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  • Interests: Reading, motorcycles and 3 somes
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  • Date of Birth: August 1944
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a casual relationship
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
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  • Body Type: Slim
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
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Time to finally live life. Love the sex and seems I can't get enough.

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 Wow, how fast a year goes by. I did not realize that my vids were locked up. They are now unlocked so that many of you out there and watch and enjoy, and I hope you do. I have a couple of more vids to post and hopefully one day soon, I can get my bf to help me upload them here for you to see. We have been participaiting is swinging and have attended a couple of "orgies", which I really like! Had my first BBC! 69 yrs old and never fucked a black man, well now I have and I kinda liked it! Going to another "house party" next weekend and hopefully, my bf will get more pictures, and video, to add here for your viewing pleasure.


May 21, 2013

 A copy of a note I sent to my bf. He likes to hear about my "sessions".

D came  over....i had on a new fishnet "suit"...there wasn't any crotch in it..and a skirt and  high heels..he kind of liked it and  pulled my skirt down, laid me on the bed and started to eat my pussy...it felt hot..he sucked on my clit, pussy and nipples for a while..then i helped him get undressed...a little more "pussy eating"...he then took off my fishnet "suit"...i sucked his dick for a while...then i wanted my nipples sucked hard and he was more than willing to do that...again, it felt so hot and good...and, of course, i was watching in the mirror the whole time as all this was going on on !!!..you know how i like that...i just wish you could have been there to take pictures and be with me...i thought about that a lot...i had all the "toys" available...he started fucking me with a dildo and it felt great....i  was all over the bed...then i wanted to suck on his cock again..so we did that for a while...he then started to use the new "silver" toy on me...god!!!...i wet the bed quite a bit...again, it felt great....and then, i rested a while and sucked on his dick for a bit...it was fun... like taking "turns"...i wanted my nipples sucked and  played with hard, for some reason, and he again, helped me out in that area...then he started to fuck me with the dildo that i like so much..and then would fuck me with the "silver" toy...sad to say, but i forgot all about the "taking turns"...i was playing with my clit during all this, of course, and it was pretty hot...i came and, wet the pillow ( which i was on)...he did this for as long as i wanted...which was longer than i thought, because it felt so f______ hot!!!.... i finally got tired,( my legs*;;) batting eyelashes)...i then started to suck on his dick...it was fun, hot and  felt so good..... he came as i was sucking on his cock..i keep  sucking  on it after he came because it feels so good...(makes me feel powerful?)..don't know..but  i do like it so much!!!..and wishing you were to take pictures, talking to me or just being there!!..
Another fuck session

 March 21st

I had another fuck session and this is what I emailed my bf.

i had company thurs...he called wed afternoon and since i didn't talk to you yesterday, i thought i'd wait and write it for you..
i wanted a little different fun time so: i had told him to come on in the house..get "comfortable" (take off clothes) and sit on couch facing the TV..i came in.. had on my black fish net thighs..black boots..thong black panties..and the chain "vest" thing..(i had asked him previously about being blindfolded, he was ok with it).. i blindfolded him..finished undressing him (he hadn't taken off underwear!) and started to play around..i was rubbing him with the latex gloves on and some lotion..i was sitting on the table in front of him with my legs spread open and would play with myself at times..i would take his fingers and put them in my pussy..it was hot and fun..and as with all things, funny too..cause i got my chains caught in the fish net hose and was tearing holes in them as i tried to get "untangled"..(not what you'd see in a porn movie!)..but we messed around little more and then i led him to bedroom..had him sit on the edge of bed facing the mirrors and i kind of sat on him facing the mirrors too, leaned back on him and watched while he fingered my pussy..i stood up and told him to take off my panties (with my help cause he was still blindfolded)..i told him to rub my ass and turned around facing mirrors leaning on the dresser..that was hot..it felt good..(now, remember, there is time between these things, to get a drink of water/get what accessories i wanted to use/etc)..then i told him to lay full length on bed kind of corner to corner and i started to brush him with the warm oil..his nipples..down his stomach..his balls..teased with his dick, just barely skimming it by..of course i could see in the mirrors..and that made me hotter..then i started using my mouth, licking his stomach, the inside of his legs, sucking his balls, but still not his dick..that was fun for me cause he was very much wanting me to get to the dick!!..after a while, i did start to suck on his dick and i could see while i was doing it..hot again.. he came after a bit and i just laid there still easily playing with everything...we took a break...he still had on blindfold..i told him to lay in center of bed and then i straddled his face toward the wall and told him to eat my pussy..that was hot too..while he was licking/playing with me, i took off the blindfold..told him to keep on doing it!..then i wanted something in me..i lay on my back and he started to fuck me with the dildo as i was using the vibrator on my clit.. again i could see and  it was just that much hotter to me..i came with that position pretty nicely..i wanted more so i got on my knees and got fucked that way a while..then turned on my side away from him (kind of spooning position i guess) and fucked a little more..it was hot and felt pretty good!..finished up on that one and we laid and talked a while..and that was that BG..wish you could have been there..i still have a fantasy for 2 guys..maybe someday, but don't think it will be with daniel..i can't see him in that scenario with some of his physical conditions..

The other day...

 This is a copy of an email I sent to my bf the other day. It made me HOT as I was writting it.

hey BG..want to tell you about the erotic day i had..you always say you want to know the details and i'm gonna try to give 'um to you...of course i had on my music i love....i had a good friend over (you know i have talked about him to you).. and after we ate a little  we got to discussing shaving (not the face)..i asked if he wanted to shave me and he said of course..you know i try to keep it done, so there wasn't a whole lot for him to do, but i did need "tidying up" and getting to the areas i have trouble with..i got the equipment..he took off my panties very slowly and i  lay on the counter..my legs were so open as well as my pussy..it was very erotic to me..he had undressed but still had on underwear so his dick was kinda hidden...i'd feel of him some and he was getting somewhat hard, but not what you'd think and it was because he was so focused on what he was doing!!..and that was way hot to me..it's just kind of trusting to me for some reason..i can tell by his face he loves to see my pussy but he is doing what he is supposed to at the time..but, after he thought it looked okay he started  to softly kiss and lick my clit and pussy..just enough to tease me... and i SO wanted that..then he put my panties back on!!.. he wanted to do some playing  with them on..he really seems to "like" white panties..went to bedroom..i had some oil warming, some small brushes and latex gloves..he told me to lay on my stomach with my ass to him..he'd put on the gloves and proceeded to brush me clit and pussy lightly..it felt so different and great..then he rubbed me all over with the oil..it felt wonderful..he'd rub my ass, my back, he would lick me from my pussy to my ass..he'd pull the panties back but finally took them off..you know i have those mirrors..i'd see him, he was almost burying his face in me and it made me feel like an animal in heat..all i wanted to do was raise up my ass more and more..then he did put his hard dick in and fucked me from behind for a bit..i wanted to watch him eat my pussy from the front so he sat in front of me and i put 1 foot up on the dresser and 1 on the floor so my pussy was quite open.. he licked and sucked, it felt great, but it wasn't as comfortable or a "good" viewing position so we went on..then he laid on his back on the bed with his head kind of hanging off..i straddled his face and for lack of a better description, i fucked his face!!.. it was SO hot..he'd lick and suck my pussy and i would just rub it all over his face..i was leaning over him and sucking on his dick also..using the warm oil and brushes on  his dick/ass and nipples...but then i could tell he just wanted me to concentrate on his face and i tried to..i was watching in the mirror, it was so hot to me to be in control a little..i started to talk dirty..told him how i was fucking his face..i wanted to see him jack off while i was fucking on him and boy he did!!..he came so hard, it was dripping down his dick..then i remembered the camera and i took a few pictures of his cock with the come oozing down..then i started using the vibrator on my clit and a dildo in my pussy..he started taking pictures of that..he is good with a camera..he makes it all feel so natural and i felt so erotic/hot/open/free..i wasn't thinking of anything but how great it felt..i think i came then while we were doing that, but it all felt so flowing, that i don't remember if it was then or other times!!..we should have been through by then, but i was still feeling experimental and wanted to try to get my ass fucked!!..we used that small dildo with a condom on it..he was easing it in (or at least trying to) and i was using the vibrator on my clit and, of course, i was watching the whole thing in the mirrors... but i just couldn't relax enough to get it in where it felt good...trying it was hot..i think, again, because he makes it seem so natural..but the actual act will have to wait till another time.. there were other things that happened, but i hope this will give you an idea of the afternoon...i am SO hot right now telling you all about it, that i will have to play with my pussy/clit when i go to bed.. i am going to fantasize that you were there watching all the fun i had!!!..let me hear from you..you know i love you BG..how many women could tell this to their "man" and know he will love it??

Picture sets

 I am so proud of myself! As I have said, I am not very 'techno' with all this computer stuff. I just figured out how to make my photo sets and not have just one picture in them. I have learned how to add up to 10 pictures to each set! I can not hardly wait to have more pictures taken now!

cams and such

 Many have PMd me asking to cam. Sorry to say at this time but no cam for me. I am not that techno yet. Maybe one day inthe future, we might be able to cam with some of you, but for now, just pictures. We hope to do some videos also, but again, we have to figure out how that is done. I had a good fuck session with an old friend yesterday. Due to medical issues, he can not get hard, but he fucked me good with my dildos. I soaked the sheets and knocked a knick knack rack off the wall. Today my pussy feels sore and will take a rest, today. Maybe tomorrow I can get some more!

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derapas said:
so so rare thank u for sharing ahhmazing u~!
marjul77 said:
WOW! You are sensational!!! So sexy and erotic! Thank you for sharing!
ostpommer said:
Wow! Fantastic and very nice........
bigkiwiguy said:
thanks for making me a friend your vids and pics are awesome
mdman46 said:
you are hot and horny! great combination!!!
gaston1763 said:
pantyguy99 said:
Great vids and pics. Would love to suck on that great clit. Like the
squirting and peehole play also. Cheers
bedlove said:
I watched your latest video...and damn it was hot !  I was rock hard
in seconds and I found myself watching all of your videos and looking
at all your pictures.  Beautiful and erotic... Thanks for sharing your
pictures and videos.  Looking forward to seeing more of you.  
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