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Hello everyone. We are a UK couple united and very much in love. We love this beautiful site. We love to receive pictures or even better, before you videos of our photos. Do not hesitate especially to ejaculate on Carol,

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Carol and George Northern England Couple

 He just smiled and told me not to worry that we were going for a drive. 21H we go down to the car park, I get in the car, it rolls about 1 hour then enters a wood, which seems odd to me is that he did not touch me once!
He stops the car headlights on, he asks me out of the car, I go to take my coat but told me that I do not need it because it's hot, it puts us in front of the car with always the lights on, he starts to take me in his arms, kiss me languidly, runs his hands under my micro skirt, lifts and caresses my buttocks, I was more than exited as soon as you touch my buttocks, then he told me to Oreil: I have a gift for your 19 years, you'll have to suck candles! And I begin to feel other hands on my buttocks and he backs down slightly, told me to kneel on the grass, I run and 8 men, around me, he told them: she you only suck and when you are ready to ejaculate you go out and you do it on his face.
That's how he made me suck his 8 men who all ejaculated on my face,
He took me home for me to take a shower and then it's him who made me love as ever,
The next day when he asks me if I appreciated I replied yes, because it is true that it was for me a great pleasure,

Riding cock, moaning an screaming wildly. Carol has pure pleasure, and squirts o

 "You're my whore, and you're going to fuck your ass hard with that bottle, while your worthless empty cunt drips down on it." I fucked myself harder, getting more and more horny from thinking about her. The phone moved fast and deep inside my wet pussy while I moaned loud and unrestrained, certain nobody could hear me. "Oh yes," Paola wrote. "My cunt is not worth getting fucked like this. I deserve to be taken only in the ass." I smiled, imagining her discover the pleasure and pain of anal penetration.

I felt myself getting closer, needing a little more to push me over the edge, so I began suckling on the marker while I wrote back: "Mmmh, you're an obedient little slut." She replied: "I want you to use me." I felt depraved and wicked, wanting to see how far this little bitch would go, so I wrote: "Then fuck yourself hard, and when you come, I want you to release your pee and juice on the floor, and lick it up." This seemed to give her what she needed, and the thought turned myself on so much that I quickly lodged the marker in my twitching ass while I fucked myself hard.

I came, gasping and jerking, groaning loud and then releasing a shrill scream as I pulled my hair. I fell back into my leather chair, sitting now in a puddle, just breathing deeply for a few moments, enjoying the moment as I let the feeling slowly subside. Another email had arrived in my inbox. It showed Paola, on all fours, licking at a wet puddle on the floor, her tits dangling down into it as she looks up at the camera. She looked happy and at peace, smiling with her tongue out, a pretty woman despite her age. "Thank you," she wrote. "That was just what I needed."

Suddenly I heard the phone click, and beep. Somebody on the other end had just hung up. I shrieked up and looked at the display. I must've accidentally redialed the last call with my foot, as it showed a conversation of 12 minutes had just ended. The number was that of our client, although she never said a word about it.

Carol and George Northern England Couple

 She started to stroke my cock and got me really hard, whilst I fingered her pussy, which was already sopping wet. After a few minutes I started to lick her pussy and suck on her magnificent pussy lips. We then swapped positions and I laid down. She gave me a wonderful blowjob, taking all 8 inches of my cock deep into her mouth. She would normally continue until I shot my load deep into her throat – she would swallow the whole lot. However, this day was to be different. She stopped just short of me cumming. She then climbed on top of me and started to kiss me. She then whispered in my ear that she wanted my spunk inside her pussy. This was an usual occurrence as I generally wore a condom (I can only remember going bareback with her on 2 previous occasions, both because the situation had overtaken us – but this time she wanted my cum in her).

She reached for my cock and guided it into her pussy. She then rode me for a few minutes and I couldn’t hold out and shot all my juices deep into her pussy (see my video). Unfortunately I forgot about filming the creampie, my cum oozing out of her, but you can see her lips glisten as she rolls off me and my cock slips from her pussy.

Carol and George Northern England Couple

Helena started fucking me and I began to moan in pleasure. Then she started roughly to ram her piece of rubber deep into my anus, as she whispered in my ear:
“Take that big cock, bitch; give up your ass like your sweet wife does…”

She then asked me: “What are you?... tell me”
I wanted this brutal fucking to stop so I replied what she wanted to hear:
“I am your bitch, now take me, please…”

Suddenly, she grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She made me come in few seconds, shooting my load on the bedroom floor.

Helena laughed at me and then she thrust the dildo all the way in my anus. After a few minutes her body tensed up as she screamed she was coming.

Then she withdrew the dildo from my well-worn asshole. As she left the room she said that Ana was resting on our bedroom and she was not aware about our “little game”. It would be our secret.
The bitch added that her husband Jorge had never let her peg him; so, from now on, I would be her slave sex toy and she would take my ass at least once a month

Carol and George Northern England Couple

 His girl was Mexican. He said his girlfriend told him that her best friend was actually a guy transiting to a girl. That one night he came home and he thought she was cheating on him with one of her guy friends, but she told him her friend was curious about black men and all they said. So she asked her guy friend who swings both ways if he'd be up to giving her girlfriend her first black dick, telling him that she's nervous about being trans since the last black guy beat her up bad. And had he not walked in it would have went down. But it didn't because both got scared he knew about them. He told me he didn't believe it at first, but she locked herself out one night and they gave her the couch. That night he took some pills and his girl told him to leave the door open so she could get her girl friend to crave black dick again. He didn't want to, at first, but he said, she insisted. Well according to him she put on a show with all the vocals and screams. She told him to keep an eye on the door while she rode him, but not so obvious. That she bets her friend will try sneaking a peek. She ended up doing it, but not then. While they were 69ing. He saw only legs at the door, but knew based on how his girl was sucking him off. When he came his girl let it shoot in the air, then licked her hand and his cock. Then the legs were gone. I guess she told him her friend saw and he said he saw her legs, when she asked if he wants to have a 3 some? That she don't consider it cheating because she's not a real girl, but she is her best friend and thinks he'd be perfect as her first black dick. Because at least he won't beat her up. He told me he always wanted to bang her friend, but once he heard she was a trans he had second thoughts. That his girl pulled the "one 3 some" card on him saying she would rather it be hear friend. Well from what he said it was that night he got hooked.

Carol and George Northern England Couple

 She had just finished a warm bath. Her hair was nice and neat. Her make-up was freshly done. And her clothes had been pressed by the staff. She looked like a new person when she went outside with her sunglasses on.

Her last memory of the spa was giving Gianna a kiss on the lips. Then another. Then another. Until finally they embraced in a long tongue kiss.

While she walked down the street, Sally took out the phone from her purse. She needed to text Aileen.

She sent a simple message:

success!! i have so much to tell you. thnx for everything. best gift ever. next year, i'll need another gift card.

legendofwest said:
i'd love some c2c with you carol. xxx
lilyf53422 said:
Look at me now here:
lilyf53422 said:
Hi, add Susan97 to your friends on:
xtaceeuk said:
Great video's and pictures, we loved watching X
jajaboinks said:
Hey Thanks for your lovely comments, ages ago, but would like to
chat with you, I will pm you
tersah said:
im waiting for u
yorkman69 said:
Great vids you two keep them and me cumming
guayiga said:
We would like to share with you but we do not have a webcam
northernenglandcouple said:
wonderfully sexy video, your so lucky to enjoy delicious anal with her
so a stunner, more vids please thanks for sharing...WE ADDED A FEW
northernenglandcouple said:
wonderfully sexy video, your so lucky to enjoy delicious anal with her
so a stunner, more vids please thanks for sharing
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