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  • Interests: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Gender: Heterosexual Couple
  • Date of Birth: 1966
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: No
  • Height:
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: High School
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Country of Residence: United Kingdom
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  • Date joined: 2017-03-15
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We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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 - Come upstairs with me
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  •  17/01/18
  •  71%
 - Vibrator play before sex
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  •  07/01/18
  •  66%
 - Undressing for sex
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  •  18/12/17
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 - Drunken finger play
  •   5K
  •  07/12/17
  •  68%
 - Doggy style fucking
  •   3K
  •  27/11/17
  •  68%
 - Take me from the back
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  •  18/11/17
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Merry Christmas

 We just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our yuvutu friends.

Plus a big THANK YOU to everyone that has given us a thumbs up, sent a message or left a comment on our uploads.

We've said it before - it's the sexy comments and the votes which make it all worthwhile.

Kisses and best wishes xx

100 Today!

 Ha ha! Not my birthday but today we have uploaded our 100th blog!

It's been an ambition to reach the three figure mark ever since we became yuvutu members just over eight months ago and that has now been achieved.

I would like to say a big THANKS from my man and myself to all our yuvutu friends who have read the stories and supported us. 

A big kiss to everyone who has given us a "thumbs up" and added comments - it's the positive feedback that keeps us coming back to this site so long may it continue.

I think we should celebrate with a picture XX

My birthday surprise - Final part

 The table turned slowly again. Without warning my soaking pussy was filled with the meat of big black cock. I knew that the guys were turning up the heat and i opened wide for the dick infront of me to fuck my mouth. Both men were pounding me and gradually they increased the pace. After a few minutes I could wait no longer and I exploded as cum shot up me at the same time. The hot, salty sensation of spunk filled my mouth within seconds.

Without pause the table turned and I spotted my husband eagerly filming the action. Another cock pushed deep inside me and I felt the other guys jizz oozing from my hole. My mouth was filled again and the guy in front of me held my head as he thrust into me from the front. Minutes later we were all cumming together and the table turned.

"More?" I was asked and I nodded like a puppy. I couldn't get enough of these studs and two more thick black penises started to pleasure me. More sperm shot deep inside me from both ends and the table turned. 

Cum was dripping from me and running down my chin and legs as the biggest cock of all entered me. I pushed my arse outwards to meet every last inch as another guy tapped the head of his manhood on my mouth and said "open wide".

My fourth orgasm followed after another good fucking. All four men had now deposited in both holes. One of them told me to sit up and I did. I was resting on my knees looking at four perfect men wanking while they looked at me. My husband continued to film as each one spunked on me. Their juices covered my face, hair, tits, pussy, legs... 

One by one the guys pulled on their boxer shorts and slipped back into their shirts. My dream sex session had ended and my birthday present was complete - I was a cum covered slut.

My birthday surprise - Part *****

 The big black cock almost choked me! My mouth was filled to capacity and I was soon sucking away hungrily. The guy behind had his tongue inside the opening of my arse. His tongue had moves around my hole in a circular motion but it was now plunging deep inside me. For a brief moment I thought about my husband who would be eagerly filming me being fucked up the bum by this wonderful tongue.

The turntable slowly began to rotate and I had no choice other than to let the dick slide out of my mouth. The tongue slipped out of my arse at the same time but another cock was ready for me. This time my husband was there film from the front and I gave him eye contact as the second monster cock was pushed into my mouth. A finger went inside my soaking pussy, then another and then a third. I wanted to taste cum and I moved my head more quickly to wank the cock which was at the back of my throat. 

I was close to orgasm when the table turned again. Clearly all four dicks were going in my mouth in turn. The man behind was flicking my clit with his middle finger but this time the one infront chose to wank in my face. My tongue occasionally catching a lick. I was desperate for cock. Again I was close to exploding when the table turned and the action paused. 

I saw the longest cock of the four infront of me and the guy held it up and told me to lick its length. Meanwhile two big hands parted my legs to expose my gaping pussy. A tongue lucked my soaking hole. It clearly wanted my love juice and worked on me greedily. I was seconds away from orgasm when the tongue moved away from me.

My birthday surprise - Part twelve

 I heard one of the men open the door to the studio. As I was carried upstairs, a mask had been put on me, "Just for now". I was gently put to the floor and heard a quick exchange of greerings between my husband and my new friends. One of the men had told him to get ready to start filming.

I felt my zip travel down my back and at the same time a hand was undoing my ankle strap on one of my shoes. My other leg was held off the floor and my shoe was being taken off. I was being stripped bare by the guys. Dress and stockings were next so I was down to my underwear. Strong arms removed my bra and I knew my nipples were stood to attention. I felt hot breath on my pussy as I was lifted on to the heavy turntable. I was positioned on all fours and the velvet cloth felt plush and smooth on my hands and knees.

There was a short pause as I waited, positioned doggy style. A hand removed my mask and a long black penis pointed at my face. From behind I felt a dribble making its way from the top of my arse to my rim. A tongue helped the spit in its way down.

I could wait to longer and I opened my mouth to take the huge black cock in front of me. The tongue from behind me licked the rim of my arse and I wondered if all four big black cocks were ready to explode for me tonight. I was hungry for cum!

My birthday surprise - Part eleven

 There were a few butterflies in my stomach as I walked over to the small bar. All the guys crowded around me and wished me a happy birthday. One guy remained behind the bar and fixed me an exotic looking cocktail while the other guys wished me a happy birthday and took turns to kiss my cheeks and compliment my appearance.

A hand held a welcome drink in front of me and now all four men where around my barstool and within touching distance. It was a sea of black flesh and pearly white smiles. My barman had his hand on my thigh as he asked how the drink was? "Perfect" I said with a slightly nervous chuckle. "You've got a dirty laugh girl!" said one of the fellas. "So I've been told", I replied.

I finished the drink quickly and asked for politely asked for another one. I was beginning to relax and looked at the nearest man to me. I lifted his loose linen shirt and looked at the bulge that was packed into his black boxer shorts. I caressed his thigh and the words just came out unexpectedly... "Do you all have really big cocks then?" There was some laughter as one of them replied, "You asked for four big black cocks and that's what you're getting, baby."

I was getting more horny with each passing second but didnt want my husband to miss any of the action. I asked each of them to stand infront of me in turn. The barstool gave me a perfect eyelevel view of them. Each one seemed packed to burst and I tried to visualise the cocks in turn. The guys were touching my arms and legs with increased regularity and I felt moisture between my legs.

"Take me to the table now please, boys." I could wait no longer. The biggest of them held his arms out and I fell into them. He swept me up with impressive strength and carried me out of the room like a father would cradle a baby. I stared up at him longingly. I was ready to allow these four black men do whatever they wanted to me.

wwlesegheww said:
we men masturbating, we want a new video of Annmarie !!! PLEASE !!!
wwlesegheww said:
Annmarie is an incredible woman. Always thank everyone for the
comments we make them, but we are the ones who have to thank her every
time she shows us her erotic beauty !!!
welshdave said:
Thanks for the accept. I look forward to seeing your next posts
welshdave said:
Hi. Thanks for your comment on my photo. I am glad you like it. I like
what i see here too.
bc_fc said:
Can't wait to make some tribute videos, would love to have some
fun with you
quizz56 said:
Thanks a lot for the add your friends :-))
aiko1st said:
I will get some more, longer, videos up soon!
6inchdog said:
thank you for posting hot and sexy videos
wwlesegheww said:
... you are my fun number one, thanks for all your comments !!!
goingin said:
Thanks for viewing .We enjoy your page too.
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