying women's shoes select a size two or maybe three sizes larger (especially for wider feet) than what you wear in a men's size. Of course open toes and sandals provide a bit more room for error than pumps. I have sandals in a size 15 that were snug at first but have broken in nicely (I have narrow feet) and I have a pair in size 16 that are just a tiny bit loose. Size 15 pumps are too tight on me and size 16 just a tiny bit loose but I solved that with a bit of moleskin.
Hope this helps someone.

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