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  • Occupation: out for a good time.........
  • Interests: sex, enjoying life, making new friends, motorcycles, just to name a few...
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: June 1964
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: Free and single
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Smoke: No
  • Height: 175 cm 5 ft 9 in
  • Body Type:
  • Sexual Assets:
  • Education: Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Country of Residence: Australia
  • State or Region: 02
  • City or Town: sydney
  • Date joined: 2010-11-02
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  • Available for Dating: No


This is my secret life. I love to show you through my videos and I get so wet and horny when I read your life is now so full of hot, erotic fun and freedom. Life is too short so live it to the fullest......

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 - Abbey tight cunt fucked doggy style
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 - Abbey gets a shower
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 - Abbey pees on guy
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 - Abbey's Gang Bang
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  •  07/05/16
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abbey goes Dogging

It was a warm Autumn Monday morning and my hubby and I were thinking about having some fun. We put an advert on a dogging forum saying we would be at a certain place at a certain time. We drove to the site, picked a spot and parked our car. We sat there for a short while talking about what may happen, this was going to be an exciting experience we both thought. There were cars already in the carpark of the park and we wondered if any of them were going to come over, but then a car arrived, flashed his lights then proceeded to drive over and park next to us. We were away from the carpark area, parked under a tree. The guy got out and spoke to us through the window, he said he had seen our post on the forum and thought he would come and watch. I opened my car door and he came around, he started by rubbing my boobs through my black lace dress and touching my pussy, rubbing his fingers against my clit through my red lace knickers, he slowly bent down and sucked my nipples while continuing to play with my pussy, I was getting so turned on! My hubby was also touching me and playing with my boobs, the guy asked could he lick my pussy and of course I said yes! He slowly moved his tongue around, teasing my clit and I was so horny and wet, he moved between my nipples and pussy while I laid there moaning from the pleasure of his touch. I then stopped him and started playing with his now hard cock through his jeans, I undid his jeans, and pulled them down and played with his cock with my hands and then got down and gave him a blow job. We were all so excited and turned on, he smelled so good, I gently took his hard cock in my mouth and played with his balls giving him a slow sensual blow job, after he came I got back in the car and turned to my hubby, he started to play with me again, while I played with and sucked my hubby’s hard cock. After a few minutes another guy came over and stood next to him. He started playing with and sucking my boobs, and then proceeded to play with my pussy at the same time as the first guy. He was getting hard and he pulled his cock out and started rubbing it on my bare leg, while watching me getting fingered and licked. He came. I looked up from my seat and there were now four other guys there watching! My mind was spinning, my heart racing, my body was experiencing such unbelievable sensations. The next guy was the one we were expecting from our post on the forum, he moved in front of me, caressed my boobs, played with and licked my wet pussy, and then said he had a condom and could he fuck me, I said yes, he pushed his hard throbbing cock inside me and fucked me hard, whilst the others were watching, one guy next to him was holding my knickers aside so they all could watch. While all this was going on I looked around and noticed other guys standing a little further back and slowly walking past the car so they could look. He finished and stepped aside and the next guy took over! He also rolled a condom onto his hard cock and fucked me! The same was done with the next guys, each had their turn of fucking me and stepping aside, watching for a while then quietly moving away and disappearing to their cars.

When all the guys had finished and moved away, I sat there in the car, my pussy throbbing from being gang banged, totally amazed at what I had just experienced, my hubby was so turned on by watching all this so I finished him off with a blow job. We both sat there for a few minutes, fixed our clothes then smiled at each other as we drove out of the park.

Even now a couple of days later I get so horny thinking about this amazing experience and I look forward to our next dogging adventure.

Abbey's First Yuvutu Anniversary

I just wanted to say how I have had an excitingly sexy first year with all of you here in yuvutu.  I have made many wonderful friends and look forward to making many more!!  I look forward to visiting yuvutu each day, I love camming, my hubby and I really love playing on cam for you all, the excitement of being watched turns me on so much!!  I love posting videos and especially love reading all your comments.  I love the "secret life" I lead here and the things I get up to when making videos, the risks I take.....Hope to see you in the chatroom soon.......Abbey xxx

A Fantasy for Abbey - Part 2

Walking out of the shop I indicate for u to follow follow me in your car as I drive to the quiet car park of a local beach spot.. it's a week day so no one is around...I walk toward the public toilet as you pull into the car the door I give you a wave over... as you walk towards the toilet block I quickly go into the first cubicle... rubbing my 8" uncircumcised cock it quickly hardens to full erect... I push it through the glory hole into the middle cubicle...hearing your footsteps you nervously walk into the men’s toilets...I wait for your reaction as I press myself hard against the wall so all of my hard cock is protruding into the middle cubicle.. I hear you gasp a little as you look in....hearing you walk in shutting the door I feel your soft hand rub my cock through the hole...mmm  feeling you slide your hands over it as you study it.. I feel a wet lick of your tongue on the head of my cock then the hot wet warmth as you take it into your mouth slowly taking more with each suck..slowly I start to move back and forth feeling my cock pumping your mouth..feeling you push your mouth to the hole so I can fuck it.. thrusting it deep into your mouth hearing you moan and slurp on my cock.. a few minutes and you pull away...pulling my cock out of the hole I look thru to see you standing...turning around...lifting your skirt...I still have your panties in my pocket from the store.. I watch thru the hole as you bend over your hands pressed against the other cubicle wall I watch as your pussy comes towards the hole..pressed hard against the hole I look closely at your soft wet lips.. sliding my finger through to open them and line you up.. standing and holding the base of my cock I push it through the hole feeling your hot wet lips slipping over the head of my cock ... mmm  I watch my cock disappear thru the wall ...feeling it sink deep into your hot wet cunt...pushing it until I’m hard against the wall and deep into your body.. I slowly pull back to see my shaft glistening with your juice...pulling back until your lips have the head of my cock and ramming it fast and deep back into you...I hear you moan and gasp as you hold yourself firm against the wall...speeding up I pump hard and fast thru the wall hearing your pussy slop and slurp as you get wetter and wetter...hearing a car pull up we keep going until we hear someone coming to the toilets...both of us listening and I continue to fuck u slowly as we hear footsteps.. they stop for a while and then I hear the door to the other cubicle close...your hands firmly pressed against the opposite wall and your tits are hanging out of your top... you see a face appear through the other glory hole in front of you...he watch’s your tits rock as I fuck you..I can only imagine how you feel...a total stranger deep in you fucking you and another you have not even seen watching you though the hole as your breast swing in front of he stands you get a glimpse of him...he has a business shirt and tie and suit pants.. you see as he unzips is suit pants...a soft thick cock slowly appears in front of you...which you take no time in fondling....I start to increase my thrusts.. as I look through the smaller hole higher in the wall I can see you playing with him ...bending over more to take him in your soon as I see your mouth take his cock I start to pound your gasp and moan as you now have two total strangers spit roasting you.. your pussy pressed hard against one wall....your mouth pressed hard against the doesn’t take long before I hear the other guy moan and groan as he comes into your mouth...he quickly pulls out and hurry’s out of the toilets.. I pull out of you and open my door...he’s already in his car and off... opening your door you sit on the toilet.. fuck you look so hot.. your legs open ...your wet pussy exposed to me.. your top open.. as you white cum dribbling out of your mouth down your neck and onto your tits... you play with your cunt and rub the cum into your tits as I walk in rubbing my hard cock in front of you.. I start to moan as I watch you....your tongue licking as I rub harder oh fuck I feel myself ready to blow... the first spurt hits your lips nose and eye....arr the second spurt into your hair on your face ...arr  the third hitting your face legs weaken and I moan as I finish having my best fuck...and covering a total stranger in my cum....watching as you rock your body with your fingers deep in your pussy moaning loudly as you wank yourself until you cum on your fingers..... I stand in Orr watching you crumble onto your hand..covered in cum...pulling your panties out of my pocket I wipe my cock clean... then wipe them over your face neck and tits as I help to clean you up…you hop up doing up your top...I hand you your panties to put back on.... we walk out of the toilets... I ask you your name..Abbey...hi I’m u have to be answer no....shall we go down the beach track to the beach?

A Fantasy for Abbey - Part 1

This is a fantasy written for me by a friend and he has given me permission to share it with you.  I really hope you enjoy it….I love it……

Pulling up in the car park next to your passenger door in my van, I glance across down to see you in the driver’s seat your hand in your lap...not thinking much I prepare to get out....glancing across again I can't believe my eyes as I see your hand moving on your crouch. I pause and watch as you let your skirt ride up a little to reveal your white panties...your hand still moving slowly across the front of your panties I smile at you as you look open your legs a little more...moving your panties as your fingers slip into your hand quickly slips into my shorts leg as I pull my hardening 8" circumcised cock out...rubbing it hard as I watch you work your pussy....Now fully rock hard I open my van door slightly so you have a view in...holding the base of my cock and leaning back so you can see it all I slowly run my hand up and down on the shaft... so aroused as I watch this hot complete stranger with her fingers in her pussy in the car next to me....Dam a car pulls up in the park next to you...I quickly close my door and we quickly cover up...

You hop out of your car and walk towards the shops... hoping out of my van now my hard cock has softened a little I follow you...around to the smaller group of shops on the other side of the car park, you enter the small red cross shop at the end...following you old lady sits at the counter one else in the shop you move to the back rows of the shop looking at the clothing... I slowly make my way down the rows of clothes my hand now pulling my cock out of my short leg I rub it slowly as I move to the row you are in... you’re  standing,  pulling out a skirt looking at it as I walk towards you. Without saying a word my left hand touches your hip as I move past ...turning into you from behind I press my hard cock into your back...mmm feeling you press back into me my right hand grabbing your other thigh as I press and rub my cock on your back.... slipping my right hand onto the front of your upper leg I slide it upwards lifting your skirt until my fingers rest on your panties.....slowly slipping my fingers across them I can feel your soft wet pussy beneath.... your hand reaches behind, feeling your soft hand grasping the shaft of my cock....looking to the front of the store the old lady knits unaware as my fingers work their way beneath the leg of your panties until they slip into the lips of your hot wet pussy....I feel you quiver as they slip over your clit and into your hot left hand slipping up under your top to cup your left breast as I finger your pussy in the shop while you hold my cock....

Moving a few feet away from you I open the clothes on the clothes rack and crouch down in the rack... you move along until you are in front of me...while you pretend to be viewing the clothes I slide my hands up your thighs under your skirt grabbing both sides of your panties I  pull them down to the floor you waste no time to stand with your feet wider hand slips up to cup your bum..... as my head goes up under your skirt my mouth hitting your wet pussy I suck your wet soft pussy into my mouth darting my tongue until I feel the little hard bump of your clit flicking it as I feel you tremble... so excited by licking and sucking this hot total stranger’s pussy in the shop..... I hear an old man enter the shop say hello to the old lady at the desk crawling along the row and standing up...picking up your panties as I stand I look across at you all blushed, your panties in my hand as the older gent browses the shop.....

My Dream

My dream.... well it starts off in Philip Island. We arrive, my bf and I, check into our accommodation. We then meet up with you at the track, on the Thursday afternoon. There is some small talk... We check each other out. I am a little worried, wondering what you might think because I have the bf with me. I talk to you alone, reassure you that it’s cool that my bf is here. You tell me that it’s OK. We all go to the pits and check out all the bikes, you introduce me to your team mates. You give me my team shirt. I strip off my top and try the team shirt on...perfect fit. I am wearing tight jeans and the team shirt looks great with them. We meet later at a local pub for dinner and thing leads to another....we are in your room, both of us, making three. I am so turned on, having thought about this moment for the last ten months. My bf is cool, he can see that I want you...he sits in a chair across from your bed...he watches us, we loose ourselves in the moment, we make wild passionate love to each other...he sits and watches....we fuck....and fuck...I then ask him to leave the room, to go to the next room, he is crazy with desire but he does as I wish....We then have more wild, intense sex, I know he can hear us, he can hear me moaning, going crazy with desire. After this you agree that he can join us. We summon him to the room and invite him to join us. He licks my pussy firstly, tasting our combined cum....this makes him crazy. He then wants to fuck me, you sit next to us. He asks you to join in, your hard cock is then in my mouth while he fucks my pussy. We then change over, you fuck my pussy again. His cock is in my mouth. I am crazy with desire I ask you to fuck my ass, I tell you both I want a dp, you in my ass him in my pussy. This is unbelievable. We all get carried away with the desire. Exhaustion falls on us all. We succumb to sleep. The next day you head off to the track early. We meet you after you have worked. The excitement is amazing. Our fun continues once again, late into the night.....

The next day Friday. You are busy with the bikes. We meet for lunch in the team area. I am so turned on; I can’t wait to fuck you again. While the bf is checking out the bikes we sneak away for a quick, but not too quick bj. We hope that we can’t be seen, but I think there were some guys watching us in the truck. After your day finishes we get together again. We repeat the events of the previous night...more's...exhaustion...sleep. Saturday comes and goes, all with the same fucking, and more fucking. Sunday is race day. the excitement at the track is amazing....I watch you work from the distance, lusting for you, waiting for your work to finish......your team wins....there are parties to go to....there is fun, laughter, then again a build up of desire, full hot sexual bf is chatting to some girls at the team party, so we run off together for some more hot wild sex. It’s amazing. I have never in all my life had such a time. The fun, the fucking. Monday night again is a repeat of the previous night’s fun, hot, horny and exhausting. Monday is pack up day. We all have become great friends and sit planning the next time we can meet up for a continuation of the Philip Island experience. I wake up on the Tuesday morning, happy but sad that our adventure is finished, I will see you again that morning before your team packs up and heads off for your next race........My heart and mind are racing, like yr bikes, my mind races......we say our farewell and promise that we will continue our friendship and talk about when we can next get together.....I start to organise updating my passport... who knows what will happen next.......damm I hear this loud buzzing in the background somewhere and I realise its my alarm ringing, I open my eyes, lying there for a while smiling.....realising it was just a dream, but what a wonderful dream........
Abbey's fun in the tropics

Last summer I was cruising around the barrier reef with a few friends and a couple of strangers on a nice motor cruiser.  We had been island hopping but came to one particularly beautiful island.  We decided to stop for a couple of days.  We had plenty of supplies, lots of champagne so we were set.  There was one of the strangers that I really fancied, he was tall, athletic, and a smooth talker as well.  On this particular night I paid more attention to him, flirting... leading him on.... and he was responding to my advances.  It was the perfect night, one thing led to another and after a couple of hours we were on the beach of the island alone..... We kissed, and felt each others bodies, slowly at first then our desire took over and we fucked .... gently at first then more passionately...then with such an urgency..... it was absolutely intense...  so overpowering.  I was hoping it would never end.  But like all good things it did....after about half an hour he exploded inside me....I could feel his warm cum deep inside felt soooooo good.  We lay naked on the beach under the moonlight, our bodies glistened with sweat.  After a short time we both became aroused again and started touching each others body, I slowly moved down to his now erect cock and started running my tongue up and down his shaft and over his balls,  I could taste our cum as I licked his cock, I then proceeded to slowly suck at first and then more aggressively until I could feel his cock pulsate and fill my mouth with his juice.  It was so good.  He then moved to my now dripping pussy, slowly licking my clit and then moving down, down towards my ass, gently licking all the time, I shuddered and came again, I was helplessly in his control as he turned me over and gently pushed his cock into my waiting ass.  The pleasure was unbelievable.  I was barely able to keep control as he started to push harder, deeper, faster, I could feel his balls slapping against my soaking wet pussy.  After fucking my ass he then moved back to my pussy and fucked me just as hard again, exploding once again.  We lay exhausted in each others arms, I wished that night would never end.......It was without doubt the best sex I have ever had, when I got back home I felt guilty about what I had done so I told my then boyfriend the story which aroused him so much that we fucked for an hour but it was nowhere near as good as the sex with the stranger on the beach that night.

Hope you enjoy reading about my experience and if you ever get a chance to do the same sort of thing - TAKE IT!!!!!!


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